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Jormungand 9

This is, unfortunately, the only beach scene picture that I’m willing to put in this post»

Jormungand 8

Cute armed men doing cute armed things»

Jormungand 7

It really gets better every episode»

Jormungand 6

We are a killing team»

Jormungand 5

Oh wow. I don’t remember ever crying during Black Lagoon. This episode was a real tear jerker for me, seeing how tragic Jonah’s story is.


Jormungand 4

I like this show well enough, but the fighting was a bit retarded. It was probably the same in Black Lagoon, though.

Jormungand 5 will be a better post.

Jormungand 3

I really liked this episode, and although by the second episode I had doubts as to how this will go, this episode really renewed my faith in this show. (Just to clarify, Episode 2 actually made my rating drop to 6/10, even though it doesn’t say so in the post)