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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Remember when Whiners.pro commented on my horrible poetry? Don’t worry, I’m not going to torture you guys with any more of that. Instead, have something worse: pretentious poetic ‘analysis’. It’s analysis in the loosest sense since it’s more an exercise of elongation (an exercise beneficial to many organs, specifically that of the e-peen). Here, I’ll spoil you in advance: all I talk about in this essay is that people feel differently about poetry when they’re angry or sad. Or happy. Or dead. Or mushyrulez. Or mushysuckz. Hey, it’s I Say (read: essay) Wednesday, if az can post a bad school essay I’m entitled to post a bad school essay too

These bad essays have gone moldy»

Project [Completed]


A bunch of things are happening today, actually.

For one, my (cough one day cough THREE MONTH LONG) project’s finished.

Doesn’t it look pretty?»

Life, for the Sake of Lateness


Time restrictions imposed on computer by myself so that I won’t continue procrastinating on the project. Due at 7:00 Wednesday, and I’m finished 25% (which is 25% more than what I had done this morning). Why did I even make my new (vectorized, ooh) avatar anyways?

Oh boy… (no more posts from now until this project’s finished, so that’s two days of posts rewritten, plus the other post on Sunday or something, mmk?)

Stress and Such

I have a project due on Tuesday that I haven’t started.

It was assigned before Winter Break.

=3= wish me luck?

Questions and Answers»

Rant on my history class

I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m actually really mad. The only reason I’m crying is because everybody takes me as a little boy, nobody would expect me to be mad. Also, if I did show I was mad, my teacher would probably destroy me. I’m mad because everybody takes my work as a joke, none of it is being taken seriously. I can’t do anything my own way (not even my writing), everything has to be done my teacher’s way. My teacher’s way is fu**ing stupid. She wants me to study every single extra minute I have. Polly, I have a life y’know! And because I study so much, I’m supposed to be able to write it out on a piece of paper word for word. That’s bullsh**. It’s completely against what the program at my school teaches. And because I don’t do everything exactly her way, I get treated like the losers who don’t study at all.

I do study.

I have a typed document of every thing we’ve learnt so far, every day I read that document. I’ve even recorded myself reading it so that I can hear it where ever I go. Also, in class, I copy out the full document, word for word with a pencil to memorize it.

Is that enough?

Because if it isn’t, tell me what is.

O-NEB 1: The Worm Book

[Mushyhijack: This is a O-NEB; “O-New’s Endorsed Books”. I made that up on the spot so it sucks. WHATEVER.]

The Worm Book

A worm flashes across the title page. It automatically lures you towards the book. You read the authors’ names: Janet and Allan Ahlberg. You decide that you have to read this book, as both the authors’ last names begin with an “A”. A must stand for Awesome. You have no choice. You are under the spell of The Worm Book, ever since you first saw the cover.

The Worm Book is an incredibly complex book; I mean, just getting the first page open is hard. To help you, I have compiled a complicated, step-by-step walkthrough on how to get the book open.

1. The first thing you needto do is make sure you are not in a warm area. Learn that the book is made out of paper, and that if it gets too hot, the book might spontaneously combust. Remember, Safety First. Smokey the Bear says: Only you can prevent forest fires.

2.  Continuing with the theme of safety, take some gloves and put them on. After that, slowly extend your arm towards the book, making sure you don’t touch the edge of the paper. Doing so could prove fatal; do you know how many people die from paper cuts each year!?! You could BLEED to DEATH!

Moving on, to the subject of the book. Covering a variety of topics, The Worm Book is mostly fictional. However, each page provides so much humour, that it doesn’t matter. Quoting from the book, “All good worms have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Worms with two beginnings, a middle and no end are apt to injure themselves. Worms with no beginning, one middle and two ends get bored.” The book moves from topic to topic each time you flip the page, you will experience great wars all over again, explore new lands and even see the Bertram Worm Circus live!

This book is terrific. Its 118.4 centimeterscubed of paper will keep you glued to the page. It is at the kindergarten vocabulary level. The Worm Book is an epic book. You have to read it.

