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ST&RS 29

TWIST ENDING: I’m not saying it was aliens, but ALIENS

This cliffhanger is like a double-crossing cheat begging for one more chance after casting aside all your wishes, hopes, dreams, and desires, crying, “Just wait! You have to see this!” at the feet of its disgusted yet poisoned patrons—poisoned by the sin of curiosity, overwhelming all logic and reason by wonder at this final twist of twists, turn of turns:

just how moe will this alien be

P.S. For those who aren’t reading ST&RS: you’re missing nothing. It’s a manga about some teenagers who want to go into space. Originally, I thought there’d be tons of cool futuristic hard science space training and drama but instead, TIMESKIP TIMESKIP. Can’t blame the author for drawing a space manga for Jump of all magazines… of course it was cut. Actually wait no BLAME THE AUTHOR WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA

Gangsta 18

No images today. This is purely a promotional message.

Read Gangsta. It’s a good manga. Trust me.

The general plot: in the past, the government drugged soldiers to win a war. Their progeny suffered from genetic anomalies that increased their strength at the cost of severe birth defects and short lifespans. Four crime families semi-peacefully coexist in Ergastulum, a ghetto for the mutants’ quarantine. However, a series of mysterious massacres of mutants threaten to re-ignite the anti-mutant sentiment in the city, and chaos looms near…

That’s it. After 18 chapters, I finally understand just what is happening.

It’s going to be awesome.

Uchuu Kyoudai 6

Wow, what a great episode.

So heartwarming, especially with all the hair.

Afro and Spike

Flowing Hair


also the real purpose of this post is to alert you guys to this:


May fifth has already happened, though. I wonder if this will get subtitled (it is real, by the way)

Gangsta 12

I’m heading off to Seattle again. Expect pictures when I return. Until then, az will run the show!! Have fun. Here’s a picture of my face, sighing because I’m sick. Of you.

Have some much needed backstory, in one paragraph.

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Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 11

Argh, so I’ve got allergies, and I’m feeling pretty allergic right now. I’ll probably even skip Chinese school tomorrow. Have a picture of my face. Sweating. From being allergic to allergies. (DISCLAIMER: I’m not actually that fat.)

Do you know what else sweats? Mushrooms. Look at our updated Fanart page with updated fan art that isn’t fan art but it’s updated. There is a sweaty mushroom on the top. It is a mushroom and it sweats. Just like me. I’m allergic to mushrooms.

In other page-related nonsense, look at our updated ANIBLOG BETTING Round 1 page with updated ANIBLOG BETTING that isn’t Round 2 but it’s updated. There are betters at the top. They are betting and they better bet. Just unlike me. I’m allergic to betting. If you want to join, join NOW and IMMEDIATELY: also, if you’ve already joined, you can now ALTER what KIND of FAKE MONEY you are betting for. I’m not confident that the exchange rate of nondescript pieces of pony innards to Midas Money is exactly one-to-one but this entire ANIBLOG BETTING thing is all guesswork.

In other post-related nonsense, look at az’s updated Jormungand 3 post with updated Jormungand 3 that isn’t Jormugand 2 but it’s updated. There is an image on the top. It is an image and it Jormungand is pronounced ‘Your Mom Gand’. Just like me. My name is actually ‘Your Mom Gand’.

In final Steins;Gate-Boukan-no-Rebellion-Chapter-Eleven-related nonsense, Daru’s a pretty cool guy, but the anticipated drama about him being Suzuha’s father (with him accessing the time machine with his fingerprints etc.) completely falls apart when we already know. Whoops, forgot to put a [SPOILER ALERT] there. It is a spoiler and it spoils. Just like mushrooms. I’m allergic to mushrooms.

P.S. Yes, predederva did in fact bet with himself. He lost. But he also won. Simultaneously.

Mouretsu Pirates 6

This was going to be my 666th post and then I reconsidered. Sure is beets, potatoes around here! So, instead, all you’ll get is a screencap collection of scenery and people’s FACES. No captions, no text – just pictures. See, I can even spin a post that was posted half a month behind schedule without content due to laziness into a post into an artistic form of posting without words. tl;dr: god, I’m lazy

P.S. Don’t worry, I’ve got two SCHEDULED filler posts coming up! It’s that ‘no-actual-post-for-half-a-week’ time of the year again, eh…

Just pictures after this»

Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 4

Back in yesterday’s Mouretsu Pirates post, I actually didn’t talk about Mouretsu Pirates. I talked about 2DT. Basically, that post was not actually about what the title says it was about. And I’ve made a tag to go along with that.

‘What posts would go under this tag?’ you ask.

Well, posts like these, that, well, aren’t actually about what the title says they’re about. The majority of the post cannot be actually about what the title of the post says it’s about, but a minority of the post can be actually about what the title says it’s about. The post length doesn’t matter.

As you can see, this post is also not actually about what the title says it’s about. It’s hard to write a manga post about what the title says it’s about when you haven’t read the chapter. I know there was one Ore no Kouhai post where I also didn’t read the chapter. I forgot which one it was. Maybe it was all of them. See, in this post, I’m talking about three different things: posts which are not actually about what the title says it’s about, writing manga posts without reading the chapter, and Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion. The Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion segment is the shortest.

But here’s a thought that’s actually about what the title says it’s about: is the whole Boukan no Rebellion story in the original Steins;Gate VN as a ‘route’? I can easily see Steins;Gate as a game with different routes, but… you’re Rintarou, right? You never control Suzuha! So how do you know all this backstory (other than her explaining it to you)? I’m guessing this manga is entirely original, and only under the guidance of the original VN creators. There’s no way they put all this inside the game. They certainly didn’t put it inside the anime.

And that’s the end of this post. It wasn’t actually about what the title said it would be about, was it?