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Light Wing Manga Quarterly Review

[Announcement: Since I love MQRs, here’s two more: Angel Beats and Sukunai.]


I hate your comment systems. I hate your new site design. I hate your way of posting that uses weird pop-up pictures, fancy captions, and stupid comment integration systems. I hate your complexity and your deprecation of my beloved one-click link-adder (now, I have to MANUALLY TYPE IN THE <a> tags). Why? Because some of us have slow internet, and that means that we have to refresh FIFTY TIMES to see the comment form pop up, and another FIFTY TIMES for that comment to register. Can’t we just have a SIMPLE system? Nobody CARES about being ‘fancy’ or ‘sleek’ or ‘cool’. Look at Windows Vista. Look at Windows XP.

The stupid thing is, I’m the only one who hates you. And I don’t really hate you because your blog system is awesome. But to conclude, I’d just like to say that…

And that’s how the moon was formedĀ»