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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II 2

Très Espagnol!

As part of a livewatch with The Classiest Anime, I skimmed the first two episodes of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (II).

I say ‘skimmed’ and not ‘watched’ because frankly, the incessant chatter and my unceasingly annoying textual quips stole my attention away from the action on-screen. 80% of the blame is on me here for being annoyed by myself and annoying others with my typing. 20% of the blame goes to my parents, who parked their asses right behind my monitor and stared at it for a good ten minutes. I was not so disposed as to enlighten them to the masterpiece that is Horizon, and thus ‘watched’ half of the episode blind à la Gosick 12.

Furthermore, I arrived at the livewatch late. Forty minutes late. Thus, I missed the entirety of the first episode. In fact, I am writing this post having seen none of the first episode, having seen ten minutes of the second, and being constantly distracted on top of that.

Hurry, ZUN, indies meddle your sold wares»

Mouretsu Pirates 7

Remember the last Black★Rock Shooter (TV) post? Probably not, because according to my Site Stats, a grand total of three visitors read that post. One of them didn’t read it, and another one was myself. I guess nobody reads my blog… /emperorj

‘Wait,’ you probably won’t ask, ‘This is a post about Mouretsu Pirates Episode 7. Mouretsu Pirates Episode 7 hasn’t aired yet. According to AnimeCalendar, it’ll air on Sunday, February the 19th – two days from today, Friday, February the 17th.’

Anyways, you see, I, being a significant, important, and influential personage of the anime industry, have received exclusive access to the pre-air of the next episode of Mouretsu Pirates – episode seven – two days before it airs to the general public. The events which occurred this episode were so dramatic as for me to risk relinquishing my position solely to impart this shocking knowledge upon you.

Without further ado, let us move on to the plot. Warning: major spoilers will not follow. Do not read at your own risk. Read at other people’s nonexistent risks.

Yes, her name is ‘Hit-her’»

Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 6

Sure is potatoes around here! Why don’t you check out the previous post and then come back later? We’ll be waiting. Or, uh, rather, I guess you’ll be waiting. I’m not good at this whole logic thing.

But now we’re back, with more Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion goodness. Yes, that was supposed to be ironic. I’m also a master at irony.

Ironically enough…»

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa 27

Why am I blogging Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa right now, instead of, say, ST&RS? Well, uh, ST&RS is going to get cancelled soon, and I haven’t seen updates for the longest time. Meanwhile, Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa is going to get cancelled soon, but I have seen updates for the longest time.

Also, I’m here to take everything I said in my last Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa Manga Quarterly Review back.

You see, when I made that post, I actually only read to chapter 24. I didn’t read up to chapter 26 yet. I made that post then because there was no other post to make, and so I had to make a post without actually having read what the post was talking about. I swear, I have a tag for that, but I forgot what it was. Maybe the tag was ‘Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai’. Maybe not.

Anyways, after making that post, I read up to chapter 26. Everything got better.

And now, chapter 27.

which I didn’t read yet»

Two Years of Cheer


So it’s been two years, two years since I made the first post on this blog that I didn’t delete.

*deletes post*»

Merry Christmas: Twelve Days of Comments

Y’know, I never understood why people used colons in post titles. I was originally going to make something punny around ‘comment’ and ‘christmas’ having the same first letter, but I guess my brain blanked out so I had to write a boring coloned title instead. You can call me Colonel Title if you want.

This is a Christmas post because, at the date of this post being published, it is Christmas in London, Portugal, and Morocco – the only countries which matter.





…Except, now it is.

Winter solstice is over. Autumn is over.

It is now Winter.

Merry Christmas, everybody.


2011 Fall Anime First Impressions

This is what I expected when I came into the season.


Ben-To 2

So, uh, how was I going to write this post?

OH YEAH with RHYMES and THYME cause it’s COOKING TIME, it’s time to cook and it’s time to SHINE, cause today, tonight, it’s just SUBLIME~!

This really does not fit with the mood of my Majikoi 2 post. Grandmother in heaven, I am ashamed of myself.

People don’t SLAP like THAT»

O-REW 7: Not Always Right

Have you ever had that moment when you laugh uncontrollably? Whether it’s at some idiotic table hockey-foosball game, some stupid Mad Libs paragraph you made as a six-year-old kid, or some retarded blog that attempts to make lame puns every day (not a self-referential statement, as this blog never makes anyone laugh) – do you ever get that feeling where it feels like you’re getting tickled and you’re laughing so hard that it even hurts? The laugh you laugh about once a year from something so ridiculously stupid and/or funny that you just can’t stop?

Yeah, Not Always Right isn’t going to make you laugh like that.

laugh out loud, obviously lamely or languidly»