An Organizational Voyage 10

…Welp. This hasn’t been posted for a long time…

Alright. Just several miscellaneous stuff:

Firstly, that acronym for videos and such is now “V-NEW”. You’d expect it to be something like “Videos Nerfed (by) Electronic Webloggers”, but it’s actually “Videos Noone Ever Watches” :/

Secondly, I’mma start up updates to the site design (YES IT IS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL TIMES NEW ROMAN), and won’t make individual system posts. Mainly just moving things ’round; I’ll add updates if there are only at the beginning of each post.

Thirdly, school still isn’t over for me, so I’ve still got stuff to do. Derp de derp.

Finally, I’ll be compiling the Summer ’10 anilist… soon.

Videos, then:

^ YUKARI IS STILL ALIVE AT THE END nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11077469

^ I’d stop vid-ing music but this is just too beautiful~

Recruiting 2

Well, I’ve recruited someone… yay!

It was really really hard to choose who to pick, because there were just SO MANY applications…

It took FOREVER even just to LOOK at every single one of them…!

…Er, actually there were only 2 applications :X

Anyways, the new poster is someone I know from real life, so I dunno what to call him on the interwebz (this is why people should just use one username for everything >:O)…

…I guess he’ll write his introductions, hopefully on time and all that.

In the meantime, I’ll be spending all my time focusing on my final project and chinese exam (#SuicideSaturday); hopefully I’ll be back next Sunday, at the latest…

I’ll have some aniposts out after Tuesday though :D (hopefully)…

In a side note, this is officially my 100th post (not counting system posts, it’d be something like 105 if you counted them though :/)…!

So I guess I’m leaving with a bang.


^ Arrange of Deaf to all but the song; it’s much slower :D

^ オリエンタルダークフライト remix…? Gets sorta repetitive after a while but still interesting…!

An Organizational Voyage 9

…6 hours.

…224 subscriptions.

…One excel file.

Basically, for my blogroll, I’m only going to put up the sites I’ve O-REW’d. Thus, I’ve put the other sites in an Excel file and will take them out after they’re OREW-D… that way, I can make adding links much less of a pain >_>

…Er, I don’t have much to say now… I don’t have any links either as I haven’t been active in basically anything…

Oh yes. My dad went to China for a business trip, which should’ve meant computer tiem + 1 hour for me, but unfortunately my mom’s taking a vacation during the same week. :<

Thankfully that means I’ll actually work on my project that’s due on Tuesday that I haven’t started yet.



…So, I created a radio advertisement for school…

Here they are (argh who knew how difficult exporting and writing lyrics were >_>)

(These aren’t viruses, btw)

(obvious parody of Superstore get)




Have you thought vegetables costed too much? Or wanted to shop at other places?
Luckily for you, there’s a solution, at the Real Canadian Shroomperstore!
We sell mushrooms, ninety-nine cents per pound! Computers, thirty-six dollars a pound!
We sell anything and everything, come to the Real Canadian Shroomperstore!

Oh ffffffffffffff-

…Let’s just say three days without doing homework (it’s the long weekend) has really had some.. negative impacts on me.

Time to cut my internet connection. :/



^ Oh yay pacman


^ Oh yay more pacman but this time it’s an insult


^ Oh yay money


^ Oh yay ice aircraft carriers wait what

My Work

This didn’t really happen; but the amount of work is much more ;-;

Failure at drawing

Angry Rant

It’s been half a decade.

Half a decade since that weird, shiny, glowing box first came into my life.

5 years since I first learned how to “surf” the “Internet”.

115 weeks since I first played a “flash” game.

1800 days since my life started to collapse.

I’ll start with one, very simple statement: I hate my life.

It’s boring. It’s filled with work. It’s monotonous.

That I can deal with. Monotony is easy. Work is easy.

The straw that happened to crush my life was built. Slowly accumulated through the ages. I’m always hiding something from someone. Even as I write this rant (in school, it’s a wonder I’m not caught), I’m also perpetually blocking the sheet of paper out of view from everyone. I can’t tell things to my “friends”, I can’t tell things to my family, I can’t tell things to the Internet. It’s like a satellite in geosynchronous orbit; only one side ever faces each observer. And then, you still never know what’s inside, even if you circle the satellite once.

