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Obligatory July the Second Post

AX: FUNimation has recently acquired Steindo;Gate…


Hacking to the wait»

Pretty Explosions!

AKA Fireworks.

We (mah mom and brother, and of course I) went on two separate occasions, once from behind a tree on a hill…

All blue hyperlinks link ta video~

…and once behind a tree on a fence. Wait what

I’m so lazy to put in captions that anything witty this post is in the image name :V Which is to say there’s nothing witty at all in this post

Alright, so mah camera had a really long exposure, so everything was really wobbly. Good thing is, ta just added to the awesome effects. How?

Like this.

The almost similar patterns are because it’s not ta fireworks that’r moving, it’s mah hand – for ta most part, the fireworks are relatively still.

Relatively because this occurs on such a small time-scale – even ta fast-moving fireworks’ movements are basically negligible.

Then again, maybe it’s not. Here the fireworks all move outwards while the camera’s moving, making it seem even… awesomer. 8D

Superman! Also, mah hands are shaking.

Here’s the base of the fireworks-shootin-platform, which you can see in the first picture.

It shoots two streams o fireworks shaped like a V or somethin.

And on ta streaming note…

Looks a lot like Light Blast “Shoot the Moon”, doesn’t it?

Shou’s firing laz0rs (that’s mah saying that at the end :V)

I then took some pictures of… wait what

Oh, it’s a helicopter. Is it?

No, it’s the moon. Didn’t it get shot?


On ta second day, mah mom basically told me not ta take pictures or anythin because of some personal reason.

As if I’d listen to that :V








The end!