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CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday

Hey everybody. Guess what day it is.

THAT’S RIGHT, it’s CANADA DAY, the 145th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA became a country under the British Empire! It also happens to be several months after the 30th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA didn’t have to ask the British Parliament every single time we wanted to change the constitution! OK, I admit, the latter sounds less impressive but until then Canada wasn’t really a sovereign state! Now, we still sorta belong to the Commonwealth but we can do whatever we want!

Similarly, O-New can do whatever we want as well: except we CAN’T because only I can do whatever I want, and I’m an egotistical bastard that won’t let you guys do whatever you want.

As recompense, let’s all wish Flare a not-too-sad birthday in his little country of Bulgaria while the rest of CANADA celebrates and drinks maple syrup by the gallon.

P.S. It’s actually not his birthday in Canada yet. Bulgaria is just ahead of Canada in time, but you know what they say, the slower the country, the faster the… uh… I don’t know what they say.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! Did you expect this post to only be about CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday? No! It’s about something else that also rhymes with day: O-New’s posting schedule…ay. Schedulay. Schedulé?

Since it is now officially SUMMER VACATION (because, Spanish shock, it’s JULY THE FIRST!!!)… O-New will be blogging…


We’ll be blogging two posts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and one post on every other day. Why? Because we have so much crap to say (and so many more people to say it)! Why? Because we want to lose subscribers who don’t want to see so much crap in their mailbox. Why? Because we posted twice a day last last summer and that was a great fiasco! Why? I… don’t know…

P.P.S. It’s actually summer vacation in Canada already. Canada is just ahead of summer in time, but you know what they say, summer vacation’s only as long as you want it to be. Uh… that’s not what they say.

Extrinsic Strengths of Manga-Related Imperceptions versus 2-D Perverse Exceptions and Analyses: Surrendering Facts, Production of Deep Misrepresentations, Purposeless Preservation of Ancient Suppression

An exquisite corpse is the pinnacle of pretention. Pretending that people perceive patterns they can’t even penetrate without FAILING their alliteration practices. This has nothing to do with anything; yet, even this ~horrible~ post will be preserved. I mean, what even is our society’s deep fixation on preserving historical documents? “We shall digitize them,” said Alex while discussing the benefits of Amazon’s Kindle. “Take a packet of gum for instance. What’s your favorite brand?” – “I can’t say I have any. I hardly chew gum.” – “So, that is to say, your breath hardly kicks?” Jehneefah didn’t know how to reply to [NOBODY KNOWS WHAT FILLS THIS VOID] that although us people are weird and insane, we can actually be quite reasonable. In fact it is often the weirdest and insane people that are the same time the most logical. Actually, we, who are actually the worst sort of people ever, can be civilized when it is necessary.

Yet, is civilization even necessary? Our society is founded on ancient principles (and old principals, of schools, y’know) that are purposeless today. They’re also PORPOISE-LESS, as principles (and principals) aren’t cool enough to own porpoises. We’re trapped in a deep misrepresentation of irrelevant customs that suppress modernity, preserved from times. “The New York Times,” said Alex as he waived around his Kindle like an ignorant prick. “Look, this device only cost 99 dollars. I think you should buy one.” “And not gum?” “And not gum” Jehneefah let out a big sigh, took out his credit card, and made his purchase. [NOT ONE APPRAISES THAT WHICH ENCOMPASSES THE AFOREMENTIONED’S NIHILITY] energy of the surrounding briefish air to transform him into an elegand man! And once he becomes an elegand man, how elegant! Maybe it was an England man that it was meant to be, but in fact it was elegand! I would like to talk about England instead. Wow, England. What a cool guy. I think that it is quite cool. Très cool.

2012 Spring Anime Preview

You know how our season previews go. There’s a basic formula to all of them. First, a summary, then a picture, then a disclaimer talking about how I stole all this information from other blogs, and then the actual post, written by me, Mushyrulez, all by myself.


Firstly, there WON’T BE A PICTURE after a summary which is this summary which is this sentence and the sentences immediately before and after this.