First of all, school.

I don’t hate school. I like school. I like schoolwork.

I used to hate it; 16 hour days just didn’t cut it for me (I wasn’t in high school yet). Work work work. Reflections. Notes notes notes. Reflections. Create create present. Reflections.

Ah, I remember the good old days with mind-boggling clarity. I didn’t hand in half of my assignments, was always late for class, and skimmed through the grades. And I still somehow got the “Award for Academic Achievement” for three straight years at the end (my teachers really suck at actually critiquing who’s the actual smart person). My parents always forced me to work work work, and I still didn’t complete everything correctly.

Now what?

I like school now, don’t I? What’s the problem?

Well, now, my parents are discouraging me from schoolwork. It’s fun, goddamn it, don’t you know the meaning of the word?! “Look at the other children” they would say, “they’re all playing with their friends, why don’t you go hang out at some person’s house?”

And do what? Play mindless video games on a console too expensive for me to own? Admire the endless rows of trophies each person has received? Get a ball kicked/thrown straight into my face, 5 times in a row? Yeah, guess what, that isn’t really “fun”.

Also, I don’t really have any “real” friends. Sure, they’re all friendly and stuff, and I return the favour, etc. etc., but does any one of them know what is actually going on inside my head? I’m probably more friends with internet people than them. It’s sad, I know; I have no real social life. But what is the definition of real anyways?

Is the definition of a real social life friends that you can see? People that live near you?

Language was invented for a reason; to convey messages. Read a novel; the people described in the novel aren’t your next-door neighbours, are they? But still, their feelings/actions/emotions/clothes that they’re wearing are conveyed directly to you. Talking with a person living somewhere in China is the same as talking to someone living next door. It’s talking. There is no real and fake; the person on the other end just has to be a human.

Anyways, so my parents basically stopped letting me do my schoolwork, just as it was actually getting /fun/. And what do they tell me to do now?
“Sign up for Skating lessons! Look at how good Yhsum is at Swimming! Sign up for that too! And Tennis! And Chess! And sharpening pencils manually using a kitchen knife because we have money to spare!”

….Yeah, too bad. Is skating really useful in life? Do you seriously need to learn skating to be able to become successful in life? Also, why would anyone even need a tennis coach? Did the first tennis coach have a coach? No. Then how’d he get so good? There’s something called learning by yourself; go look it up.

Also, just because Yhsum is so epically good at all these, does that mean I have to be of equal or greater skill level? Life isn’t a coupon exchange; firstly, I don’t need to be better than Yhsum, and secondly, none of those are necessaries to life. On the other hand, learning is. OH MY GOD REALIZATION MUCH?

Did I mention that I’m already signed up for some horrible lessons? One is Chinese, the infamous reason for my #SuicideSaturdays. You basically pay $600 a year (“because we have money to spare!”) so that the teacher can give you 3 $10 textbooks and teach you how to read them. For 2.5 hours.

How does this go?

Teacher: Hand in your homework!

[hands in homework]

[teacher writes a B on homework without reading]

Teacher: Read your books.

[read books]

Teacher: Alright, end of class.

..Do I really need to pay for that? Oh, I might be getting a bit exaggerated here. The teachers actually do some work. They create tests. Basically, they tell you to memorize every single lesson ever taught since you were in Kindergarten, write them down, and automatically give you a score between 0 and 80 percent based on how neat your writing is.

That’s not all. The teachers are just lazy, but the classmates are even worse. Everyone, with the exception of several awesome people, are either spoiled brats, extremely perverted (though not to the point of drawing certain images on danbooru), or genius brats. Meaning, super smart 4 year olds who don’t know how to walk without tripping over themselves, but can still get straight As. Did I mention those are the only people who ever get As?

Next activity: Music.

Same as homework: Me hate, mom forces. Me like, mom destroys.

