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Gangsta 18

No images today. This is purely a promotional message.

Read Gangsta. It’s a good manga. Trust me.

The general plot: in the past, the government drugged soldiers to win a war. Their progeny suffered from genetic anomalies that increased their strength at the cost of severe birth defects and short lifespans. Four crime families semi-peacefully coexist in Ergastulum, a ghetto for the mutants’ quarantine. However, a series of mysterious massacres of mutants threaten to re-ignite the anti-mutant sentiment in the city, and chaos looms near…

That’s it. After 18 chapters, I finally understand just what is happening.

It’s going to be awesome.

Gangsta 17

Now, I love the scanlators (Easy Going Scans) for scanlating this manga because it’s so bloody awesome, but they really are easy going when you see things like this…

first hints first

Then again, there’s hardly any competition on the manga scene, compared to the autismal levels of fagsubbing, so… quality is based on dedication to the source, not to the legions of adoring imbeciles fans.

The main selling point of Gangsta isn’t in ‘its unique world, where swords and bullets clash!’ (face it, that’s not very unique at all). Gangsta’s strength lies in its characters; each of them has unique motivations, backstories, and relationships. Most importantly, these all change throughout time, especially between Worrick and Nicolas during the flashbacks. How they befriend each other at the end is still unknown…

I’m not even sure if Worrick’s eye really is gone. Maybe he’ll pull a Kenpachi on us and reveal that his eyes have magical abilities that allow him to memorize everything it doesn’t see. Wait a minute…

Another cool thing about Gangsta are that the protagonists are grown men, like in Fate/Zero, except with less stupid motivations. They’re mature. They don’t angst around about the past; they move on, and when their past comes to haunt them back, it’s because holy shit these are really traumatic stuff that’s happening.

The only thing bad are the boob jokes, cause she’s a prostitute and yeah. Dark and edgy.

Gangsta 16

I like Gangsta because it has just the right proportion of cool guys, moe lolis, badass men, and moe lolis


It’s starting to get confusing now. I would write the plot out for you guys but nobody’s reading this and I don’t understand it myself; even marathoning 4 chapters (ok, that’s not a marathon) hasn’t helped. There’s that great Black Lagoon/Roanapur feel again with the four heads actually meeting, so all we can do is pray that the big bad of this arc isn’t some contrived rape survivor again… (not that I remember Black Lagoon having any of those)

Gangsta 15


Once there were two little boys sitting in a mansion. The first one says, “Pass the soap!” The second on says, “So moe, radio.”

It’s a pun because there are radios in the flashback and they are moe.

Gangsta’s storytelling is always awesome. If this became an anime (and as long as it’s not cancelled, I’m sure of it), the production company would only need to follow the original chapters’ scripts to a tee. Even the narration, which some people so vehemently despise, is rendered beautifully—by talking of the past during the present action, we see the consequences of history. The cruel irony of Nicolas’s blade as it cuts into peaceful demonstraters (ok, Gangsta, this is getting a bit far) juxtaposed onto Worrick cutting his steak (this is a metaphor, take notes) is… cruel irony. Furthermore, it’d be tasteless to have music playing during bloody flashbacks, and silence renders it too disturbing. A voiceover solves all of that, adds backstory, and allows unimportant yet character/setting-defining action to take place.

Rape isn’t a backstory. This is how you develop a character’s growths and motivations.

Furthermore, the constant switches between the (relatively) placid present to the not-so-halcyon past keep us wanting more flashbacks without forgetting where we actually are. Until the last chapter, the flashbacks weren’t necessarily chronological either. It’s like playing a mystery game, piecing the clues together one at a time, slowly understanding more and more of a story’s sociopolitical context.

Horizon’s extravagant flashiness isn’t world-building. This is how you build a world.

Gangsta 14

METANORN beat psgels in the aniblog tourney?!

In this post, we will talk about: the Aniblog Tourney, the Antiblog Tourney, the Ant-Blog Tourney, the Aniblog Tore-Knee, the Aniblog Tour (NE), An Eye Blog Tourney, An Eyeball Tourney, and other related concepts. Also: Gangsta.

Aunt Eyeball’s Torn Knee»

Gangsta 13

If I were cool and American and not Chinese, that just might be me at this moment. However, I’m not cool, not American, and I am Chinese. My brother’s American, though, so that just might be his face if he weren’t Chinese. But he is also Chinese.