Secondly, there WON’T BE A DISCLAIMER after a picture because, wow, we’ve actually done our own research (read: searching for trailers on YouTube) this time!! This also means no handy embedded chart here; just search for it yourself. And seriously, if you’re going to read the chart anyways, there’s hardly any point reading this post. At least after you read this post, you’ll still have an excuse to read the chart. This paragraph is not a disclaimer telling you that this post actually doesn’t talk about anime at all.

Thirdly, there WON’T BE BLUE TRAILER LINKS because I can’t modify the link style on this new theme I’m using!! I know, simply horrible, right? The Carnelian (dark-reddish-brown, for those less artistically inclined) texts are links. It gets pretty confusing when I put it after orange text, which is written by me.

Finally, there WON’T JUST BE ME writing this post (otherwise, why would I colour my text?), because it’s time for O-New to DIVERSIFY like Random Curiosity and METANORN have done, although of course, we’re much more HIGH TENSION SYNDROME. AbsoluteZero255 has so kindly accepted my offer to let him write 99% of this post (using this colour of blue text), unlike that other guy flare who is being such a flare not writing posts and flaring his flare and OK, LET US MOVE ON TO THE PREVIEW. Ready? GO!

Ready ready ready for the PREVIEW»

I’ma gonna maik a postin’-The awesome reaction faces of Gaki Jigoku

Japanese male making silly face.

So like, hi there.I’ve decided to corrupt Mushy’s blog once again with my awful posts.Cuz you know…that’s what a pro-blogger normally does.He/She corrupts.

Anyways, this post is not going to be for what I wanted it to be, simply because reviewing an over-a-20-years-old-Manga is not something worth doing.

Besides, what can I really say about Gaki Jigoku?It’s a Manga.It has plot and art, pretty acceptable, probably not by all people in general, but still…

You know, it’s just the same old nut in the dusty sack.I still think that checking something for yourself is much better than reading a review/preview/critique statement and getting a wrong impression on the presented subject.

Like you know, I can say that this Manga is awesome, with pretty solid plot and whatnot shit, which may or may not lead you to believe that it is good actually.But once you check it out,there are 80% chance that you are not going to like it.And not because of its content, but of the way it is presented.


Admin is taking a bath-Make a Chikku Nee-San post!

The rise of Nee-San.The rise of the rainbow shark.The nuked Japan as we know and want it.

Chikku Nee-san is a Gag/Comedy Manga, with pretty short chapters[7 pgs. each], which means that it’s worth reading it.Although only 8 chapters have been translated so far{By thepeelingpotato-group}I find Chikku Nee-San to be pretty awesome and entertaining.(Unlike Mush-*cough* *cough*)

Plot-None.Girls are girls and they make models in a club for making models.Plastic models.Plastic mind.Plastic Fat Man and Little Boy.3 Girls just fooling around, doing silly and… **^^&} things and…more.

Ti si Guba!

There’s ONA series of this.Each episode is less than three minutes, so you can just go to watch them all. [4 episodes.For some reason MAL is saying that there are more,[{They are going to make more???}] but then again… MAL!]


The comedy and gags/jokes in this Manga are weird.Some are pretty dry, while others are pretty good.Of course, some are a but forced, but then again, comedy today is all about forcing gags and jokes up your ass.

…and you see, the characters from the modeling club are all wearing plastic models on their heads.THAT is unique and it shows that they feel pretty secure about themselves.Life…app…and BWEH!It’s pure awesomeness in a bucket.

записался добровольцем?

At first I actually thought that they are wearing them because their club does not have a lot of money and thus, they are using plastic models due to the low budget. Although it was a silly idea, I was not able to stop laughing when in one chapter they received…um, less than 2000 yen?

I guess I was right… ~Hahahahahaha!

Oh, yeah… the ONAs…they are pretty great too.I forgot to mention that.The animation and voicing is pretty acceptable and…I dunno.There is really nothing much to say about this.It’s just that…it’s short and simple.

