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You see a pretentious guy. You want to PUNCH HIM ON THE FACE.

Hey, everybody. This is your desperate despotic director, Mushyrulez, dictating.

Thank you, everyone, for your INTENSE cooperation in not killing me for spamming these recruiting posts around twitter ten times a day for ten days. I didn’t know that this many people actually read my blog. I suppose ‘my blog’ doesn’t work anymore, since now, we’ve grown to a BIG BLOG of one full-time blogger and three bloggers-who-will-probably-not-post-more-than-a-post-a-fortnight. So, I’m really thankful to all you readers of O-NEW (which is STILL NOT AN ANIME BLOG jeez gosh) for your NON-NEGATIVE reaction to these posts.

tl;dr: let’s let a pretentious guy make his first post. I want to PUNCH HIM ON THE FACE.

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