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A Filler Post 23

WAIT! It’s not really a filler post! In this filler post, I will talk about MANY THINGS.

1. I got accepted for the Pre-International Baccalaureate program, but I’m planning on refusing their offer, after many hours of careful thought. Obviously, my parents are opposed to this, but I am about 34% confident they’ll understand. The IB program’s a great idea with a horrible execution – although I haven’t witnessed it first-hand, second-hand accounts from both IB students, IB teachers, and IB graduates tell me that much of what they do in IB is homework for the sake of homework. The ultimate goal of the program is simple enough – to get into a world-renowned university – but as long as I can get a university degree, isn’t that fine?! I’m going to forge my OWN PATH forward and NOT RELY ON OTHERS in my quest to become a homeless person begging for food in the freezing Vancouver streets successful guy. I’M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING ANYMO-wait mom, wait, don’t call my Socials teacher and ask him about my Socials mark, please!!

2. In French class, compulsive studier friend bemoans his 91%, second place in the class, wondering who could’ve snatched that elusive first place. Walking calmly to the mark list, I happen upon my name – 92.5%! Not bad. Scanning up and down the sheet, I realize…

…wait a minute, did I just get the highest mark in our grade?! HAHAHAHAHA ABSOLUTEZERO255 YOUR REIGN OF TERROR ENDS TODAY, BECAUSE I HAVE FINALLY BEAT YOU IN FRENCH oh Madoka I sound like an IB student now… *horrified face*

(The funny thing is that you guys know I spend 90% of my time writing these god-awful posts and watching horrible, terrible Japanese cartoons all day long, yet still…)

3. Rewritten posts! Yeah, you guys have probably noticed the Black Rock Shooter Episode 6 post I pinned up to the front page for a while now, but yep, do read that. Furthermore, I’ve updated and finally finished my Winter 2012 First Impressions (Part One) after the thirty-eighth time in one week. Yes, I am making this number up. Other than those, I’ve got another post up in the works on Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku 56, and really, not much else is going on! I have the most boring life.

P.S. Wow, shit bro, someone’s reading a hella posts on this site. 40 views every hour for the past three hours! Whoever’s doing this, leave a comment so that I can, like, uh… acknowledge your… reading of this blog, I guess. :x

A Filler Post 22

Aw fuck.

Yep, even with this long weekend, I’ve not enough times to write a post for this day. So, as you can see, I/we/O-New’s really looking for new bloggers. Doesn’t matter who you are or how badly you write (actually, it might matter how badly you write) – we’ll accept you as a blogger no matter what (actually, if you write /that/ badly, we’ll reject you).

Even if you don’t want to be a full-time part-time blogger at O-New (the only full-time part-time blogger at O-New is houraiguy, and he last posted two months ago), you can write as a guest blogger and write guest posts whenever you want! We’ll probably publish them as long as you don’t write too badly.

tl;dr: fillers

December 28 is Editorial Day

So, December 28th is Editorial Day.

…I’m being pulled out to vacation for a while before school starts, so there won’t be any posts for a while.

There’s my editorial. I hope flomu_ likes it :>

P.S. houraiguy will cover for me



P.P.S. Here’s the last Ben-To rapview.

Half-Priced Lunch-Boxing Day

It’s a pun. Get it?

Cause it’s Boxing Day and I’m off to shop, so there won’t be a proper post for today. The Half-Priced Lunch Box part is because I’ll be posting the Ben-To final post tomorrow. Look forward to it~

P.S. Ben-To is actually about Half-Priced Dinner-Boxes…

A Filler Post 21


First “A Filler Post” in seven months, though



(I have a c-c-c-c-c-c-cold, so was pretty exhausted from coldin’ up the codes. I’ll put up a FALL SEASON ANIME REVIEW tomorrow, which happens to be oh, what, nine weeks late)

(BTW I’ll put up the Horizon post later and link it here because it’s IMPORTANT and by important I mean that importing ants is not a good idea especially if the ants can’t stand on a plant of plants)

But the WAVES (never eat them)

Power Outage

Kinda like what happened to glo, except
a) nothing was on fire b) nothing fell down c) nothing really happened d) there was no storm e) the neighbours still had power f) it lasted one night and g) nobody cared.

I mean, my brother didn’t even notice there was a blackout until my mom barged in his room to ask for a flashlight five minutes later. He continued playing computer games on his laptop through the night.

tl;dr: didn’t make a post last night, too lazy to make one now. Mushrooms are now preparing (being prepared?), please wait coolishly.

P.S. Man, this is a filler post, I haven’t used that tag in like FOREVER. Like, what, five months now? Wow. I have over a hundred posts under that tag.

P.P.S. This has got to be the least tags I have ever used for a post on this blog, ever :(