At the start, I hated playing piano. Maybe it was the teacher. Maybe it was my mom. Or maybe, it was just me. It probably was. I must have been so stupid not to balance 7 pennies on one hand while drumming out one of Czerny’s etudes (did I mention I have 200 of these?) or to not be able to fit a mango under my hand (mind you, I was 7 then). Obviously, such stupid mistakes must be punished by my extremely caring mother: Iron clotheshangers and a needle were the ingredients to her therapy. Plural on the clotheshangers, as sometimes, they broke while swung at me. Piano was stupid; I practiced 4 hours a day, of which 3 hours and 50 minutes were Hanon’s (fuck you, Hanon), and 10 minutes were pieces that I had to memorize, one piece  a week.

And then I started liking it. I /enjoyed/ playing piano. It wasn’t torture anymore; it was a hobby.

Obviously, my mom turned from stabbing me to “OH GAWD YOUR PLAYING SOUNDS LIKE A WET SNAKE HITTING A MANGO ONTO A BROKEN DRUM”. She then banned me from playing piano because it was too noisy. I passed the exam with the same pieces with 80%. She then blamed me for my low mark because of lack of practice.

Oh, and for the first time, I could actually play piano /pieces/, not etudes. Sure, you might say repetitive 5 note melodies count as masterpieces, but in my opinion, they weren’t. Czerny went from repeated scales to actual, challenging melodies. It was fun. Also, I learned how to improvise and play several anime/game songs. Obviously, these were “noisy”, and so my mom would attack me with more clotheshangers (I have no idea why we never run out of them) whenever I play one. See, here’s one reason why I hide things from a certain party (in this case, my parents).

Finally, right now, she’s considering dropping my piano lessons. Why? Because it’s a waste of money. Oh, and obviously spending $600 on a useless waste of time isn’t. And learning how to skate isn’t either, because you’ll totally need to learn how to skate really fast to escape from an army of frantic Hungarians, if you happen to be teleported to the past when they had no arrows, had a pair of skates on, and were on a solidly frozen lake. On a side note, teleported isn’t in the dictionary.

Oh, my mom can’t get all the blame. I blame the world’s society for this.

We changed piano-playing from a pastime into a competition. I can’t talk to 10 people about piano without 11 saying “LAWL I PASSED 12 EXAMS”. That means you failed one, dumbass. Anyways, you don’t compare piano as a pastime anymore, it’s  acompetition. Sure, this is nice and all, but we’re not competing even for skill anymore. We’re competing to see whose parents has more money to afford exams. We’re competing for competitions. What that doesn’t make sense? Exactly.

Adding on to this, music theory is also another part of music. It was interesting, learning new concepts… until my teacher gave me 30 exams to complete. Mind you, each one takes 3 hours. What’s more, she defied everything explained in the official textbook with cheats for exams (not actual cheats, but minimize work cheats). At the end, I passed with 87%, an A. I didn’t learn anything.

Now it’s History I have to learn. Apparently, as long as the answer appears on the textbook, it’s correct. Fun fact: Haydn composed 106 sonatas. According to my teacher, that’s incorrect. Why? Because obviously, the textbook says so. Who cares about what the fucking textbook says? Here are the facts, this is the truth; if you can’t accept it, go rot in a well off the coast of Finland.

Civilization as a whole has evolved to a point where everything revolves around competition, marks, tests, exams, and the like. Actual comparison of skill and knowledge is a thing of the past.

Which brings me to yet another point, the topic of Kongregate badges.

Fuck them.

They’ve leeched at least 300 (SPARTA) hours out of my life now. I want to stop; I can’t. They already have Achievement Addicts Anonymous, but that isn’t gonna help me.

These badges are too damn addictive. What’s more, competition in Kong is all about who has more points; people stop playing a game right after they get the badge. N00bz adjust their rating based on badges: “0/5 awesome game but needs badges” consists of 98% of comments on Kong (the other 2% is spam). Yeah, games with higher rating get a higher chance to get badges; obviously, voting 0/5 (which you can’t, it goes on a 1-5 scale) will help it get badges a lot.

And speaking of comments, the world is full of spammers. Full of raters who think their opinion is valued over everyone else’s. Scroll down 30 comments in Kong, you’ll find 31 have a rating in them. Also, 31 of those commentors are under 13 years old. COPPA, folks.

