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Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa 29 [Completed]

Anyways, before we move on to the actual post, let’s talk about Google while you wait for me to post this. I lost access to my Gmail account because it was accessed ‘from a suspicious location’. I think that was me testing out Tor to see if it worked, but now, I have NO WAY of verifying that it’s my account!!! Seeing as a) I don’t have a mobile phone and b) Even if I did, I didn’t fill out the mobile phone number thing (seeing as I, well, don’t have one). Back in the good ol’ days, they’d just call your landline. Hahaha, I guess I didn’t fill out that field either.

I understand that calling by phone is more secure than sending a password to an email, but… this is just bringing my Internet and real lives together TOO CLOSE. I need like, some PRIVACY here. What with the fiasco over Google+’s use of real names and the non-fiasco of recording the entire WORLD in Google Maps, I fear that Google may soon be going too far – restricting the greatest tenet of the Internet itself, anonymity.

Fuck, my brother’s going to work for Google in two months. brb kicking him

(Meanwhile, english teacher:

“hmmm lets go on my students blog”

“wow very nice content, twelve-thousand word posts”

“…about foreign cartoons”)

“and ‘anyways’ is not a word!! F minus minus percent”»

A Trap Can Also Use a Girl’s Weapon [Completed]

I’m typing this from school because, guess what? I’ve got a visit to the optometrist at 4:10 this afternoon, it’s stupid to rush back home to write a post for two minutes before going to the optometrist and being late for my appointment, and it’s hard to go to the optometrist at 4:10, get my new contacts, and rush back home in time to write a post by 4:00, namely because I am not in possession of a time machine.

Anyways, I haven’t read any manga for over two weeks now, other than one chapter for that Ore no Kouhai post and another chapter for that Gin no Saji post. I’d like to continue my streak of not reading much manga, and have decided to read a short one-shot, for a short one-shot hardly qualifies as ‘much manga’ at all.

In fact, this short one-shot (you could even say that it’s a one-short) is pretty short. It’s eight pages long. Yes, I have nothing better to post than a post about a eight-page-long oneshot about crossdressing, lolicons, and incest.

So, what is the manga about?

A cute boy wants to be a manly boy. He becomes a manly boy.

The end.

A boyish man»

Spoiler Wars [Completed]

Wow, I haven’t written about (or read, for that matter) a manga oneshot in the longest time (nine months since the last one!)

Man SIDNE any of these images

they’re just so stupid

Kogasa, meet death»

Hand x Red Manga Quarterly Review [Completed]

what is this…

Hand x Red dropped by mangaka at chapter 19…

what is this…»

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Manga Quarterly Review [Completed]

[It’s July 1st! Canada Day! The Birthday of Canada, even! Well, at least as a dominion of Britain…]

“How would you like to have a little… fun tonight?”

And then they played Yu-Gi-Oh»

Mahou Shoujo Oriko Magica [Completed]

[Here, Buyuden Manga Quarterly Review rewritten]



I’m not Sayaka-chan»

Donten Prism Solar Car 9 [Completed]

Everything’s ending – Oriko, SolCar, Light Wing… sigh. This is why I shouldn’t post about bad manga…

What else can I say – Shouta pulls through and wins the Suzuka Cup.

I guess I was wrong about this ending: “Where this manga is going to go in the future is anyone’s guess […] so then what is it going to do? End at 12 chapters?” It ended at /nine/ chapters. Totally anticlimatic, but it makes sense – after all, their goal at the start was to win the Cup, and that’s exactly what they did.

This manga is worth a reread to see how everything is just wrapped up like this. Since this was sponsored by some Japanese Engineering School, you can’t expect it to be very long – they must have decided on this 9-chapter-length very early on. For some reason, they still decide to split nine chapters into /two/ volumes, but oh well. There’s no filler chapters in the manga, and they don’t show you the boring parts of solar car racing (e.g. building the car) – just the exciting parts, like sitting in a solar car running at 5 km/h for three hours. Oh my did I say exciting

There are so many unimportant people in this manga to try to make the ending more dramatic – for some reason, people seem to think that seeing other people cry will make us cry too, sorta like the yawning thing. The sad thing is that they’re right, no matter how short the stories were. On objective thought, the ending really didn’t say much.

