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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! 12 [Completed]

Perhaps ‘Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!’ is too lengthy a designation for a show of such length. Perhaps, it is ‘tl;dw’ – ‘terribly lengthy; [a] disaster [to] write’, or ‘tiredly laborious; describe [it to me without] words’? Thankfully, I, the great master of simplicity, shortening, and pastries, have just the innovative solution you need to cure yourself from ‘the laziness [of] death wishes’!

Is ‘Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!’ a disaster to write? Write no more, for we shall relieve you of your upper limbs in some time [if] at all! In the rare occurrence that our timely services are insufficient, we have exercised our great mental capabilities to manufacture a shorter, more efficient, and unique acronym for ‘Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!’ Instead of numerous other ineffectual abbreviations such as ‘Majikoi’, ‘Denisai’, or ‘Mawakoshi’, simply write ‘cqX7’ in place of ‘Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!’ Instead of typing all thirty-two characters, you need only express four.

Was that not what you were looking for? Were you hoping I to describe cqX7 without words, for watching cqX7 was tiredly laborious? You must be a senile old fool to tire from such a terse expedition. Nevertheless, O-New values every single or married senile old fool that visits our senile, old, foolish site. Worry not, senile old fools! Behold! A picture suffices for more than nine hundred and eighty-two words:

cqX7 stands for ‘cats quietly xylophone 72’»

Highschool of the Dead Half Season Review [Completed]

I should add a tag for ‘holy shit this post was supposed to be fucking published three months ago’, but it’ll take too long to type out so I’ll stick with my good ol’ Rewrite History.

Maybe waterpistols weren’t such a good idea»

Highschool of the Dead Half Season Review

[Announcement: On the note of dead people…]

“Scientists tentatively call this green virus ‘grass’.”

HotD: Boobs, zombies, and grass infections»

Highschool of the Dead 2

Hello everyone, Highschool of the Dead 2 came out on Tuesday, (but I haven’t posted cuz I’m more lazy than Mushy >_>) so here it is.

Takagi and Hirano run around the school,  somehow invisible to all of the zombies as they run around with not a single zombie seeing them. Then, they witness more casualties and zombie transformations.

What's your mom doing in a high school? What are you, kindergarten?

Meanwhile Takashi and Rei barricade the stairs to the watch tower, and call Rei’s dad, who by the way is a police officer. Only to realize that his father is…er…kinda busy with other um….”strange” transformations to the dead in which they attack you.


It continues on with Marikawa, this er…school nurse trapped in her medical room attempting to “save” these patients bitten by zombiez, beecause that’s what she thinks of course. Then, due to her stupidity, she sacrifices one of her assistants or something, and then SLASH, Busujima, the school’s kendo president saves her, using a wooden sword. (How does that even work its a wooden sword? O_o)


Furthur down the road, Takagi and Hirano barricade themselves in a room, and find a stockful of supplies that you would find in any ordinary engineer’s room.


Then while the zombies bang on the door, Hirano suddenly becomes start and makes use of his nerdy video gaming skills (I wish I could -.-) and pieces together AN  ASSAULT RIFLE (or a submachine gun, or whatever you prefer. Anyways, its a gun that shoots nails with a magazine, thus completely PWNING THE ZOMBEZ TAKE THAT WORLD.

Hirano: You mess with me, say hello to my little friend! (RAT TAT TAT)

Then Takashi and Rei find a water hose, and decide (water hose+zombies=dead zombies) Thus, they turn into fire men, and blow the brainz out of the zombies. (Zombies don’t have brains stoopid -.-)


Takagi and Hirano run away, and then are TRAPPED!!!!! Hirano fires his last magazine, and then zombiez attack Takagi. (cuz shes a helpless little girl). Then SLASH, BUSUJIMA JUMPS IN AGAIN AND KILLS THEM ALL MWAHAHAHAHA. Well actually, Takashi and Rei do some stuff to, but AHAHAHAHA SHE USES A WOODEN SWORD. -.- nvm

What, so now Busijima can use Getsuga Tenshou?

After they clean up the zombies, (I don’t get the term “clean up”. Isn’t it more messy after blood and gore fly everywhere wth?) they look up, and decide to watch the news; because they need to know the weather of course. A news reporter reports the weather, and then is ruthlessly slaughtered by the zombiez.

Hm...I dunno, maybe the rising dead?

Thus, the story ends. THE END

What a happy story.

Highschool of the Dead 1


Thusly, I triggered the zombie apocalypse.

The arguably most long-awaited show of the 2010 Summer season begins with a bang – that is, the sound of a bat swinging on a zombie’s face.

Cue OP.

"Hey, dude, is there a fly on my head? I think there's a fly on my head. Yeah, I'm trying to look at it... No, can't see it :/"

It flashes back to right before the apocalypse, where a loser guy skips out on class ’cause the girl he loves is with someone else. Cue sepia flashbacks, etc.

Komuro TAKASHI thinks about this for a while until a ZOMBIE bangs at the school door. The staff don’t know that the ZOMBIE is a ZOMBIE, so they ARM-WRESTLE it. The zombie knows that it has been defeated in the department of ARM WRESTLING, thusly it cheats and decides to feast upon said arm.