Go away!The people from O-NEW hate you!Stupid reader...


PSP: Plastic Nee-San is now coming to your town.Be sure to buy all the tickets before your neighbor’s dog!

Might be a dinosaur related post:Long-name-manga and why people are are dumb

Have you heard of the manga “Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!” ? I bet you did.If not, here’s some info on what’s it about:

It’s about a girl[Kuroki Tomoko] who sucks at social activities.

There. That should be enough information for you to get the idea about it.

No, I am not going to write a review about it. There are already plenty of these flying all over the internet. For my first post in O-Phew, I decided to write about people’s reaction/opinions of “Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!”.

Bow down to your new ~Roar

Now ,there are people who dislike the manga. That’s pretty normal, because there are always people who doesn’t like anything/things and I respect this. [No I don’t! Those people’s opinion is wrong and…they should be put to taxidermy.] It’s fine really! I haven’t seen a manga/anime without any mistakes in it, so it’s pretty natural that there are people who doesn’t like “Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!”.

Alright, alright…the second type of people are probably the worst kind of people.What I’m talking about are the people who compare themselves with the MAIN character in the Manga.[~Tomo ~Tomo]Why the hell would someone compare themselves with a drawn-girl-character? That’s just stupid.Like there are these people who goes:

“I know how ~Tomo ~Tomo feels! I don’t have any friends at all too”. -followed by ;_; , T_T , or _T-T_

But…Tomoko has a friend.It’s only one, but it’s still something.So what? People these days need to have billion of friends to count as a “social” persons? HA!

There were of course ” Dat feel when relate to her I” and “This Manga reminds me of how stupid my life is” + “LoL I suck at life too”[Way the go usage of LoL]

Why are people doing this? Into what kind of freaks they have turned into? Forums and blogs all over the internet are filled with this crap!Should we blame the author? Nope.The author worked hard(?) to make a pretty entertaining Manga like this. <<<It was created for this purpose.Not for a reason to bitch about how your life has turned you into a public toilet.[<<< Mushy is probably going to fix this and ban me for life. Don’t do it man I love you!]Manga is made so we can enjoy it as an activity<reading> in our free(?) time. Sadly,some people does not share my point of view,but who cares?

It's the Emperor's fault!

…and there were those who decided that Tomoko would be a perfect “Rape Victim”. Those people are awesome.

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. Half Season Review [Completed]

(Flare somehow revived his blog and now BETS ON WHEN HE’LL DELETE IT I SAY FOUR MONTHS)

Welcome to Hell, land of demons eating tasty vegetables


Obligatory July the Second Post

AX: FUNimation has recently acquired Steindo;Gate…


Hacking to the wait»

Working!! Half Season Review

System Notice: We now have a live twitterfeed with… AUTOMATIC UPDATES! Thanks to @Walfas and Twitterfeed! Follow /me/ at http://twitter.com/Mushyrulez as I am obviously better than everyone else!


Before we begin:



It’s sorta stupid that we have fanart already, when there’s nothing to be a fan of yet and nothing artistic about the site. Anyways, this is going to go in some archives because it is that awesome. Thanks again, flare~!

…So, this is an anime half season review. The tag “Anime Post” is for episode-by-episode posts, and “Anime Half Season Review” is a review of an anime every 6 episodes, because I don’t have enough time (read: too lazy) to write one every episode, the anime is an old one so writing one every episode would be pointless, or it’s one that I’ve started watching later in the season.

For Working!!, it’s the third scenario. I started watching everything in the middle of the season, so I didn’t really have time to catch up on every series.


Basically, this anime is about…


!! (because every anime /needs/ exclamation marks)

There are people who work in a restaurant whose name is VERY VERY CAREFULLY CONCEALED, so I have CIRCLED it for your CONVENIENCE

At least it's not Wcdonalds

And then one day they realize THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE


O-New's looking for new writers~! (No, we're not)

And so by asking random strangers on the street, she finds someone called awesomebananadancer Takanashi SOUTA who is obviously by first sight a very CREEPY LOLICON

Are you sure that's a good thing?

