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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! 3

[This post is safe for work, I swear!]

That’s his knee, thereĀ»

Happy Halloween~

No, patchy isn’t stocking

But of course, this’d be just a filler post if I left it at that.

Anywho, what do you guys think about Halloween? If I were to write out my thoughts, it’d be too long and boring for anyone to read, so as far as I see it, there are about five distinct ‘layers’ of thinking about Halloween:

The first layer of people who think Halloween’s just fun;

The second layer of (cynical) people, who think Halloween’s completely pointless and strayed off its original purpose in the past;

The third layer of people, who think Halloween /should/ have changed in the future because of different cultural changes and shifting concerns;

The fourth layer of people who will argue that culture in itself is pointless;

And finally, the fifth layer of people who think that culture (and in extension, cultural events) create many economical, political, and social benefits.

Here, you’ll notice that the layers alternate between pro-Halloween and anti-Halloween; but they’re actually pro-Halloween, anti-pro-Halloween, anti-anti-pro-Halloween, etc. anti-anti-pro-Halloween doesn’t mean pro-Halloween; their ideologies are completely different. Thus, one layer of people will probably argue with all the other layers of people.

I definitely belong to the third layer of people; culture definitely isn’t pointless, and shouldn’t be kept just for benefits. Traditions typically aren’t beneficial, especially old, useless ones (take off your hat when you’re in a building!), but they add more of a historical texture to the current setting, so that we won’t forget what happened before. That seems contradictory; I’m saying that Halloween should change, but that we shouldn’t forget the original purpose of it?

Well, read that sentence again.

Finally, I typically don’t celebrate Halloween very much, so I’m opposed to thinking Halloween’s there just for fun; many other cultures have dropped it, even though it’d be logical to keep it for all the free candy.

So, tell me your thoughts? There’s not gonna be a post in this blog for a long while now…