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I’ma gonna maik a postin’-The awesome reaction faces of Gaki Jigoku

Japanese male making silly face.

So like, hi there.I’ve decided to corrupt Mushy’s blog once again with my awful posts.Cuz you know…that’s what a pro-blogger normally does.He/She corrupts.

Anyways, this post is not going to be for what I wanted it to be, simply because reviewing an over-a-20-years-old-Manga is not something worth doing.

Besides, what can I really say about Gaki Jigoku?It’s a Manga.It has plot and art, pretty acceptable, probably not by all people in general, but still…

You know, it’s just the same old nut in the dusty sack.I still think that checking something for yourself is much better than reading a review/preview/critique statement and getting a wrong impression on the presented subject.

Like you know, I can say that this Manga is awesome, with pretty solid plot and whatnot shit, which may or may not lead you to believe that it is good actually.But once you check it out,there are 80% chance that you are not going to like it.And not because of its content, but of the way it is presented.