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…Yayz, today is #FantasyFriday (and to a smaller scale, #FollowFriday)… however, that also means tomorrow is #SuicideSaturday. No, that is not an actual tag. Or, a tag that is used by someone other than me.

I’ve found out that my project is now due next next Thursday; two days before Spring Break. Yay for procrastination and extending due dates.

Regarding the survey-thing yesterday; as the people who visited were mostly elementary students, I got a lot more experimentees from younger ages (to be exact, 7 people between the ages of 9 and 11). Some parents came too, so I also got more older experimentees; 9 between the ages of 35 and 55. Hopefully, this will help me localize my results before I present to two other classes; then again, I don’t have any immediate strong motivation to continue with my schoolwork… -_- For the survey, please sign up by emailing me at mushy.1337@yahoo.ca, mushyrulez@gmail.com, leaving me a note on my twitter (it’s pretty obvious what it is), or posting a comment below with your email, gender and age range.

Anyways, in other news, I’ve decided (through a lot of boredom) a system on how organized I am! …Since I love acronyms and the such, I’ve decided to name this system “R.A.N.D.O.M.” The letters, individually, stand for a group of words:

  • M stands for Massive Failure, because I couldn’t think of anything with Fail that began with M. (Mail Fission’d is too confusing)
  • O stands for On the Edge. Yes, I realize this is 3 words.
  • D stands for Dealing with it. This is, by far, my lamest acronym ever. I don’t need to know how bad it is, I can already tell.
  • N stands for Normal, because it’s normal and such.
  • A stands for Automated; basically, I usually have many things automated, where I can just click a single button (e.g. the restore session) to open up all of my “daily” items. This was where I was at before I started subscribing to 40 blogs -_-
  • R stands for Really Good. This is also Really Lame. T_T

…I’m be thinking of another acronym to determine which areas I apply R.A.N.D.O.M. in: right now, I’m at M, for pretty obvious reasons.

Tomorrow’s prolly gonna be another tiny post; so I’ll post down my Plan of Action for next week right now:

  • Create an About, Contact, and Links page.
  • Get up to A for… my internet stuff. Basically, I can’t really manage everything after just getting google reader and chrome. Also, looking for better twitter client than web.
  • Finish my project. Yes, this is impossible. Hooray for me.

Finally, the links for today and such…

^ Long article about the future of the internet. Long story short, it’s basically a discussion about whether the growth of technology, specifically the internet, will decrease our intelligence. Read through the /whole/ article; it’s actually quite interesting.
^ hahaha, pretty old article. However, I was just informed about this from my teacher; the term “politically correct” will be deemed politically incorrect soon enough…! D:
^ Not only does it shorten the URL, it also makes it suspicious! …basically, a useless tool that’s great for telling people not to click your link. I don’t get what the point of that is, but it does provide a few laughs…!
^ …I didn’t actually watch the whole thing; heck, I didn’t even watch the first minute…! But if you have the time, this seems quite interesting. Tell me what it’s about too -_-


:/ It’s Thursday. That means epically short “blog post” just to meet my “quota” of one a day.

…Notice the “quotation marks”. It implies “sarcasm”.

So for today, I’ve decided to continue to go with option 1…

It’s late right now, but some interesting things happened today…

There was a project presentation thing in our class; several elementary kids came in too to see our projects. Which means I got the emails, full name, and age of around 10-ish kids and adults. Man, society is gullible these days… however, the emails and stuff are actually for my survey. That I’m still obsessed about.

…Also, my teacher recently announced that my other project isn’t due tomorrow, but rather, due next week. I have no idea which day it’s due, but one more day pushed ahead is one more day to procrastinate…! :D

Yeah, I’m tired; I’ll post more tomorrow. I haven’t really had much time on the computer today, but found out a somewhat-interesting article…


^ luckily, my school doesn’t give away free laptops. C’mon, can you actually be SOMEWHAT suspicious at a completely free computer…?! Even if it is from school… -_-