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Oversight, in Hindsight

‘Hindsight is always 20-20.’
– American proverb

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What if? Black Lagoon x Durarara!!

OK, call me crazy, but what if?

So, I’m putting Black Lagoon’s plotline into Durarara; meaning the story will seem more Durarara then Black Lagoon. Here goes some major mindfuck.
Format is “Durarara!! Character”/”Black Lagoon Character”; and one person can be different people. Rock/Mikado is different from Rock/Erika; Erika and Mikado are merely played simultaneously as Rock. When the plot needs to, something like Anri/Revy can switch to Anri/Balalaika. Killed also merely means “won’t appear significantly again” (cause you know people don’t die in DRRR, and in Lagoon… well… they do).

Mikado/Rock leaves his home, Japan, to live in Ikebukuro/Roanapur. As he wanders around, he meets some people; Kyohei/Dutch, Saburo/Benny, and… Erika/Rock and Walker/Benny.

Anyways, the Kidnappers/Military corner Rio/Rock, but Celty/Revy kills them. Mikado/Rock then meets with Masaomi/Balalaika who introduce (time-warp time, this gets teleported to the future where you actually do know these people) Shizuo/Roberta, Simon/Bai-Ji Shin, and Izaya/Balalaika.

Rio/Rock becomes emo and decides to commit suicide, which Izaya/Balalaika encourages. But Celty/Revy “saves” him/her, and thus Rio/Rock gets forgotten and disappears (becoming Mikado/Rock).

Mikado/Rock asks Kyohei/Dutch about the Hotel Moscow/Dollars but Kyohei/Dutch tell him it’s too dangerous to mess around. Izaya/Balalaika attacks Luak/those annoying girls, and then kill Chin/some gang members.

Celty/Revy and Shinra/Rock remember their “past” when… well, nothing much is revealed about Rock and Revy’s past in Black Lagoon, so… stuff happens.

Anri/Balalaika talks about Mika/Ratchman and stuff happen. Seiji/Sir Alfred does stuff, so MORE STUFF HAPPEN.

Kadota’s gang/Lagoon Company rescues Kaztano/The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda.

OK, now here’s some more timebending; imagine that the German-submarine arc extends till episode 12. Then imagine that Roberta’s arc is now. So it is: Shizuo/Roberta reveals that while s/he was young, s/he kept on breaking his bones by throwing refrigerators at random people/assassinated people because she was a terrorist. Eventually, s/he came to be employed by Tom the debt collector/Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace the… person. Shizuo/Roberta thinks about his brother/noone at all, Kasuka/noone.

Celty/Revy talks to Shinra/Rock about her head/money in Shinra’s house/the submarine.

Mika/Ratchman realizes that Seiji/Alfred is sending her/him to her/his death, and well… the Seiji arc is too creepy to even be transposed, so we’ll leave it as “both of them are never heard of again”, cause DRRR doesn’t really give them any significance later. Seiji/submarine arc is now over.

Celty/Revy is chased by Kinnosuke/the Protectors of the Islamic Front. Nevertheless, she eventually loses them/BLOWS ALL OF THEIR HEADS OFF. Celty/Revy is then asked to pick up Shingen/the briefcase and take him/it to Shinra/the CIA, which she does.

The Slasher/Gretel attacks a bunch of people. Mikado/Rock is worried because The Slasher is targeting Dollars/Hotel Moscow.

Shuji/Hänsel tries to attack Anri/Balalaika but is killed by Kyohei’s Gang/Lagoon Company (Hotel Moscow).

Anri/Revy is visited by The Slasher/Gretel, who is revealed as Haruna. Haruna/Gretel then chases Takashi/Eda, and Anri/Revy is forced to reveal herself as the slasher/put Haruna/Gretel on the Black Lagoon.
Anri/Balalaika reveals that she’s the real “Slasher”, and kill Haruna/Gretel.

Masaomi’s past really has no place in Black Lagoon either, so I’m just going to stop trying. But Saki is Janet, and it somewhat fits; there’s this girl, people want to attack her for money, and she gets severely injured/survives without a scratch. Anyways Greenback Jane’s arc is over in one paragraph of discussion :/

Anri/Balalaika finds out that Masaomi/Balalaika’s the leader of… wait, they’re the same person

Finally we come to the last arcs, the climaxes (or in the case of DRRR, anticlimax) – Fujiyama Gansta Paradise.