Yep, COPPA. That dreaded demon of a law that apparently forbids underage children from participating in online activities. Thing is, it doesn’t help at all; people over 13 are over 13, yay, and people under 13 don’t know what that shiny checkbox means when it says “I am over 13, and I am smart as well”. Stupid people don’t understand what that checkbox means either. Then, suddenly, some 12 year old gets the urge to spam in Kong chat “I AM TWELVE YEARS OLD YOU ARE ALL N00BS HAHAHAHAHA”, and get insta-banned by the admins. All while 11 year olds are watching in fear of the day when they will suffer the pain of being banned. If those 11 and 12 year olds survive long enough to reach 13, they’ll obviously tell everyone in chat that; thus destroying the point of COPPA, to protect children’s privacy. As soon as they turn 13, everyone knows. Before that, nobody cares. If they didn’t have COPPA, most people wouldn’t even tell everyone their age, but because of it, everyone wants to after they turn legal.

Back to the previous topic, badges and addictiveness.

I just can’t drop something after I begin it; it took me two weeks to stop dreaming about Dream World and how a scoped vindicator graviton discharger of speed + 3 will eventually appear in the shop. This means that I have a massive amount of things to complete on the internet every single day.

Which makes me have almost no time for actual gaming at all. I go home. I finish my dailies (150 new posts in google reader, 15 new chess games, 20000 more tweets, 100 new forum posts, 20 more other forum posts, 500 more other forum posts, 10 more youtube videos, and 50 more games). After this, I have no more time for actually playing a game for the game, not the card, not the alpha, not to test it, not for the badge, not because it’s daily, not for the achievements, not because the developer wanted me to review it, not because a friend recommended it, not because there’s an once-in-a-lifetime event occuring, but for the game itself. Curse you MotK and your active userbase. <3 Gensokyo.org~

But I should still have so much time! Wrong. My parents have no idea what I’m doing on the internet, and thus disallow me to do whatever they think isn’t homework (which they don’t let me do anyways), or helping them type something up. I go by the old rule, ignorance is bliss, so I keep what I do a secret. This has put a ton of pressure on me over the ages; those 2 hours between end of school and mom coming home from work is always a mystery to my parents, as apparently, nothing happens then.

And now, my mom has a financial exam; my total computer time, including homework, has shrunk to 2 hours. It takes me 3 hours to finish my dailies.

My other family members are also annoying. My cousin can scream at at least 18,000 cycles a second at a frequency of once every half hour. The length of his scream is half an hour. His mom is his /slave/. I feel really sorry for my aunt.

Oh, and he cries if you throw some grass at him (at 18,000 hertz), and the wind blows the grass away. Even if you could sense something as minute as grass touching your fucking shirt, IT DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH YOUR SHIRT. Oh, then he tells his mom that I hit him with a lawnmower or something. Obviously, cause there’s no injury on him. I really just want to shove him inside that well off the coast of Finland with the rest of those people I told to go into the well.

My brother isn’t as annoying; he just punches and kicks me every single day. A lot. Thanks to him, I now have an iron head and light-speed defense skills. But before that happened, it fucking hurt. Thankfully, my brother is one of the few people I actually trust, introducing me to flash and gaming. I suppose that’s a bad thing, as because of him, my life is destroyed.

Also, my peers. I’m tired of having someone two year younger than me beat me at chess, homework, tennis, basketball, math, soccer, science, running, projects, socials… and then tell me that every sfive minutes. Oh, he can also takeback his moves in chess.

Not that I’m referring to anyone specific here. Also, facewashing + pen-stabbing my face and ribs, respectively, is a do not want. I really want to spaz out and attack some annoying people, but I won’t do that for another 5 years. I need to hold back my anger.

Finally, I hate my pencil sharpener and how a 10 cm pencil can magically become 1 cm in 3 seconds. This should release massive amounts of energy because of E=mc2, but it doesn’t, which makes me even angrier.

And now, my internet connection is fucking up. I hate how all the computers I have ever used in my life are shared. I hate how my parents stop me from looking at anything that isn’t pure white with black text. And to add on to that, I thus hate those forums (you know which I’m talking about) without a change skin option that uses pure black with white text. What does that even do? It’s unattractive. The text is unreadable. The contrast sucks. You can’t read it at school, at home, or at work without people asking you “Wth are you looking at?” It doesn’t even save energy, for I think the cathode rays emit equal amounts of light regardless of the actual colour. Also, it doesn’t seem professional at all. It just seems like one of those amateur freewebs sites that detail how good Yhsum is at math, and how we all suck at it.

