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Swimming Picture Dump 5

IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! no wait its just a person jumping

Fat kid in lane 2 WHICH IS REALLY Cirno in realistic human form with gender change


I used to have those pink goggles. Then they broke.

HA my armspan is longer than my height, take that physics!


Moar fly. no clue why they called it that though

why doesnt the metal on the blocks rust?

That’s the div 4 kigoo provincial team.

:) Awesome vandalism

Swimming Picture Dump 4

Peek-a-boo! No, jk. He’s anti-social.

Us Kigoos are pro’s at skipping. Also, notice how we’re all wearing crocs.

Epic dive

Blastoise! I choose you!

Tired person after race.

We’re all running off to do cheers.


Dum dum dum dum.

There tends to be a lot of waiting in between races, some parents make their kids to Kumon

Concentration is key in a race

Swimming Picture Dump 3

FLIP Turn.

Moar intense breastroking.

Typical warm-up, just dives and turns

Random photo, don’t ask

Get ready

for a  relay takeover

Now jump!

And dive!

While getting into a streamline

He’s got muscles, man.

Swimming Picture Dump 2

I pushed my friend into the water, ironically, it said “Instant Swimmer, just add water” on the back of his shirt.

Intense concentration before races, in other words, lying around and annoying other swimmers

Epic breastroking

The guy in lane 4 [Red and Blue swim suit] has the best dive overall. Also, a timer appears to be drinking coffee on the sidelines.

Me and my friend started drawing mascots for all of the team, that was our mascot.

Some of us just don’t like pictures of them

Hi mom, I see you on the bleachers watching my race!

McDonalds? Tsk, tsk.

Asian pose with a random swimmer sticking out his tongue in the middle

Team logo

Swimming Picture Dump 1

Alright, picture dump! There are 50 photo’s in total, each post will have 10 of them. The pictures where you can see people’s faces clearly may be removed in the future depending on certain individual’s preferences. Anyways, enjoy!


Originally, when we arrived at our hotel for Provincials, “Kigoos” wasn’t on the board. What did we do? We took a marker and wrote our team name.

In previous years, our provincial shirt was a spoof of something, last year it was “got water?”. I guess this year we didn’t have any ideas cause it was just a plain, boring shirt.

At night in Kamloops, BC. The lights are really pretty.

Kamloops, dun dun dun. The tournament capital.

Swimmers do have lives, we play all the time.

Again, a swimmer on swings.

The program for the meet, it’s really durable, unlike other programs. It did cost 8 dollars though D:

Our relay won a bronze medal!

We’re the Kigoos, I think we did pretty well