Masaomi/Tsugio tries to find out who the Dollars/Hotel Moscow are (doing), and Izaya/Balalaika reveals that the leader of the Dollars is Mikado/they will do ANYTHING TO SECURE PROFITS. Noone/Tsugio then dies.


Nevertheless Takeguchi/Laptev dies because of the Yellow Scarves/Washimine Group. Horoda/Chaka then kidnap Anri/Yukio. However, some Dollars Members/Revy and Ginji get her back. Mikado/Yukio then disbands the Dollars/Washimine Group.

Shizuo gets shot but nobody cares about that

Masaomi/Rock tries to tell the Yellow Scarves/Hotel Moscow to stop attacking the Washimine Group/Dollars, but Horoda/Balalaika holds him at gunpoint. He is finally saved when Anri and Mikado burst through the door/HE SAYS SOMETHING FREAKING WITTY.

Horoda/Ginji “runs away” but a bunch of people/Revy kill him.

The end.

Character List 1:
(Black Lagoon = Durarara, chronologically)

The Black Lagoon Arc:
Roanapur = Ikebukuro
Rock = Mikado, Erika, Rio, Shinra, Masaomi

Revy = Celty, Anri, Dollars Member, “a bunch of people”
Dutch = Kyohei
Benny = Saburo, Walker
Lagoon Company = Kyohei’s Gang
Hotel Moscow = Dollars, Yellow Scarves
Balalaika = Masaomi, Izaya, Anri, Horoda

Military = Kidnappers
Chin = Gang Members
Luak = Annoying Girls

Die Rückkehr des Adlers Arc:
The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda = Kaztano
Ratchman = Mika
Sir Alfred = Seiji

Calm Down, Two Men Arc:
Eda = Takashi
Roberta = Shizuo

Lock’n Load Revolution Arc:
Bai Ji-Shin = Simon
The Protectors of the Islamic Front = Kinnosuke
The Briefcase with Information about The Protectors of the Islamic Front = Shingen

The Vampire Twins Comen Arc:
Hänsel (formerly Gretel, but gets killed as Hänsel) = Shuji
Gretel (formerly Hänsel, but gets killed as Gretel) = The Slasher (Haruna)

Greenback Jane Arc:
Janet = Saki
Washimine Group = Yellow Scarves, Dollars
Tsugio = Masaomi, Nonexistent
Ginji = Horoda, Dollars Member
Yukio = Anri, Mikado
Chaka = Horoda
Laptev = Takeguchi

Nonexistent = Kasuka, Namie, Tom, Blue Squares, Dennis, Shiki, Hashim, Hiroshi, Kanazawa, Isaac, Miria, Ruri, Ran, Green Squarves

Character List 2:
(Durarara = Black Lagoon, chronologically)

Exit 1 Episode:
Ikebukuro = Roanapur

Mikado = Rock, Yukio
Masaomi = Rock, Balalaika, Tsugio
Kyohei = Dutch
Saburo = Benny
Walker = Benny
Erika = Rock
Kyohei’s Gang = Black Lagoon
Kidnappers = Military
Rio = Rock
Simon = Bai-Ji Shin
Shizuo = Roberta
Celty = Revy
Mika = Ratchman

Dollars = Hotel Moscow, Washimine Group

Highly Unpredictable Arc:
Seiji = Sir Alfred
Izaya = Balalaika

Anri = Revy, Balalaika, Yukio
Annoying Girls = Luak
Gang Members = Chin

Utterly Alone Arc:
Shinra = Rock
Shingen = The Briefcase with Information about The Protectors of the Islamic Front
Takashi = Eda
Yellow Scarves = Hotel Moscow, Washimine Group
Kaztano = The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda
Takeguchi = Laptev

A Sudden Turn Arc:
Kinnosuke = The Protectors of the Islamic Front
The Slasher (Haruna) = Gretel (formerly Hänsel, but gets killed as Gretel)
Shuji = Hänsel (formerly Gretel, but gets killed as Hänsel)
Saki = Janet

Horoda = Balalaika, Ginji, Chaka
Dollars Member = Revy, Ginji
“a bunch of people” = Revy

Nonexistent = Kageyama, Wentzel, Matsuda, Speilberger, Gruppenführer, Fritz, Yolanda, Watsup, Garcia, Hong Kong Triad, Masahiro, Shenhua, Leigharch, Ibraha, Abrego, Verrochio, Rowan, Russel, Frederica, Claude, Rotton, Tsugio, Boris, Columbian Cartel, Rico, Bao, Yoshida, Diego, The Captain, Extra Order Company, Shane

…So there’s the plotline! There’s bound to be holes and errors in it, so comment below if stuff seems weird (’cause I suck at proofreading). Gonna add more information later, but for now… be confused. :3

Durarara!! 24 [Completed]


Well. Thus ends what is arguably the best show of this season, and maybe even of this year (as only 2 seasons have gone by :P).