Oh, freewebs. Remind me to make you go bankrupt when I have the power. Not only do you provide a horrible WSIWYG editor, but the skins suck, your websites are all amateur, n00bish creations with a repetitive background obviously copypasted with the wrong software.

The same things applies to youtube and twitter. I’ve seen hundreds of youtube channels/twitter backgrounds that consist of the same image being repeated several hundred times on one page. Not only is it unattractive and annoying, but it also must have used up a lot of your time to find the image. Spend some time. Get a good image. Upload it, make it full size. Or just stick with the default if you’re lazy.

Ah, twitter. The newest form of sucking away my life, slowly. Vampires don’t twitter. They bite.

Around 80% of my tweets consist of announcing I have posted a new post or “g’night” and “g’day”s. Before, I thought twitter was useless. Then, I found it fun and interesting. I’m beginning to think it’s useless again; doesn’t this remind you of ternary form? Even if it was rounded binary, it still ends on the A section.

My life started with me knowing nothing. Right now, I know too much. Will it end with me knowing nothing as well?

No, it will not. I’m not one of Beethoven’s sonatas, and I don’t plan to become one in the near future.

I hate my life. But I won’t change it.


Because this is my life. And I love it.

R.A.N.D.O.M.ized Failure

B: O

I: O

S: M

O: O

N: M

…translation: I’m failing.

The blog links are halfway done (or rather, quarter-way), and I’ve just left them there to take care of later.

I’m posting a minute before the deadline of the post.

I have at least 10 tabs in my “Reopen Later” list, and I still haven’t watched the FGS and GDC recordings.

I’m a month behind in schoolwork. I haven’t done any math for 3 months.

I have two big out-of-school exams in May. I haven’t started studying for them.

And my desk is.. messy.

To add to this, I’ve become addicted to Heroes of Gaia, I’m still playing Mabinogi, and I want to start 12.5 (but I can’t).

And, a project I haven’t started on is due in the next month.

Finally, my mom is pretty darn angry at me for wasting my time making this post. Thankfully, she doesn’t know this is a blog. Just looked at the “I’m a month behind in schoolwork” part, which made her pretty mad :P

Anyways, links for today (minimal):


^ Apple removes 5000 apps… Controversial decisions are controversial, but still… this is a bit stupid… (/possibly/ NSFW)


^ Some things about the American health care thingy…. but who cares, it’s American, not CANADIAN!


^ That broadband thingy…. It’s politics day, apparently. >_<

Wasting Time

…So, what was that filler post all about?
Basically, yesterday, my family and I decided to go and see the Olympic… stuff happening. This by itself is obviously /awesome/; however, the problem was, that we would have to stay at the library (which was where I was) for another 5 hours to conserve a bus ticket. At the time, this idea seemed pretty good; after all, I could work for a longer period of time at the library, right?
…This was proven completely wrong.
The thing is, I’ve never really stayed working at someplace for… 9 hours at a time (with a one hour break for lunch). So I didn’t really know that I had a limit; all other times when I’ve been working, I could focus until I completed my objective.
…Staying up till 1:00 for 13 consecutive days did not help this (keep in mind, my normal sleeping time is 10:00).
So, at the end, I half-read a book, half-slept for 5 hours while doing nothing at all (I also didn’t bring lined paper to write on). This was entirely to blame on myself for being unprepared. However, after that, we went to see the Olympic stuff. It was fun, obviously, but I felt that we had wasted a bit too long just seeing the laz0rz (yes, we were looking at laz0rz). By the time we got home, it was already 10:00. I had not eaten dinner. I had another 2 pages of questions to complete. And I had to search up the definitions of 50 words.
Anyways, that’s out of the way. For the twitter client thing, I’ve noticed that Chromed Bird has an API thing; apparently, this is the amount of times it refreshes per second. If it goes over 150, it apparently crashes and restarts; this has happened to me, just several hours before. Right now, I’ve adjusted mine to 66. Hopefully, this will result in no more crashes while updating at a reasonable pace.
And yeah, it’s pretty late now. Anyways, here are the links for today and yesterday;
^ Hot dogs cause choking. Yeah, this was discussed somewhat yesterday on twitter, it was also on the news… so I’m sorta late on this. Whatever. They’re probably gonna ban water soon enough for presenting a “drowning hazard” to “young children who cannot swim”. Oh yeah, young children actually /can/ swim, it’s their inner instinct.
^ Soda boxes made into the shape of the Olympic Rings. Pretty epic, if you ask me.
^ People who apply for programming can’t program. Wow, big surprise there -_- There are a series of links on the page too; I won’t bother linking all of them, but definitely do read them.
^ Michael’s in the process of creating a new tutorial! He’s even on adobe’s website now… check it out when you have the time…!