What else can I say – Donten Prism Solar Car is just that, a sponsored manga. You can hardly expect those to be any good, and this was actually better than I thought it’d be.

Eh, nice read.

Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)

I Am a Piano [Completed]

[Announcement: YouTube has a new ‘license’ thingy – you can adjust your license to be a CC-BY license while uploading / editing your videos, which allows other people to rip off your work for free and with full legal powers! However, you can only do this to things that are /entirely/ yours – e.g. I don’t think you can mark a performance of a dead person’s composition as something that can be shared. Too bad.]

This short, 8-page story is about a piano.

This post is longer than the manga»

SWOT 20 [Completed]


Seems that the principal was under all of this mess – he wanted Manabizaki and Mayoi to expand the influence of the underworld.

The teachers have had enough of this, so they take sticks and beat him up.

Go Teachers!»

Rokuyoku [Completed]

Yoshika’s best friend, Yukina, is dating the person she loves, Koushirou. When one day, a cat demon approaches her, Yoshika gains the ability to steal away Yukina’s body…

Philosophicalness… (read on!)»

Flying Witch [Completed]

What, you think this oneshot was published AFTER the date of this post? Well, HAHAHAHA cause you’re WRONG. I was going to post this post four years ago, but three things exacerbated my grand plan:

1. I didn’t read this oneshot until December 24th, 2011.
2. I didn’t find this manga until December 6th, 2010.
3. I didn’t have this blog until September 9th, 2009.

Thus I am exasperated and now I will sleep.


Kintoki [Completed]

…I really don’t understand.

…I’m not even going to write the summary»

Moon Walker LTD. [Completed]

He’s positively burning

Once, in a land far far away…

A road is seen. A road, that only comes out once every few days, for the tides will recede and Heaven’s Road will open.

This road leads to…

…Abatraz, a maximum-security detention prison centre (don’t worry, you’ll get to Heaven soon enough after you go there).

Prisoner Number 0776 tries to escape from the prison’s stereotypically fat, greedy, pyromaniacal female warden, Ruby Ruby Deluxe, but gets electrocuted by his collar, and burnt by the warden’s ‘Rare Item’ shortly afterwards – much to the chagrin of newly arrived Prisoners Number 0774 and 0777.

That’s some horrible teeth, though the Japanese must love it (cough cough yaeba)

It’s a pretty strict place; if you spit gum on the ground, you get sent to the Detention Room; if you spit don’t eat your meal in under eight minutes, you get sent to the Detention Room; if you stay in the bathroom for more than a minute, you get sent to the Detention Room; if you kill the warden, you get sent to the Detention Room, and so on. It’s pretty ridiculous. Who cares if the warden dies? Gosh.

Prisoner Number 0777 is our main character. Gaia is a pretty charismatic fellow, with the two kanji (based on my understanding of Chinese), ‘moon’ and ‘step/walk’ tattooed onto his left cheek. He gets out of his handcuffs and collar with relative ease. No, to say relative ease is undermining his abilities. He gets out of handcuffs and collars Houdini would have trouble with.

Prisoner Number 0774 is Roy, an infiltrating investigator for the 1st Police Division. Gaia somehow gets his secret communication system (disguised as a nail), and the warden sentences him to the Detention Room.

It’s called the Barbie (Q)

However, the Detention Room isn’t filled with rats waiting to bite off your face, nor do you have any chance to survive make your time. It’s an underwater scuba diving trip to a sunken treasure ship near the prison. Everyone dies after finding treasure, for the prison’s secret is still eschewed from the government.

Gaia survives, even after his oxygen tube breaks. He carries along a gold coin as evidence of the prison’s misdoing.

He rises from the dead!

He takes Roy’s collar off – it’s a ‘Hac 5 to B’, whose meaning is ‘Act stupid, then you can go to sleep.’

A very nice meaning indeed, but Gaia’s knowledge of said collar extends to tremendous proportions, revealing that it was used for Dog Training 13 years ago, created by ‘Moon Walker Ltd.’

Swinging the collar at the gate system, they escape their cells and make a run to freedom.