I realize that this post is quite late, but I just watched this episode half an hour ago, so…

Anyways, the episode starts off where last episode left off with the trio (and Celty) meeting up in the Green Squarves’ lair.

Just as the Squarves were about to “finish” them off, Kadota and some Dollars appear to “save the day”.


It is revealed that the Dollars infiltrated the Green Squarves by putting on… a yellow scarf. Then nobody recognized them.

Kadota has a lot of best friends. And why's Kida able to stand now?!

Anyways, Kida KOs Horoda and the trio hug and random stuff like that. WHILE PEOPLE FIGHT IN THE BACKGROUND.

...Well, some of them dance as well.

Anyways, the Dollars (with THIRTY, count that, THIRTY people) manage to beat the Green Squarves (who have less than THIRTY, count that, LESS THAN THIRTY PEOPLE).

The final fight? You can probably count all those people. Nothing like an epic war.

Anyways, Horoda escapes by car but Celty chases him. They run into Shizuo who (after being shot) SWINGS A GIANT SIGN AT THEM, SLICING THEIR CAR IN HALF.

Congratulations! You win the race.

But still they continue, until they run into Kinnosuke, who sticks his foot out and slams it against their car, while they’re still driving…?!

You've got guts, putting your foot on a car.

Anyways, you then move on to Anri, who confronts Izaya. She announces:

"What! I thought you were going to use that knife to cut sushi!"

They battle and stuff.

Nevertheless the Information Broker and The Pocket Knife of Blood manage to escape.

As he prances along the street, Simon punches him and he… gets punched.

(I actually flipped this picture upside-down)

Saki confesses to Kida and they leave Ikebukuro on a train to somewhere.

Where did they get the money? And what happened to his head injuries?!

Finally, Mikado reveals that “In a way, nothing changed at all” (look at the picture above!), and that everything was right where it was before – the Dollars are still Dollaring; Kadota’s gang still being obsessed with animanga; Simon still “UMAI YO SUSHI YO”ing; Shizuo still depleting Japan’s national vending-machine budget;


Kinnosuke still arresting; Shinra and Celty still… being Shinra and Celty; Namie still being a minor character noone cares about; Mika and Seiji still being creepy; Shingen still being a character that appears once and everyone forgets about because there’s no way to incorporate him into the plot anymore; that girl who Izaya tried to make commit suicide still being a gray character, forgotten by everyone else; Dennis still throwing knives at random customers; Izaya still brokering information; Anri still cutting random people; Mikado still being an anonymous administrator; and

Celty's head still doing nothing because everyone forgot about this plot thread.

The only thing that’s really changed is that Horoda is gone, the Green Squarves have probably disbanded somewhat (but will revive again), and that Kida’s gone.

Well, what do these have in common? They’re all gang-war related people. Which means that most likely, this is merely the “gang war” arc, if it decides to have a second (third?) season.

…Well, yeah. There seems to be much disappointment about the latter half of DRRR!, which I completely agree with – the epic war that we were expecting so far ago is what, a battle between 60-70 people?

What’s more, the bringing back of the minor characters seems to be just that, a bringing back. There’s absolutely no reason to bring Namie back into the spotlight, neither of Kinnosuke; they both get less than half a minute of screentime.

"Let's watch some anime while everyone else fights a bloody war."

And these people deserve to get their less than 10 seconds of screentime just for how awesome they are.

I think they’re trying too hard. This ends not even halfway through the novels’ plot; the anime producers are trying too hard to tie everything together, to create a climax where there’s not supposed to be a climax. Maybe they’re just trying to end the season with a bang in hopes of another season, but if that’s so, then there’s virtually nothing to build on now. All the tension is gone. Ikebukuro, is, as Mikado said, back to normal. If it’s not for another season, then this wasn’t a good way to end either. They should have planned a lot in advance and actually squeezed in the final battle, maybe even removing this entire gang arc.