…and off to sleep. :D


Yep, it’s SuicideSaturday…

And it’s 10:33, and I don’t have a post. I want to sleep before midnight today :P

So, why is it SuicideSaturday?

…Basically, extra-curricular work today is keeping me down. Instead of spreading my classes between days, as most people would, I chose to cram it all into one single day; in this case, it’s Saturday. Yeah, that’s not very stressing in and by itself; however, the stressing part is that I never do any work on any of the classes /until/ Saturday. Which is completely my fault, but I still do it every week… so there you go. No, I won’t actually commit suicide, because I’m too busy to. If I commit suicide, how will I finish my homework…? XP

So, basically no post-content; however, I have hit across many links over the course of the day:

(Thanks for helping me with recovering these, people who did; I hate you, windows clipboard >:O)

^ Keep this on, it adds a… rainy mood :P Relaxing at times. Here‘s an excellent way someone put it in action…
^ I is broke, but I definitely need this XP
^ Michael has made a new post… it doesn’t really have a lot of content, and I’m pretty sure no Italians are reading this right now, but… WHATEVER! :D
^ OK, this was also too long for me to read; but interesting article on how to destroy the world… >:D


^ Google continues its takeover of the world! Yay! Soon enough, it will be able to implement things from the article above this…! >:D

^ Some chess-playing people spam other people. For some reason, their stories seem very similar to my life… and I’m already starting the spam -_-

Yep, that’s all for today. I have some content for tomorrow; however, g’night folks for now…!


…Yayz, today is #FantasyFriday (and to a smaller scale, #FollowFriday)… however, that also means tomorrow is #SuicideSaturday. No, that is not an actual tag. Or, a tag that is used by someone other than me.

I’ve found out that my project is now due next next Thursday; two days before Spring Break. Yay for procrastination and extending due dates.

Regarding the survey-thing yesterday; as the people who visited were mostly elementary students, I got a lot more experimentees from younger ages (to be exact, 7 people between the ages of 9 and 11). Some parents came too, so I also got more older experimentees; 9 between the ages of 35 and 55. Hopefully, this will help me localize my results before I present to two other classes; then again, I don’t have any immediate strong motivation to continue with my schoolwork… -_- For the survey, please sign up by emailing me at mushy.1337@yahoo.ca, mushyrulez@gmail.com, leaving me a note on my twitter (it’s pretty obvious what it is), or posting a comment below with your email, gender and age range.

Anyways, in other news, I’ve decided (through a lot of boredom) a system on how organized I am! …Since I love acronyms and the such, I’ve decided to name this system “R.A.N.D.O.M.” The letters, individually, stand for a group of words:

  • M stands for Massive Failure, because I couldn’t think of anything with Fail that began with M. (Mail Fission’d is too confusing)
  • O stands for On the Edge. Yes, I realize this is 3 words.
  • D stands for Dealing with it. This is, by far, my lamest acronym ever. I don’t need to know how bad it is, I can already tell.
  • N stands for Normal, because it’s normal and such.
  • A stands for Automated; basically, I usually have many things automated, where I can just click a single button (e.g. the restore session) to open up all of my “daily” items. This was where I was at before I started subscribing to 40 blogs -_-
  • R stands for Really Good. This is also Really Lame. T_T

…I’m be thinking of another acronym to determine which areas I apply R.A.N.D.O.M. in: right now, I’m at M, for pretty obvious reasons.