He used to have 1000, but it’s hard to dodge flamethrowers

An outside contact informs Gaia that the tide will recede in around six hours, and he uses the time to make a makeshift pistol, just in time for when the guards arrive.

Knowing that one pistol just won’t work, he takes off his own collar and electrocutes a bunch of the guards with it. Roy then shoots the water pipe, adding more water to be energized (and more bodies to be disposed of).

Another two hours till the water recedes. To pass the time GODDAMMIT TIME WHY NONE HAVE WHY I TIME, Roy tells a story of how he became a policeman because his father was the number one sniper in the force. One day, while chasing a murderer, he only shot at the murderer, so the murderer used the last of his energy to jump off a building with a hostage – thus why he shot at the water pipe, and not at any person.

Gaia reveals his own story, that he’s the person who invented the collar in the first place.

The time is WASTED THESE FOOLS WHEN I HAVE NO TIME WHY DON’T THEY LOAN THE TIME TO ME, the tide recedes, and the men swim to shore – just as Rudy’s giant torpedo ship boat overpowered machine giant boat plane car aircraft carrier submarine tanker destroyer ship decides to grow, torpedo, ship, boat, overpower, mechanize, grow, boat, plan, cart, air craft, carry, submerge, tank, destroy, and ship the small, not torpedo, not ship, not boat, underpowered, humanoid, tiny, NOT BOAT, NOT PLANE, DEFINITELY NOT A CAR AIRCRAFT CARRIER WHAT NO merged (not submerged), footsoldierlike, create, NOT SHIP DIDN’T I SAY THAT ALREADY two men in front of them.

Gaia is revealed to be Gaia Moonwalker, one of the designers of Albatraz and a genius-level inventor of weapons.

Ruby’s flamethrower ‘rare item’ was produced in the Year 618 – the BF70-ATCF, which means “Camp Fire Starter with 70 Rounds” – produced by, of course, Moon Walker Ltd. – of which Gaia Moonwalker is the chairman of. Gaia wraps the flamethrower tube thing around the ship’s propeller, and attaches it to his handcuffs.

Suddenly, his arm falls off, Ruby’s flamethrower tube breaks, oil leak, catch on fire, everyone dies.

…But Roy and Gaia. The story continues on, with Roy still Governmenting for the Inspection, and Gaia floating around on his giant moon-walking blimp thing over weird totem poles in the middle of the desert.

HUH WHAT yeah.

The author of this particular one shot is Konomi Takeshi, the same author of the Prince of Tennis – obviously, a sports manga. I haven’t read it, but sports definitely =/= science action. Thusly:

The plot’s weak. Way too weak. It’s far too action-like; obviously, Mr. Konomi is stretching the realms of action way beyond attainable limits. The plot writes like an amateur with quixotically high prospects, an obvious trademark of noobish action writers.

For one, the pacing’s too fast. Everything just… happens. The infiltration attempts are too surreal – infiltration mission shouldn’t be carried with such haste. With enough forethought, accruing damnable evidence and presenting it to the police for an arrest warrant on the prison would not only be much more realistic, but also much safer – both in physical health and with regards to secrecy.

If the setting were stretched back a couple months, or even weeks, the eventual escape would be no less (to an extent) exciting, and it would make the pacing seem decently alright.

You can tell that Konomi obviously wasn’t writing this as a Oneshot, but rather as a Pilot. Maybe he’s already slated for serialization? We’ll know soon enough, because SWOT’s plot will be wrapped up :P

Nevertheless, from his previous expertise (I think because of PoT, he’s now one of the richest entertainers in Japan), the art is impeccably drawn with considerable attention to detail.

(besides that really creepy ship)

I’m almost completely certain Konomi didn’t mean to explore into the philosophical concepts of justified weaponry usage, and was merely justifying this ridiculously fast-paced manga with a few shallow bits of philosophy to tatter around. The whole shpeal about Roy’s father didn’t concern the plot in the slightest.

Nevertheless, this little bit does give us something to reflect about, in lieu of humanity’s woeful ways. Or rather, to stress said indecencies.