But as Scamp mentioned, “can one really complain when an A+ becomes an A-?” Durarara!!’s opinions were relative. We expected a better climax, a more.. climatic one. We got less than we expected. But still, DRRR!! is far better than some of the other anime we’ve seen this year. In fact, I’d even call it the best of this year, for its vibrant plotline, brilliant use of characters, and for… interesting scenes:


There are several things I just need to question though. First is money – how does Mikado, Anri, and Kida live alone without a job? Probably some Japanese governmental thing I don’t know about, but still. Secondly, how can Kida STAND after those head injuries, and be COMPLETELY HEALED in a day (or two, I don’t know)?! Thirdly, how did they manage to TALK while so many other people were FIGHTING right behind them? Fourthly; there were sixty people in the war. Couldn’t Celty just swing twice and injure EVERYONE? Anri’s there too, and she can probably slash them all as well, if Kida could attack them that easily. Why did Kadota have to appear? Finally, when Shizuo threw the pole at Horoda and their car caught on fire… well… why didn’t it explode?

Oh well. Those are just minor details nobody cares about anyways :P

In conclusion, I liked Durarara!!. It was much deeper than other anime (though that’s not really saying a lot), had a much more complicated plotline, and had brilliant execution on top of that. Even so, the ending could have definitely improved by quite a bit, though I have no idea by which means.

If they make a new season, I’d definitely watch it – this season ended on quite a big cliffhanger, even though it concluded everything but the cliffhanger – Celty’s head is still there.

Overall rating: 7/10 (Brilliant)

Finally, obligatory Shinra-face image:

Durarara!! 23

This is blasphemy! This is madness!

(Also, we reached 3k views today! Woohoo for some attention large blogs would receive in an hour!)

The previous episode was buildup (durr (arara) hurr how surprising), and finally, after so long, there’s finally

…more buildup.


As you know from the last episode:

Good for you.

And obviously Shizuo doesn’t care very much at all. After removing the bullet he goes straight to kill Kida.

…I have to admit he’s pretty slow :/

…Then Kida gets:


Obviously, the Yellow Scarves were the Blue Square from the very beginning, and Kida gets u madded. As he’s u mad, he decides to KILL



Celty goes and talks to Mikado and finally all is revealed about everything:

...I'm... actually a lolicon.

…Actually not that, but about the leadership of their gangs >_>

Anri then rushes outside and notices that:

...Those are all aliens from another planet...

They all try to get to the Green Squarves (I didn’t invent that, Sea Slugs did)’ hideout and Kida gets there first. Apparently he’s “lost the fear” of EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (…not really) and decides to KILL Horoda. Unfortunately, Horoda’s just kind of a boring loser.

+1 repetition bonus

Horoda throws a club at Kida so he gains a weapon (specifically, a Blue Crowbar of Intellectual Speedy Strength +3 with a Black Handle of Wisdom and a White tip of Magical Attack +1), but:

...I think you've just had a really bad #SuicideSaturday...

‘Cause he’s like a pro person, he pwns several Squarves even though he’s vastly outnumbered. The Squarves were probably confused because they thought he was someone else:

I'm not Goku, seriously!

Unfortunately some random dude knocks him out but he manages to resurrect:

C'mon you know it's impossible to limbo like that

…for about a second. But he doesn’t die, not before:

...Anri slashes open a freaking SOLID STONE WALL. IN FOUR. WITH ONE SLASH.

Obviously Mikado arrives then as well (Shizuo’s /still/ not here):

Cause he needs to be cool too

…And thus ends the penultimate episode of Durarara!!.

...The trio realized that Roger went away from O-New.

…What can I say.

It’s been buildup all the way, but this is just like some EPIC EPIC buildup. The only reason /any/ anime would have so much buildup is if the finale is just as epic.

..Honestly, I think it just may be. The trio’s together (with Celty and Horoda too); Shizuo and Shinra are coming; Izaya has to show up or else it’d be pretty anticlimatic; and who knows who else will show up?

But as Izaya’s comment pointed out, the final enemy is pretty… eh. You’d expect a large battle, but Kida showed how easily the Squarves could be destroyed. Third parties have to show up, and lots of them.