I really liked this chapter, lewd fanart aside, because it had little children and little children are cute. No, I’m not a pedophile, these kids are 13 and I’m not even 5 years older than them. Some old man married a girl 97 years younger than himself. I think his name was Edgar Cullman or something like that. It was pretty sick, and sick as in ‘disgustingly perverse’, not as in ‘radically suave’.


Gangsta 12

I’m heading off to Seattle again. Expect pictures when I return. Until then, az will run the show!! Have fun. Here’s a picture of my face, sighing because I’m sick. Of you.

Have some much needed backstory, in one paragraph.

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Gangsta 11

Watch out!! It’s a post about GANGSTA, GREEK FOOD, and GOOGLE today (and NOT a pedo bear by madoka how MANY PEOPLE search for pedo bear EVERY SINGLE DAY and get to this stupid fucking blog… I got 1.4 MILLION impressions for my blog by people searching pedo bear in the last WEEK. why, society?! why?)! :o

Yes, I realize, it’s strange – after all, with Daylight Savings Time started, I now have an extra hour every day to post, but.. nope? That’s because I decided to eat Greek food. The end. Updates later tomorrow. Or below. Click that more link».

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Gangsta 10

So. Um. Guess what. Episode 4s of some shows are already out.

They call me Doug. Doug the Lass»

Gangsta 9

The problem with serializing monthly is that you have to do so many recap-ing statements, which don’t actually help recap because I don’t know what’s happening at all.

So, here’s a recap. Is this what’s happening?

Nicolas and Worrick are hired by Daniel Monroe to fight against the Corsica family, when SUDDENLY, DOUG appears. Doug works for the PAUL KLEE club, a club that focuses on all glee clubs, and Nicolas fights against him. Meanwhile, a suspicious black-haired person called Ginger is being suspicious, black-haired, and not red-haired in the background…

Gangsta used to be cool and fresh, but somehow, after introducing all of these conflicting families and mercenary guilds, it just seems like a lame knock-off of Black Lagoon or maybe even Hitman Reborn. There’s nothing making Gangsta better than any of those series.


The whole backstory of the MYSTERIOUS TEENAGER (who is obviously Nicolas) seems rather cliché, but I hope Gangsta will transform that into something that’s, uh, good. NO THESAURUS HOW HAVE YOU FAILED ME YOU ARE A DINOSAUR

get it

the saurus


tl;dr: I said I was going off to vacation two posts ago but I was lying. NOW I’m going off to vacation. There’ll be regularly scheduled posts while I’m gone, though. Just don’t expect them to be good. I don’t think anybody’s ever expected my posts to be good. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Gangsta 8

my face all day erry day»

Gangsta 7

Gang Wars IV: A New Hope»

Gangsta 6

“You’ve got to kill those oyaji before they start growing…”

…So, what’s with that potato»

Gangsta 5

The Benriya go visit a number of people around the city, and the person who Nicolas defeated is mutilated by his boss.

In more detail: the Koukonshu are people who have done something with a certain drug, granting them superhuman abilities. All Koukonshu are tagged, and all tagged people are Koukonshu. However, even though the person Nicolas defeated is superhuman, his superiors easily dispatch him.

Daniel Monroe offers Nicolas a deal to bring him back into ‘the organization’, which he declines. Perhaps this is a giant crime syndicate to do with the Koukonshu? It’s obvious that this takes place in America, since I haven’t seen a Japanese name in here, ever (Benriya doesn’t count, because I think they’re called something else in English)

Perhaps I mentioned this before, but Gangsta gives me seriously BL vibes. Black Lagoon vibes :v With the growing cast of members and different factions in the city, as well as the general lack of morality in every character.

It’s amazing how in other manga, five chapters is barely enough to introduce the main characters, but Gangsta manages to make us feel comfortable with the story and characters in only five chapters. Perhaps this is because of the length of the chapters, but the author’s writing style may have a lot to do with it – instead of taking entire chapters to introduce a new person, they just have somebody appear in the picture, whose then mentioned later on to make it feel like he was properly introduced (for example, Officer Chado).

Gangsta 4

(I was going to post something else but stuff happened and now it’s pretty late and I don’t have time to write up a MQR/HSR, so here’s a post I already finished.)

Nicolas easily finishes off his opponent.

He loves eating chicks»

Gangsta 3

A/0 no Exorcist: Nicolas Blown

Complete with matching sword»

Gangsta 2

[Announcement: Another equally short post updated.]

We start with a flashback on a full-colour opening.

Yes, really»

Gangsta 1

Read no»