The inventor’s weapon turns against himself. A modern, or rather, futuristic Frankenstein cliché.

An interesting question comes up – are creators allowed to stop their own creations? Is the inventor of say, space travel, allowed to stop space travel altogether? Is the artist of a piece of art allowed to take all copies of the art down?

Not allowed as in legally, or even socially, but philosophically. Should they be allowed? Does the inventor determine the invention? Or does the invention, determine the inventor?

One major lesson that we must have learned from this though, is that carrying bird crap around with you is always a good thing.

Overall Rating: 5/10 (Great)

Stardust Memories Manga Quarterly Review [Completed]

[Announcement: New tags! ‘Completely Unedited’ for a post with no edited pictures, ‘Screencap Collection’ for a lazy post with only pictures, ‘Alternate Storyline’ for posts that don’t actually show the real storyline, ‘Laziness’ for SWOT, and ‘Manga Skipped Review’ for…]

When a manga has been already completed (not an animu though), I’ll just skip the plot details and move on to a summary. Just so that, y’know, I won’t have to BLEACH GODDAMMIT

On that note, this has been completed, around seven years ago :V

I guess it’s not a Feeteor

Ranging from eight (well fine, five) to four times eight pages each, Stardust Memories is a collection of 13 short stories, embodied in manga form. Needless to say, the volume of space used for such a pictorialized narrative is far less than that allocated to the traditional short story, making Stardust Memories even more brilliant in scope.

Each short story is completely different from the next, but all of them deal with problems and encounters in scientific advancements and technology (be it the landing of extraterrestrial superheroes to the shipwrecking of human spacecrafts), and their effects on human emotions and morality.

The brilliance of Stardust Memories, similar to many other science fiction short stories, is not in its projections for future inventions, nor its grandiose depictions of human expansion, but in the innate moral consequences a wide range of problems can impose upon individuals.

Unlike most manga of these days, Stardust Memories make you think, like /really/ think, about the world and the human mentality. First released in 1995 by an almost pure-science fiction writer, Hoshino Yukinobu, Stardust Memories will most likely remain an item of thought for decades to come.

At least he’s immortal now

This manga also caused me to have nightmares for a few days – not really at the moral dilemmas but mostly at what the hell that thing I don’t even

Finally, Stardust Memories really needs a re-read. You can’t just read through this once. Exempli gratia, during the 9th chapter (I’ll spoil this, cause it’s only eight pages anyways), people are firing nukes at asteroids that are gonna hit the Earth. Right after one is destroyed, another one appears, causing someone to conjecture that someone may be aiming the asteroids at the Earth. However, the captainreplies with: “Luckily for us, we’ve got a huge stockpile back on Earth.”, ending with the remark “…Could it be? Perhaps the real target of the meteorite is…”

I didn’t get this for some time. Think about that for a while.


Anywho, in conclusion, this really is quite Brilliant. Brilliant execution. Brilliant replay read value. Brilliant undertones, and brilliant writing between the lines.

The one derogative part is in its length. These could be extended to reveal more of the plot, to reveal more of a person to ‘connect’ to. An five-page manga cannot compare to a 20,000 word short story.

Nevertheless, as I have iterated numerous times, I would definitely recommend this. Stardust Memories, in all aspects, really is quite…

Overall Rating: 7/10 (Brilliant)

(still, nightmares!)

Bankara-san ga Tooru [Completed]

Seems like certain aspects of humanity still haven’t changed…

Alright, so back to my regular schedule of spammin’ y’all with animanga posts.

This particular one is a recent oneshot, by the same author of Gintama.

In the future, technology has taken over the world. Naturally, cyberpunks appear; people who have FUSED with technology so that they can disobey more rules and stuff.

However, the chairwoman of the public morals committee, Miyamoto Shizuha, has a SWORD sticking out of her WRIST which makes her able to stop LASER CANNONS because that’s what swords do.

Sort of like Aizen, don’t ya think?

Anyways, one day, the unnamed main character finds the Chairwoman talking to… A FROZEN GUY. The frozen guy’s been frozen for ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS, making him OLDER than BRITISH COLUMBIA, but not really because this manga is set in the FUTURE.