…That’s the thing. Even with all this buildup, I have no idea what’s going to happen next. The main goal was to awaken Celty’s head, and that hasn’t revealed anything yet either (it’d be pretty sad if nothing happens, and Izaya ends with “oh well, I’ll have to try another plan on DURARARA!!!”, not that I wouldn’t mind a third season but this is already the climax). The other minor characters haven’t surfaced yet; Shingen appeared in like 3 or 4 episodes, Kinnosuke appeared in only 1. There’s too much of a cast to predict who’s going to appear and who’s not.

But it’s going to be epic.

And that’s what matters.

Durarara!! 22

…derp. Drank some Red Bull with no effect (that I can tell), got first place for Chinese final exam and overall mark (with one B though), and my mom’s finally finished her test. Pretty good for a #SuicideSaturday, eh…?

You can't troll anymore, sorry

…Interesting episode, though it still manages to be a cliffhanger at the end :<

‘Cause Anri’s so awesome, everyone’s chasing her around town. The Dollars again show their 1337ness by having people all around Ikebukuro helping her escape from the Scarves.

Even pedorabbit's in the Dollars

She eventually steals that guy’s rabbit suit and continues to run around town. In a rabbit suit.


The correct term is "evolved"

Kida then grabs her and says how he was trying to save her from his own gang. Which is true, yet Anri doesn’t believe that as she saw Kida ordering them around.

So she runs away again.

In a bunny suit.


With a smile like that I don't know who wouldn't run away

She runs around and Horoda comes to beat her up. She’s CORNERED.

Then Horoda reveals that because of her ordering of the brainwashed Scarves, they BEAT THEM UP.

…Shizuo then comes and…



Anri decides to stay at Shinra and Celty’s and becomes SAD because she couldn’t play their AWESOME VIDEO GAME ABOUT MUSHROOMS. Mikado disbands the Dollars, resulting in the 403 forbidden that made everyone SAD. Kida somewhat quits the Scarves, leaving Horoda as the leader. This is SAD.

No, Anri is not a mushroom

Finally, Shizuo gets SNIPED


"Blame the umbrella!"

Well. It seems that all three sides’ leaders are leaving, which means either the war has ended because there’s noone to lead the armies, or the war is just going get a lot more bloody with the only remnants of order going away. Yellow Scarves is turning into Blue Square again, with Horoda as the unofficial leader. The members of Dollars probably wanted to pwn the Scarves pretty badly as well; however, Mikado somewhat prevented that (remember the start? The graffiti wall and all that?). Now with both of them gone, I can foresee a real gang war happening.

And Anri’s probably not going to mobilize the Slashers either; once they get found out they’ll just get pulverized by the rest of the Scarves, without even knowing what they’ve done. She’s not that mean to lead everyone to certain pain.

As for this episode… the escape scene was pretty badass. Just like the first meeting where everyone seemed to have cellphones and pwnt Namie, the Dollars’ anonymity have allowed them to pwn the Scarves as well. Even Kaztano and that lost and found girl helped…!

…Izaya’s plan seems to be working perfectly. Removing the three will make the war progress much faster, and injuring (I do hope he’s not dead yet) Shizuo will prevent him from taking out too many people at once.

The only obstacles left to his plan now are Celty, Simon, and that police guy who we haven’t seen since his debut episode. Because we haven’t seen him, that’s exactly why I think he’s going to appear at the finale. Why else would he have a scene in the OP?

What happened to Shinra’s dad anyways? What’s Mika/Seiji’s role (they haven’t really done anything since after resolving the incident, IMO that conversation with Mikado was an intentional attempt to bring them back)? Is Namie going to do something again? Why does the police guy appear in only one episode (I mean, if he’s just going to be in one episode, you could’ve just put freaking Horoda on the OP)?

Finally, the one and most important question.


Durarara!! 19, 20, & 21


…As you know, I’ve been away, so lumping all these episodes together >_>

So, first, Anri managed to infiltrate the Yellow Scarves’ SUPER SECRET NOTUNDERGROUND BASE DURR HURR


Where she learnt that Kida is t3h leedar.

She then gets “saved” (she has a freaking katana why would she need to get saved) by Celty who JUMPS OVER A WALL. ON A HORSE. WHICH IS ACTUALLY A MOTORCYCLE WTF

Ooh Emerald and Ruby those cost a lot

So now Anri knows that Kida’s the leader of the Yellow Scarves. Kida knows nothing. Mikado knows nothing.

