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Gosick 12

[For fun, I am ‘watching’ this episode and typing this entire post at the same time, with my eyes closed – including while taking the screenshots. The only things that I am doing with my eyes open are typing this paragraph (and the excerpt), adding tags, uploading the screenshots, and hitting publish. Good luck…?]

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Gosick 11

But it suits him»

Destin Histoire (TV Size) Transcription

…Well. That took a long time! Notice how the URL insinuates that I wrote this post on March 25th, 2011. This is in fact untrue – I wrote this post on March 25th, 2012, exactly a year after this post’s purported post date.

Why did I choose to post it now? Well, if you’ll remember (you won’t), this week is HST Week, the week during Spring Break last year (2011) where I decided to only write Half Season Reviews and transcriptions/compositions for an entire week. Obviously, it didn’t work, which is why I’ve only written this post now. It’s oddly fitting how almost exactly a year has passed, isn’t it? And Spring Break ends this Monday…

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Gosick 10

I know it’s Jeantan, but Jiantan sounds so much more Chinese.

Tu manges des adolescents

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Gosick 9

[Announcement: Posted Roberta’s Blood Trail 3, here.]

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Gosick 8

[Announcement: I’ve updated the previous Oreimo post, as well as adapted (transcribed, more on that later) the Hourou Musuko OP, in pdf and music. Thus starts the series of announcements about me rewriting history~!]

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Gosick 7


Actual plot-details/spoilers coming up»

Gosick Half Season Review

I seriously published this on the 23rd, right?

hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah

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2010 Winter Anime First Impressions

This is me and my brother, IRL.

Chinese racism aside, it’s time to move to yet another season~! (Not that I’ve completed the previous season, derp)

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