Tomorrow’s prolly gonna be another tiny post; so I’ll post down my Plan of Action for next week right now:

  • Create an About, Contact, and Links page.
  • Get up to A for… my internet stuff. Basically, I can’t really manage everything after just getting google reader and chrome. Also, looking for better twitter client than web.
  • Finish my project. Yes, this is impossible. Hooray for me.

Finally, the links for today and such…

^ Long article about the future of the internet. Long story short, it’s basically a discussion about whether the growth of technology, specifically the internet, will decrease our intelligence. Read through the /whole/ article; it’s actually quite interesting.
^ hahaha, pretty old article. However, I was just informed about this from my teacher; the term “politically correct” will be deemed politically incorrect soon enough…! D:
^ Not only does it shorten the URL, it also makes it suspicious! …basically, a useless tool that’s great for telling people not to click your link. I don’t get what the point of that is, but it does provide a few laughs…!
^ …I didn’t actually watch the whole thing; heck, I didn’t even watch the first minute…! But if you have the time, this seems quite interesting. Tell me what it’s about too -_-

No Actual Content Yet

:@ …I’m stuck between a rock, a hard place, some spikes, and poison-covered candy.

…So, it happens that I now have another, completely unrelated project also due this week, in addition to my survey-project. That’d be the rock.

…The hard place is that I still have my normal load of homework, which is a lot of homework. I can’t really balance both of those.

…Then, I have a couple of spikes; my extra-curricular work is also starting to weigh in on me; a 10-page Chinese essay does put some stress on you… -_-

…And then the poison-covered candy: obviously, that’d be t3h interwebz. The funny thing is, I’m actually starting to get stressed on surfing the internet too; I recently subscribed to 40 blogs (that I actually read), made this blog (that isn’t actually a blog), got an account on twitter (but don’t really tweet), as well as organized many stupid things, including the downloading of Chrome and deletion of Firefox history (manually, cause this is a shared computer), the re-start of my scrapped flash game, and completely reorganizing my 9.38 GB folder of files…

…Basically, I have only 3 options left for me to pass the time, organized by my preference;

1. …Continue doing what I’m doing right now. That is to say, continue procrastinating… If I stop all organization of random stuff, I should be able to barely get an acceptable project for school.

2. Focus all on homework. …This means that I probably won’t do any internet stuff for the week; however, it guarantees an awesome project.

3. Focus all on organization. This will be best in the long run (meaning, this will be best after a couple of days), cause it means I won’t have to trip over my stuff every single day… however, in the short term, it’s just a waste of time (yes, this includes cleaning my room ’cause I can either have everything organized or nothing organized)…

Funny thing is, no matter the option, it still means no content for this “blog” at all.

Anyways, share your thoughts and stuff; I know you won’t, because this blog sucks, but… meh, it was worth a try.

Oh yes, and for some actual interesting stuff after reading that (if you bothered to):


^ supposed to be some sort of shmup game; I haven’t tried it, as I’m fogged with other stuff; and, it won’t load. But apparently, it’s supposed to be pretty good.. :/

Holy crap, edit: The flash does work now! Trying it out now, even though it’s 11:22 and I’m already halfway asleep :/


^ interesting article… it sorta shocks me how… illogical… people can be. No offense, but I sorta doubt that most “Christians” actually follow the bible… as a whole (yes, I’m being stereotypical here…) they’re the largest hypocrites on the planet. But please don’t take any offense…


^ funny thing is, after going through several.. not-as-high-quality Kongregate games, I’ve realized that almost all the lower-rated (e.g. <2.50) are all copies. I’ve seen literally, hundreds of snake clones now; it’s amazing people can still upload them without having an overlap of names… however, I have seen enough “Awesome snake 1.0” and “cool snake 2.5″s to make me doubt it… eventually, it’ll go to something like “awesome cool nice super Mushyrulez’s fun snake 1.5738R5” because there’s already 5 “awesome cool nice super Mushyrulez’s fun snake 1.57382″‘s….!

Yep, that’s all for today… wow, I actually posted something people might like to read -_-