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What if? Black Lagoon x Durarara!!

OK, call me crazy, but what if?

So, I’m putting Black Lagoon’s plotline into Durarara; meaning the story will seem more Durarara then Black Lagoon. Here goes some major mindfuck.
Format is “Durarara!! Character”/”Black Lagoon Character”; and one person can be different people. Rock/Mikado is different from Rock/Erika; Erika and Mikado are merely played simultaneously as Rock. When the plot needs to, something like Anri/Revy can switch to Anri/Balalaika. Killed also merely means “won’t appear significantly again” (cause you know people don’t die in DRRR, and in Lagoon… well… they do).

Mikado/Rock leaves his home, Japan, to live in Ikebukuro/Roanapur. As he wanders around, he meets some people; Kyohei/Dutch, Saburo/Benny, and… Erika/Rock and Walker/Benny.

Anyways, the Kidnappers/Military corner Rio/Rock, but Celty/Revy kills them. Mikado/Rock then meets with Masaomi/Balalaika who introduce (time-warp time, this gets teleported to the future where you actually do know these people) Shizuo/Roberta, Simon/Bai-Ji Shin, and Izaya/Balalaika.

Rio/Rock becomes emo and decides to commit suicide, which Izaya/Balalaika encourages. But Celty/Revy “saves” him/her, and thus Rio/Rock gets forgotten and disappears (becoming Mikado/Rock).

Mikado/Rock asks Kyohei/Dutch about the Hotel Moscow/Dollars but Kyohei/Dutch tell him it’s too dangerous to mess around. Izaya/Balalaika attacks Luak/those annoying girls, and then kill Chin/some gang members.

Celty/Revy and Shinra/Rock remember their “past” when… well, nothing much is revealed about Rock and Revy’s past in Black Lagoon, so… stuff happens.

Anri/Balalaika talks about Mika/Ratchman and stuff happen. Seiji/Sir Alfred does stuff, so MORE STUFF HAPPEN.

Kadota’s gang/Lagoon Company rescues Kaztano/The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda.

OK, now here’s some more timebending; imagine that the German-submarine arc extends till episode 12. Then imagine that Roberta’s arc is now. So it is: Shizuo/Roberta reveals that while s/he was young, s/he kept on breaking his bones by throwing refrigerators at random people/assassinated people because she was a terrorist. Eventually, s/he came to be employed by Tom the debt collector/Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace the… person. Shizuo/Roberta thinks about his brother/noone at all, Kasuka/noone.

Celty/Revy talks to Shinra/Rock about her head/money in Shinra’s house/the submarine.

Mika/Ratchman realizes that Seiji/Alfred is sending her/him to her/his death, and well… the Seiji arc is too creepy to even be transposed, so we’ll leave it as “both of them are never heard of again”, cause DRRR doesn’t really give them any significance later. Seiji/submarine arc is now over.

Celty/Revy is chased by Kinnosuke/the Protectors of the Islamic Front. Nevertheless, she eventually loses them/BLOWS ALL OF THEIR HEADS OFF. Celty/Revy is then asked to pick up Shingen/the briefcase and take him/it to Shinra/the CIA, which she does.

The Slasher/Gretel attacks a bunch of people. Mikado/Rock is worried because The Slasher is targeting Dollars/Hotel Moscow.

Shuji/Hänsel tries to attack Anri/Balalaika but is killed by Kyohei’s Gang/Lagoon Company (Hotel Moscow).

Anri/Revy is visited by The Slasher/Gretel, who is revealed as Haruna. Haruna/Gretel then chases Takashi/Eda, and Anri/Revy is forced to reveal herself as the slasher/put Haruna/Gretel on the Black Lagoon.
Anri/Balalaika reveals that she’s the real “Slasher”, and kill Haruna/Gretel.

Masaomi’s past really has no place in Black Lagoon either, so I’m just going to stop trying. But Saki is Janet, and it somewhat fits; there’s this girl, people want to attack her for money, and she gets severely injured/survives without a scratch. Anyways Greenback Jane’s arc is over in one paragraph of discussion :/

Anri/Balalaika finds out that Masaomi/Balalaika’s the leader of… wait, they’re the same person

Finally we come to the last arcs, the climaxes (or in the case of DRRR, anticlimax) – Fujiyama Gansta Paradise.

Masaomi/Tsugio tries to find out who the Dollars/Hotel Moscow are (doing), and Izaya/Balalaika reveals that the leader of the Dollars is Mikado/they will do ANYTHING TO SECURE PROFITS. Noone/Tsugio then dies.