On to the next episode~

…Which is basically Kida and Team Kadota talking about nothing in Russia Sushi. Really not worth watching :/

But this part is awesome.

They then tell Kida to contact Izaya to find out who the leeda of the dollars is.

So now, Anri knows that Kida’s the leader, Kida knows that Mikado’s the leader, and Mikado knows nothing yet again.

Sakuya-san? Sakuya-san? Room cleaning stop!

Which concludes episode 20.

Finally, in episode 21, both Mikado and Kida lose their control over their gangs and SHIT HAPPENS.


And Anri’s just micromanaging everyone through Reisen hypnosis.

Snakes in a can

Everything’s just escalating now, as Kida finally realizes that the SLASHARZ is actually Anri. Mikado talks to (and encourages the consumption of high-energy beverages) various random people but STILL KNOWS NOTHING AT ALL THE FREAKING IDIOT


And then it ends with Anri being kidnapped.





I don’t get it.

There’s three episodes left and it’s still building?

There’s a lot of things wrong with this now.

Firstly, why wouldn’t Kida just DIRECTLY TALK TO MIKADO OR ANRI?! He knows both of them are the Dollarleader and Slasher, so if he just talked to them everything could be sorted out.

What’s with the one episode where everyone just talks for half an hour?! And then Walker and Erika’s blasphemous nonsense about some otaku fantasy world that noone understood at all (If you did, get outta here)?!

Why couldn’t Anri just slash through everyone and run away? Or just tell Kida that she (not U.N. Owen) was her?

Why does that Russian Sushi chef has epic knife skills?!

…Ignore the last one.

I was really hyped up about this anime in the intermediate episodes with all the Shizuo-Tastumaki Senpuukyakunesses, but now it feels like it’s declining. Instead of being an anime that builds up towards the climax it feels like the climax is already over and this is the denouement :<

Then again it could just build up until the last episode and then EPIC WAR START…

Eh, this series wasted enough of my life for me to watch it till the end, I guess.

The old ending was still way better though.

So is Youmu.

Durarara!! 18

Dun flme pl0x


(Hilariously enough as of this post the next episode has already been released)

Same with Angel Beats, I won’t actually tell you guys what happened before. Maybe I should just start from next season’s first episodes…

As in the previous episodes where the Dollars and Slashers were explored, this one deals with the scarves. Basically, Kida reveals that IZAYA IS TOO AWESOME to not have a finger in every pie, and ever from the beginning everything was going

It centers around Kida’s past when he was the leader of the Yellow Scarves (which was pretty obvious ever since episode 1), who have been… gang-like. They’re fighting with the Blue Squares and were losing, but because of Izaya managed to get somewhat close to winning.


Then the leader of the Blue Squares kidnaps Kida’s girlfriend, setting Kadota’s gang to LIGHT EVERYTHING ON FIRE. This meant that Kida’s girlfriend escaped (and is in the hospital ever since), while Kida did nothing and became emo.

That’s why I’m not showing my eyes and I’m wearing black

…Honestly the impact of this has just dimmed down, a lot. Izaya was expecting something, like, the apocalypse to reawaken Selty’s head. But honestly, how could a battle between these three factions be that big anyways?

Sure, there are a lot of Dollars. But who are they? They won’t fight, for god’s sakes if you’re in Ikebukuro your granny’s probably in the Dollars. Nothing can come out of this side.

The Slashers were a bit iffy too, I mean, Shizuo basically wiped them all out. One person. Honestly, if you just take a small (40ish?) police force you could probably quarantine all of the Slashers in some facility, this isn’t a big force at all.

Finally, even Kida admits that the Scarves are just middle-schoolers. What harm can middle-schoolers possibly do? Maybe if Izaya got the Yakuza in a fight something big would erupt, but honestly? A bunch of old people, zombies (who, as you know from all games, are extremely easy to kill), and a bunch of middle-schoolers? All-out war?

Anyways, this was a pretty late post, but I guess I’ll just watch the next episode now…


…So as some of you know, I’ve been recently watching anime..

…And so I finished watching the rest of Durarara!! and Angel Beats.. in a week…

…and this means I didn’t do anything else :/

Which also means I don’t have any links.

Thankfully, this means I might be able to start aniblogging or something when I want to. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy.

…Anyways, this was supposed to be posted approximately 17 hours ago, but… I’m posting this now.

Both this and the next post are fillers.