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Rant on my history class

I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m actually really mad. The only reason I’m crying is because everybody takes me as a little boy, nobody would expect me to be mad. Also, if I did show I was mad, my teacher would probably destroy me. I’m mad because everybody takes my work as a joke, none of it is being taken seriously. I can’t do anything my own way (not even my writing), everything has to be done my teacher’s way. My teacher’s way is fu**ing stupid. She wants me to study every single extra minute I have. Polly, I have a life y’know! And because I study so much, I’m supposed to be able to write it out on a piece of paper word for word. That’s bullsh**. It’s completely against what the program at my school teaches. And because I don’t do everything exactly her way, I get treated like the losers who don’t study at all.

I do study.

I have a typed document of every thing we’ve learnt so far, every day I read that document. I’ve even recorded myself reading it so that I can hear it where ever I go. Also, in class, I copy out the full document, word for word with a pencil to memorize it.

Is that enough?

Because if it isn’t, tell me what is.

O-NEG 2: Epic War 3

I have to go to sleep because I’m going to sleep soon so I’ll make the review one big, long, run-on sentence. Without any punctuation. All typed in caps.


The glorious title screen. Wait. Is that a walkthrough button? Why is it even there? Who uses walkthroughs? That just spoils the game! Remove that button!

When the game starts, you are required to pick a hero. Obviously, you have no clue which hero is the best, and therefore you pick the one with the coolest art. I picked the one with zoooooombies. Then, you are led to a map with several castles, you have to choose a castle and attack it.

You see one unit ready, your hero. You press forward, that’s the only button there is. Yay, you just killed a zombie! You see more units accumulating so you press the forward button about 50 more times.

After pressing it the forward button nearly over 9000 times, all your units have been built and you’re at the end of the field, chopping away at his castle. Good job, you destroyed this castle, it is now yours.

It’s not all that easy though. As your hero levels up, you get more cards. That’s good. You get more mana. That’s good. However, revenge waves are initiated once you start attacking the castle. Usually they are about 50 monsters, this means while you’re chopping away at his castle, 50 units start charging you eliminating all hope of destroying the castle. You continue to grind through these levels, upgrading cards along the way. The last level has a little surprise though. First, the revenge waves send about 50 units, then it send another 50. And another 50. Oh yeah, just to let you know, the AI also sends a titan. Since your hero has already died, nearly all your units are at very low health, you have no choice but to retreat and send a spell.

WOOHOO! After farming, grinding and more grinding, you finish the game! IT’S NOT OVER THOUGH, YOU GET TO DO THAT AGAIN, 5 MORE TIMES UNTIL YOU’VE BEATEN THE GAME WITH ALL 6 HEROS AND ATTAINED ALL THE CARDS. Oh boy. Most normal people don’t even bother completing it a second time let alone a third time. The only reason why I continued griding is cause of the “cave of trials”. These are basically reliving the last level again, except they send a specific titan and after you beat the game, you get the titan. :O

Gameplay, 4 or 9/10 (In the beginning, it’s pretty fun but gets somewhat boring at the end). Art, 5 or 10/10 (Every single castle has a different background. Also the 30 cards/units that were designed are really awesome). Concept, 7/10 (This is the 3rd epic war game, however, they changed the concept quite a bit, not just upgrading everything with better art, etc, etc.). Replayability 4/10 (The cave of trials is enticing but doing the same thing over and over again 6 times is… stupid.)

If you like Epic war 3, then go play epic war 4, it’s coming out in around a month!

An Organizational Voyage 6

…So for some reason, I’m watching too much anime  (or enough that I still can’t get organized)..

I’ll follow through with my previous plan except with only one episode of anime a day, and also focus on my test (that I got 44.5% on last time >_<;). In other words, I’ll be pretty busy this week..

Also, I’ll also register for the myriad of forums I have in my backup tabs, just because registering earlier gives moar ossimness.

Links then:


^ So this guy didn’t hold open the elevator door, so he got beaten with.. a pan of pasta. What a waste of pasta.


^ …An amazingly addictive game… 3D tetris O_o (though in reality it’s just normal tetris with a continuous side instead of walls)


^ …Apparently Fox News doesn’t like people who take content off the web, and call that “illegal”, but they’re doing it themselves..


^ Google changed their look, as of yesterday; I’m sure you guys noticed…


^ …Older article about the testing that happened…


^ …What would happen if mario was made in 2010… though the graphics would suck more, too :P

An Organizational Voyage 4

…It’s May~

Anyways, back onto the organizational track. I recently gained 3 levels (in one day :O), and so now I am level 27…

…The event ends on Tuesday (or Wednesday, I forgot). As Sat – Mon is X_X if I play, that leaves only one day to gain 3 levels…

…Fortunately, I’ve completed the Evan treasure chest thing, so now I have 7 free inventory spaces, and found that the ariant PQ goes up till level 30; so I can get to level 30 and then attempt to get the chair, dying once in a while to balance EXP.

Thus, my organizational voyage for maplestory is soon to be over.

…Unfortunately, my disappearance from other fields have… caused some.. discrepancies.

....Google Reader and Twitter extensions don't work past 4 digits...

…And yeah. So links:


^ …A Unity Guidebook has been released… check it out…?


^ Some people get angry at some guy mocking some indian guy with a weird name… AND IT’S POLITICAL AS WELL

An Organizational Voyage 3

…So now, my goal is MapleStory Level 30.

…I just got to level 24…

What I have now is essentially 5 days (I don’t play Sat-Mon) to gain 6 levels. This means that I’ll just need to gain 2 levels tomorrow, and one level every day after that…

…But here’s a snag.

I also need to finish the Ariant PQ (because I’m a collectible-fanatic), as well as the Evan Everyday Event and miscellaneous crap like that. Now, the crayons dropped for another quest only drop on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, but that specific event ends on Sunday. So I’ll have to log on for 30 minutes during those days, which happen to be doable, suicidal, and suspicious, respectively (parents home, MapleStory = LOLWTF).

…Anyways, that’s my plan, and it’s not going to work, but WHATEVER :D


^ ..An interview with an indie game developer…!


^ NASA has a conference tomorrow about the search for extraterrestrial life…


^ Hamlet’s set to release on DVD and Blu-Ray… soon. I have no idea what they’re talking about. :/


^ …More than 7200 people were charged for not wearing seatbelts on Ontario highways…


^ ..Some person writes their thesis on… dwarf fortress. LOLWUT


^ They found where to put the “Extremely Large Telescope”! Yes, that’s what it’s called. Go science.

^ Marasy plays something… Argh parseeeeeeeeeeeee

^ …Rock paper scissors can cause people to go insane…