Nevertheless Takeguchi/Laptev dies because of the Yellow Scarves/Washimine Group. Horoda/Chaka then kidnap Anri/Yukio. However, some Dollars Members/Revy and Ginji get her back. Mikado/Yukio then disbands the Dollars/Washimine Group.

Shizuo gets shot but nobody cares about that

Masaomi/Rock tries to tell the Yellow Scarves/Hotel Moscow to stop attacking the Washimine Group/Dollars, but Horoda/Balalaika holds him at gunpoint. He is finally saved when Anri and Mikado burst through the door/HE SAYS SOMETHING FREAKING WITTY.

Horoda/Ginji “runs away” but a bunch of people/Revy kill him.

The end.

Character List 1:
(Black Lagoon = Durarara, chronologically)

The Black Lagoon Arc:
Roanapur = Ikebukuro
Rock = Mikado, Erika, Rio, Shinra, Masaomi

Revy = Celty, Anri, Dollars Member, “a bunch of people”
Dutch = Kyohei
Benny = Saburo, Walker
Lagoon Company = Kyohei’s Gang
Hotel Moscow = Dollars, Yellow Scarves
Balalaika = Masaomi, Izaya, Anri, Horoda

Military = Kidnappers
Chin = Gang Members
Luak = Annoying Girls

Die Rückkehr des Adlers Arc:
The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda = Kaztano
Ratchman = Mika
Sir Alfred = Seiji

Calm Down, Two Men Arc:
Eda = Takashi
Roberta = Shizuo

Lock’n Load Revolution Arc:
Bai Ji-Shin = Simon
The Protectors of the Islamic Front = Kinnosuke
The Briefcase with Information about The Protectors of the Islamic Front = Shingen

The Vampire Twins Comen Arc:
Hänsel (formerly Gretel, but gets killed as Hänsel) = Shuji
Gretel (formerly Hänsel, but gets killed as Gretel) = The Slasher (Haruna)

Greenback Jane Arc:
Janet = Saki
Washimine Group = Yellow Scarves, Dollars
Tsugio = Masaomi, Nonexistent
Ginji = Horoda, Dollars Member
Yukio = Anri, Mikado
Chaka = Horoda
Laptev = Takeguchi

Nonexistent = Kasuka, Namie, Tom, Blue Squares, Dennis, Shiki, Hashim, Hiroshi, Kanazawa, Isaac, Miria, Ruri, Ran, Green Squarves

Character List 2:
(Durarara = Black Lagoon, chronologically)

Exit 1 Episode:
Ikebukuro = Roanapur

Mikado = Rock, Yukio
Masaomi = Rock, Balalaika, Tsugio
Kyohei = Dutch
Saburo = Benny
Walker = Benny
Erika = Rock
Kyohei’s Gang = Black Lagoon
Kidnappers = Military
Rio = Rock
Simon = Bai-Ji Shin
Shizuo = Roberta
Celty = Revy
Mika = Ratchman

Dollars = Hotel Moscow, Washimine Group

Highly Unpredictable Arc:
Seiji = Sir Alfred
Izaya = Balalaika

Anri = Revy, Balalaika, Yukio
Annoying Girls = Luak
Gang Members = Chin

Utterly Alone Arc:
Shinra = Rock
Shingen = The Briefcase with Information about The Protectors of the Islamic Front
Takashi = Eda
Yellow Scarves = Hotel Moscow, Washimine Group
Kaztano = The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda
Takeguchi = Laptev

A Sudden Turn Arc:
Kinnosuke = The Protectors of the Islamic Front
The Slasher (Haruna) = Gretel (formerly Hänsel, but gets killed as Gretel)
Shuji = Hänsel (formerly Gretel, but gets killed as Hänsel)
Saki = Janet

Horoda = Balalaika, Ginji, Chaka
Dollars Member = Revy, Ginji
“a bunch of people” = Revy

Nonexistent = Kageyama, Wentzel, Matsuda, Speilberger, Gruppenführer, Fritz, Yolanda, Watsup, Garcia, Hong Kong Triad, Masahiro, Shenhua, Leigharch, Ibraha, Abrego, Verrochio, Rowan, Russel, Frederica, Claude, Rotton, Tsugio, Boris, Columbian Cartel, Rico, Bao, Yoshida, Diego, The Captain, Extra Order Company, Shane

…So there’s the plotline! There’s bound to be holes and errors in it, so comment below if stuff seems weird (’cause I suck at proofreading). Gonna add more information later, but for now… be confused. :3