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What are Little Women Made Of?

Before you accuse me of depraved intentions, no, this is not a post dissecting the many features of the female form. Instead, it is a post about Hourou Musuko, femininity, masculinity, and gender roles in a society where a boy is not a boy and a girl is not a girl. Except when they are, of course. Now, you know that I can’t tackle serious issues like this, so I hope you guys will comment and actually discuss, y’know, real stuff, and not the shit I put into my posts. My newfound popularity (?) after a spectacular loss to Shameful Otaku Secret ought to promote this discussion. OUGHT TO.

That boy is actually SPINACH»

Hourou Musuko and Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica 11

[Announcement: HOLY SHIT, LOOK AT HOW MANY VIEWS I SUDDENLY GOT. I think for some reason our YuChoy’s Pedo Bear post, which was actually just an image, which was actually /ripped/ off of someone else (I don’t condone this), got to the top of Google’s Image Search, and a swarm of ‘pedo bear’ searching people decided to click on it. A LOT. It’s like, holy shit what?]

Eh, since they were both so recently released, I figured I would write about both of them in this post.

More Homumoe~»

Hourou Musuko Half Season Review [Completed]

Long-term incest?

First anime done!»

For You (TV Size) Transcription

Well. That took a long time! Notice how the URL insinuates that I wrote this post on March 27th, 2011. This is in fact untrue – I wrote this post on May 2nd, 2012, exactly a year and a month and a week minus two days after this post’s purported post date.

Why did I choose to post it now? Well, if you’ll remember (you won’t), this week is HST Week, the week during Spring Break last year (2011) where I decided to only write Half Season Reviews and transcriptions/compositions for an entire week. Obviously, it didn’t work, which is why I’ve only written this post now. It’s oddly fitting how almost exactly a year and a month has passed, isn’t it? And my birthday is today…

It’s just for me!»

Hourou Musuko 6

HST Week’s finally over~!

Yes, yes it is»

Hourou Musuko 5

I’m… not sure I understand»

Hourou Musuko 4

Anna reads Shuuichi’s crossdressing play, and he cries because he didn’t want anyone else to see the disturbing things he put in it. It’s not the Queen Berry, why would people commit suicide»

Hourou Musuko 3

See, it is a status symbol! And this isn’t even out of context…

I’m not talking about treasure chests»

Hourou Musuko 2

They went that far…?

Hey, I’ll be adding the third episode soon, so not much of anything besides plot.

Just a summary»

2010 Winter Anime First Impressions

This is me and my brother, IRL.

Chinese racism aside, it’s time to move to yet another season~! (Not that I’ve completed the previous season, derp)

Learn how KoreZombie sucks»

Hourou Musuko 1

At first, I thought this show wouldn’t be violent but I guess it’s actually about a gang war in a middle school. Look at how gang-like everybody’s dressed.

First, you guys’re probably like ‘what, why’re you blogging two series at once? Don’t you have enough on your hands?’

I don’t have time»