(Quotes Scamp: There are zombies. Lots of them. And not one of them made any effort to eat brains, only arms.)

The teachers soon all get infected and… well, nobody notices. Except TAKASHI.

"I could gain more figmas! *>_> face*"

He rushes through a series of corridors à la Eientei and bursts into the class that he skipped, taking the opportunity to slap Miyamoto REI for being with HISASHI, a character so obviously secondary that he doesn’t have a family name. Informing them that people have been killed, they rush out of their classroom while the teacher does absolutely nothing. Takagi SAYA, a Miku cospla- er… smart person, dyes her hair pink to avoid the resemblance to Miku and notices the conversation, as well as an obvious fat otaku, Hirano KOHTA.

The trio WEAPON GETs some broom thing and a baseball bat, while HISASHI is a BLACK BELT so he can fight with his HIDDEN STEEL BLADES EMBEDDED WITHIN HIS FOREHEAD. By that, I mean his hands.

Tall kids ran over little kids, fast kids ran over slow kids! -Dr. Seuss, posth.

A while too later, the teachers announce that everyone should evacuate. This would be pretty simple and straightforward, but he just HAS to get assassinated while talking.

KOHTA and SAYA take this chance to escape as well, following the Rules of Zombie-Apocalypse Surviving.

Kohta face - (´=ω=`)

While the trio now escape from the stampede as Japanese highschool students are that much scarier than actual zombies, they encounter their most hated-rival: THEIR LITERATURE TEACHER.

REI STABS HIM TO DEATH (cause she’s part of the “spear club”). Then he becomes a zombie and REI STABS HIM.

But the zombie doesn’t die. HISASHI decides that all the zombie needs is some love, so he hugs the zombie.

zombies out?

The zombie bites him. HISASHI IS NOW DOOMED.

They escape onto the roof where they can enjoy the view. Honestly it’s not much of  a view.

"FLIES ARE COMING OUT OF THE BUILDINGS!" "Er, Takashi, I don't think those are flies..."

Stuff happens. Zombies eat people. People commit suicide. People eat zombies. Wait, not the last one.

We are introduced to Busijima SAEKO and Marikawa SHIZUKA, the former who is an EPIC SWORDSWIELDING EPICSAUCE and the latter who is a nurse. Yeah. A nurse. :/

"I have reached enlightenme-ARGHLEBLAGLE-brains..."

The trio decide to go to the observatory where they can enjoy more scenery, and thus is the current scene with the bat swinging on a zombie’s face.

They barricade the stairs too. That wasn’t their primary intention though, as they only wanted to enjoy the scenery cause scenery is more important than escaping from a zombie apocalypse.

HISASHI then succumbs to the sickness and becomes a zombie. TAKASHI bashes his head in. REI does nothing but bitch the whole way through.


Cue ED.

Post-ED, Rei continues bitching at Takashi for murdering a zombie. Takashi decides to leave (as he’s bought the patented ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! FOR ONLY 12 PAYMENTS OF ONLY TWELVE… HUNDRED… THOUSAND… MILLION (dang Takashi is rich) AMERICAN TOONIES) and Rei comes to common sense that she can’t do anything, so they stay at the observatory until they die.

The End.


…I love it.

It’s brilliant.


There’s zombies.

Obviously that’s not all to the equation but that’s probably the only conscious factor I can think of.

Well, only conscious factor for me. There’s fanservice in HotD. And a lot of it. Perhaps it would be better known as “Fanservice of the Dead”, though that would imply… er… necrophilia :/

But yeah, they just have to include fanservice in what would have been an almost perfect anime. I’m not really against it, but it bothers me. A lot. Not enough to cut off from the brilliantness of this anime, but… eh. Some others do think it’s unnecessary, and I just hope there’s more action in the next episodes.

Not that there’s not enough action in this episode. On the contrary there was a bit too much. Nevertheless, it’s the first episode – the more action the better.

Fanservice may be my only complaint in this episode. Thus we get to hear some of Mushy’s stupid fan-analysis:

Judging by OP and ED alone, that otaku guy is going to be PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME. While the rest of the people run with, what, baseball bats, Kohta and Saya go in a FREAKING JEEP with SUBMACHINE GUNS.

Also in the OP, I don’t get how they could have acquired guns; surely not like in most zombie MMOs where you can CONVENIENTLY FIND IT UNDER A TABLE IN A RESTAURANT. It’ll probably reveal itself though; breaking into police headquarters?

I can’t judge anything yet, but this anime may dismiss food entirely as well; In a zombie apocalypse I think it’d be pretty hard to get food, fresh food that is.

As for the mechanics of being a zombie; the first episode is intentionally iffy on these sorts of aspects, as it’s a first episode and you want action, not science. It’ll probably be something stupid like “A [insert name of Science] Research Laboratory in [insert European country] recently created a cure for [insert name of lethal disease]. However, the cure was [insert name of problem], and the American police arrived to [insert name of bad solution]. Unfortunately, this spread the disease and eventually, the entire [insert name of continent] has been [insert name of bad condition].”

Oh well, we can’t judge anything in the first episode.

Aside from the fact that this is pure AWESOMENESS.