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Hiatus Post

He ate us? No, he didn’t.

Today’s Tuesday, and it’s time for You Say Tuesdays. I’m not supposed to say anything (besides, I don’t say things here, I type words words words) other than provide the topic for discussion.

The topic for discussion this Tuesday is: should I come back from this stupid twitter/skype-hiatus thing

(That is to say, sorry guys, I’ve been bad with posts lately. DON’T WORRY I’ll have time to post after my piano exams are over and before school st-oh wait, I’m going on a cruise to Alaska then. Haha. Hah.)

A Filler Post 26

dammit im mad

p.s. notice: 26th filler post, posted july 26th

A Filler Post 25

We’re posting 10 times a week now, and the fourth post in this new schedule is…

…you guessed it, a filler post. Actually, no, you didn’t guess it because it says ‘A FILLER POST’ right up there in LARGE LETTERS. Letters of largeness -> Lol

Anyways, just to remind you guys that I Say Wednesdays is coming up tomorrow on, you guessed it, Wednesday. Actually, no, you didn’t guess it because it says ‘I Say Wednesdays’ right up there in BLUE. Blu -> BL

Did you know: the next post in the Czerny series is out, as a Musical Monday. Except, since we’re posting twice on Mondays, we’ve actually got TWO music posts for Monday, and the second ISN’T about silly ol’ Czerny; it’s about silly ol’ Hanon and his silly ol’ Frenchman ways. I mean, and his silly ‘lil exercises. S(illy) L(il) E(xercises) -> SLE -> silly

Finally, I really wish more people would comment on O-New. Unfortunately, saying that just makes me seem like I’m whining about not getting comments on posts that are AbsoluteShit255 (not saying that az’s posts are shit, but I’m going to use this AbsolutePun255 veeeeery often from now on). But I mean, shit comments on shit posts are entertaining as shit (pun intended), and thoughtful comments on shit posts make me feel warm and fuzzy inside at realizing how shitty I was a mere year ago. This does not mean I grew smarter; it simply means that I’m running out of shit to write.

tl;dr: just another shitty day at o-new



A Filler Post 24

Welp, I think I’ll be staying in bed suffering from sickness for the duration of tomorrow. So there’s no post.

BUT WAIT! We’ve got a SURPRISE waiting just for you!! And no, it’s not that O-New will have lost 50% of its new subscribers due to the declining quality of posts; it’s EVEN BETTER!!! Stay tuned…

Pre-International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme *~Part Two~*

So, following the wise words of a wise man, I have accepted Churchill’s request for me to join their program.

Here, in an attempt to make this post seem at least somewhat interesting, I shall insert an obligatory comment about YouTube’s new changes which nobody noticed because YouTube changes like, once every week.

[Obligatory comment about YouTube’s new changes]

In entirely unrelated news, whoops, sorry, I guess I’m going to be writing a lot of filler posts now! School’s catching up on me after I decided to, oh, do no homework over the Spring Break. Wait wait wait, I can explain myself! I wasn’t assigned any homework over the Break. Yeah, I don’t even know why I’m saying this anymore, just, just, go away

Pre-International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Well, I’ve been accepted into Sir Winston Churchill Secondary’s Pre-International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

What do?!?

On an unrelated note, do listen to my transcription of Gosick’s first OP, Destin Histoire! I think it’s quite nice. Here’s an embedded YouTube video: