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End of Spring

…Not really, more like beginning of spring.

But end of spring break…

Also, the FGL Development competition has ended! I submitted a game, however, it had a fatal bug in it, making me revert it to a previous version that didn’t have the awesomesauce that it would have had (in other words, I epically failed)… working on that for the month long one though…!

So, time to conduct that R.A.N.D.O.M. that I was supposed to do…

…Who even cares about this anyways? :P

B: D

I: D

S: O

O: D

N: M

…What can I say?

This Spring Break has been a massive failure (productivity-wise).

Fun-wise, most epic spring break evar.

…Actually, I’ve been making posts with less content /during/ Spring Break, as I don’t have that extra two hours that I get during weekdays.

So, anyways, links…


^ That’s right, the USA is falling behind on broadband… they’ll “try” to get it up though… :P


^ Man sued for insulting ex-girlfriend on facebook… the internet records everything you say; you can’t get away with it.


^ China censoring other stuff nao… read the full article…


^ Government’s making something to support other people in supporting people who support people in Africa with malaria…! (Or something like that)

…Not many links at all, even with that filler post; however, will have more starting from this Tuesday…!


..This is a rant, as I don’t have any links…

…First of all, I’d like to point out that the FlashGameLicense Development Competition #5 and #6 is starting, tomorrow, at 1800 GMT (10:00 am, for me)…! Which is gonna be awesome! And I’m gonna attempt to mutilate a tutorial so that it’s actually my own creation! Without using any of the tutorial’s original code! :D

…Now that the :Ds and enthusiasm is gone, the rant.

[warning, the rant sounds more like a whine than a rant]

…So, this rant is about… well… relatives, basically.

…Well, recently, my mom has registered for a financial exam. Since, well, she’s my mom, my brother and I had to help her with that, so we did. …Unfortunately, my brother took charge of the operation, and used the computer I was using at the moment to do those tasks. In the process, he closed my browser, and somehow, made it impossible to reopen the tabs I closed. So, I was pretty angry at that, but that was no matter. …Anyways, my mom had to figure out how to get to a certain room in a certain building to take her exam (which is tomorrow). I told my brother that all she had to do would be to get inside the building and ask the receptionist (after all, a couple hundred more people are taking the test) for directions; but no, he obviously had to use google to search for a detailed map of how to TAKE THE ELEVATOR and ENTER A ROOM. What’s more, he also had to print the google map of the location of the building and the map, which he then spent 20 minutes polishing with MSPaint, which basically consisted of finding a print screen software, seeing my computer doesn’t have it, searching for another one on google, finding that my computer has a print screen software, using it, copying it to paint, closing paint, opening paint, erasing the text and unnecessary street names, copying it, closing paint, opening adobe reader, opening paint, copying it, saving it as a pdf, closing paint, opening the file in adobe reader, cutting it in half, copying the file to paint, cutting the edges, copying the file to adobe reader…

…and thus it continued for a very, very, long time. …And then he printed it! Hurrah! However, now my mom wants the review sheets for the test. After searching, I determined that the only review sheets costs at least $85, and thus I thought that was enough. But obviously, my brother had to continue searching.

…and searching.

..and searching, until he realized that the ONLY REVIEW SHEETS COSTS AT LEAST $85! Hmm… I SENSE A COINCIDENCE HERE. …And then, my mom realized she had another exam. In June. And so, she wanted the locations for that. …After a lot of searching, we determined the locations and the price for the exam, just to find that everything we’d looked at was for the American (hint, we’re Canadian) exam..! Finally, after some more searching, we found an article that stated everything we needed to know, and thus wasted another two sheets of paper printing the whole article out (did I mention that the title of the article took one sheet?) …So, after that, we gave the sheets to my mom. And she gets mad at us for being so slow.

…Now, here, I have two reasons why I’m sorta rant-y; one, most of the actions of my brother were redundant. Two, we were helping her sort out some tasks, and thus she should have no reason to get mad at us, for doing /her/ work.

…To me, my mom felt a lot like a n00b, for making us do very simple work, and then getting mad at the speed of it (which she obviously could have typed faster, herself, but she didn’t). However, instead of shunning her like normal n00bs, we were forced to obey her, as she had enough power to.. do stuff.

Which is to say, if you have that much power, and you can search it up faster than us, then WHY DON’T YOU? I mean, we’re doing you a favour here by searching it for you, saving some time, but why do you still have to be so mad at it? It’s not /your/ time we’re wasting, it’s our own time, thank you very much.

To continue this, I’d like to extend this to all people who you do work for that get mad at you. I mean, you’re doing work FOR THEM. What right do they have to get mad at you? Especially if the work you’re doing is voluntary or for free. I’ve met people like that, who shout at you for not finishing the work correctly/on time (which I would feel bad for, if it was a job), except, it was /voluntary/. Sure, we didn’t do it correctly, and we had to use a bit of OUR time to correct that mistake. Still, NONE OF THAT TIME was YOURS. So why should you get mad at us?

I suppose this made a little bit of sense, but I have no idea now…

EDIT: Well, it’s Saturday now, with… 16 minutes until the competition! AND FGL IS DOWN LOLWTF O_O_O___O_O_O_O