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朝草画花 ~ Gorgeous Sweet Clover

“And lo, I returned, and saw that the race may be to the swift, and the battle to the strong; but the victory is left to chance, and may happen to them all.”


November Compositions~

Happy November~! (NaNoWriMo month, but I don’t have time for that anymore ;~;)

Yeah, I wanted to compose some two pieces a month (to Saw a Tree was composed, like, a long time ago), but because of my computer crashing, well… couldn’t.

So, here are two pieces; both rushed, both experimental, and both very, very, sketchy.

Both scores/mp3s also aren’t complete, and there are slight differences between the score and mp3 because of last-minute adjustments. Don’t worry, I’ll perfect them later.

شيء من شيء ~ Paradigm Shift

This was created starting with an eight-measure, almost-completely-random-but-somewhat-edited-to-seem-at-least-somewhat-decent-sounding-though-the-edits-were-only-about-three-altered-naturals progression, and then altering that progression to produce a new one, and altering the new progression to produce a new one, and al(ry… and altering the new progression by combining it with the first, random progression – producing a melody incased in randomness.

You start with randomness.
Then, it gets ordered.
You get something, but not from nothing, for at the beginning, there was randomness.
You get something from something.
A paradigm shift.

And yes, I realize that such a F cannot exist on a piano. And all those notes at the end you can’t see? Well, here in Canada, we call that magic.

朝草画花 ~ Gorgeous Sweet Clover
.wav (couldn’t export to .mp3 for some reason on this one)

Somewhat like the top one, the alto flute part is copied to the trumpet next, so the trumpet can do nothing but echo the flute, which is drowned out by the trumpet – a battle between time and power.

It’s just grass.
However you look at it, it’s just grass.
However, you look at it; it’s not grass,
It’s a flower.
A gorgeous, sweet flower.
It’s a flower, and you draw it.
But at the end,
It’s just grass.

Alright, I use D major /way/ too much. Would’ve used B, but dunno how flutes and trumpets turn… Also, I admit; I had to check the sheet music for that last Meiji 17; but I didn’t for the SWR title! Why I added those was merely to up the number of bars to 77.