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Level E 7

Gosick and Level E YEAH! FGS and TH13 stuff too, after the break.

She’s a beauty»

「永夜返し -子の二つ-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Half to Midnight-”

Oh mang, a bunch of mangoes have manga and man I’ve got mangoes. In my lunch-brunch-breakfast.

I meant deer»


(Also known as TA PI GAME)

Alright, I got bored today, and this is ta outcome after some 5 minutes.

:V Have fun.

Download Link (as much as ya want it ta, it’s not a virus – trust me)

Oh, and first person ta discover all ta quirks to ta file gets nothing. But just a note out there that there are quirks in it :V

EDIT: Just noticed, for ta last question I didn’t round up pi to ta last digit, so it’s technically incorrect. OH WELL DERP DE DERP :V