He is so creepy that he likes DAPHNIA.

We were studying Daphnia for Science without the teacher telling us their name, and this is how I found out

But thank god he likes Daphnia or else I couldn’t have cheated on my Science (Well, the teacher revealed their name anyways)
The person who recruited him is Taneshima POPURA who was supposed to grow as tall as a POPLAR tree but GENETIC MUTATIONS made her REALLY REALLY SHORT

Red Line - Popura's height; Yellow Line - Average Person; Picture on Right - Poplar Tree >_>

Anyways she forced strongly recommended Souta to work for no pay at all.
So he goes to WORK.
The ASSISTANT MANAGER is this person, Shirafuji KYOUKO:

The irony I don't even need to type it out

Who basically does nothing all day and eats the store’s supply of PARFAITS.
Next is Todoroki YACHIYO who was BULLIED as a kid:

I would feel the need to carry a katana too with those people around me

But KYOUKO “saved” her so she works at Whateveryoucallthatstorename. No, not when she was in elementary. Well, hopefully not when she was in elementary…
Then there are some boring chefs who do not have even anywhere close of a resemblance between a certain awesome pirate because only one of them has blond hair and smokes.

Awesome guy is in the background

Satou JUN is the one who is epic but Souma HIROOMI is just some random n00b who happens to be able to blackmail almost anyone.
Finally Inami MAHIRU is some random person who’s scared of men so she PWNS THEM LIEK RLY HARD LOLOLOL
…No, seriously.

Mahiru-san? Mahiru-san? Room cleani-

So we have these main characters. Then we realize
So he comes back from vacation to the restaurant:

Oh wait that's the manager. Oh wait no that's not the manager...

However, he brought souvenirs for Kyouko to eat. This makes Yachiyo jealous cause we all know her parfaits are the only type of food in the world so she STABS STABS STABS STABS SOPRANO TENOR ALTO BASS SAXOPHONE!


You then realize that Satou is in love with Yachiyo, who is in love with Kyouko. But obviously, as this is a moeblob anime, nothing happens out of that!


A drunken Suika Kozue then appears, who reveals that she is Souta’s SISTER. KOZUE reveals that Souta CROSSDRESSED when he was little because he could only wear his sisters’ old clothes. Obviously this is very, very bad for his reputation and so he BLACKMAILS EVERYONE

But yeah, did he really need to make his hair like that..? @_@

We get introduced to the rest of his sisters, one of which is a NOVELIST, Takanashi IZUMI

I'm pretty sure it's not...

That pile of paper behind her is her room. :/
Then we have an EVIL LAWYER, Takanashi KOZUE


And finally a NORMAL person, Takanashi NAZUNA.

They're all just paramecia

As it’s a moeblob anime, there’s basically NO PLOT WHATSOEVER! Meaning after introducing the characters the show is /over/.
Oh and there’s this:


…The thing is, what is there to say about this? It’s based on a 4koma. I’m not gonna analyze anything because /there’s NOTHING TO ANALYZE/.
Yet, that is.
As for the show itself, it’s interesting; there’s no continuous plot (how many times did I say this now), but each individual scene is humourous enough.
I would recommend it to people who like watching k-On!, etc., but not to many others. To be honest I was not very satisfied with the anime, but who knows what’s going to happen next?
Nevertheless, one thing comes to my attention.
One is why ANIME! ALWAYS! NEEDS!! EXCLAMATION!!! MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!. It makes my sense of grammar wince in pain. “I watched the new anime, Working!!.”. You have exclamation marks and then a period. Working!! is not a sentence by itself; you can’t say: “I watched. Working!! It was interesting.” So then why would they include the exclamation marks?
But they’re there for like EVERY ANIME. Durarara!. Angel Beats!. Working!!. k-On!. Mayoi Neko Overrun!. This is a Nonexistant Anime by Mushy!?!?.
Anyways, yeah. If you’ve got stuff to do I wouldn’t recommend watching this anime but if you’re lazy and bored, this is a good way to burn off some time.