Gouda Takeru somehow bursts out of his 150-year old seal because the Chairwoman threw a moldy bun at him. With this, he proceeds to conquer the world…

Guess his name?

Unfortunately, he somehow shrinks, and without a tranquillizer dart watch or power enhancing shoes, he can’t do anything!

Then, some hyper-alley balled young nutsack comes a-

But it’s the truth!

…But some cyborg teacher comes with a laser gun and blasts the classroom to bits.

Then, suddenly Shizuha gets ambushed and captured by a hundred people with machine guns; not before killing thirty of them with nothing but a metal hand and getting out completely unscratched. Oh, also, this is high school we’re talking about. Oh, and the police also all disappeared. Suddenly.

Oh, and apparently, the teacher and the hyper-alley balled young nutsack (Namekawa) are all over a hundred and fifty years old, part of a bunch of gang members who were crazy over the Onyanko Club.

Oh, and apparently Namekawa cyberized his… lower-body organ, leaving only his arm uncyberized. Somehow.

“This isn’t a massage! I demand a refund!

Because Takeru got hit by the lightning bolt, he gained the ability to MANIPULATE ELECTRICITY, allowing him to remain unscathed through GUNS because GUNS ARE POWERED BY ELECTRICITY. Yeah. He then kills all the delinquents in the school. Because machineguns can’t hit him. Oh, and that punch that destroyed half of the building? He blocks it with his face.

He then punches Namekawa completely through the entire school building. With his bare fists. Against hyper-alleyed [sic] metal nutsacks. Because that’s what the cyber revolution’s going to bring.

“Self-defence! Because moldy buns can stop bullets!”

Alright, I can poke so many holes in this manga that it’s not even funny.

But because I’m not, it is funny; this is obviously a satire manga. People don’t get to control electricity after getting hit by a lightning bolt. They die. Unless you’re that person who survived 42 of them. Or, if you’re really unlucky, in that family who had three successive generations all die of lightning bolts at the same spot. Generally speaking though, you die.


At the end though, it is quite a funny manga. In a style totally and completely copied out of my most recent essay, the mangaka decided to insert various quotes about the ‘Springtime of Youth’ (a time everyone undergoes, generally consisting of fighting, drugs, smoking, attending Onyanko concerts, getting hit by lightning bolts, fighting, getting frozen while standing and holding two buckets of (frozen) water in a school hallway while still being able to talk and see stuff, yet not requiring anything to eat or sleeping for a hundred and fifty years, and fighting), which adds some element of seriousness to the manga… until he inserts quotes from his own characters. That’s like, self-referential. Like a fractal.

Still, read it before it disappears into the realm of copyrightedness; I’m sure you’ll have quite a good laugh (at the expense of your family members’ sanity).

Overall Rating: 5/10 (Great)

Though, it does irk me to think that the future of technology would be to transform 90% of your body into nutsacks…

Koishite?! Kami-sama!! [Completed]

“Kami-sama!! You must capture this girl!”

“…Well, it seems that this net won’t be big enough…

…I might need…



Well, maybe (but most likely not, cause we have what half a dozen regular browsers here) some people have been wondering what type of person what make something like Kaminomi, which is airing this season.

…Perhaps… you do not realize the awesomeness of the situation.

Guess which person’s talking?

Katsuragi Keima only likes TOO DEE girls, and has captured 9,999 of them. SUDDENLY EVIL DEMONS APPEAR


Unfortunately if he doesn’t make this girl fall in love THE WORLD’S GOING TO BE BLOWN UP OH NO

Gonna be blown up, and then aliens’ll fall from the sky.

SO, using his SUPER AWESOME NOT NERDY VERY REALISTIC knowledge from galges, he manages to do just that.

Look at me! I’M SO EVIL, AREN’T I?!

The first episode of Kaminomi used the track girl’s arc instead of this (maybe because the demons aren’t actually supposed to kill the city); I was going to say ‘oh, it’s exactly the same as the first ep’ but it’s completely different, so I have nothing more to say ._.


Overall Rating: 5/10 (Great)

Naruto Pilot [Completed]

What was Naruto doing in the chief’s bed in the first place, we may never know.

The backstory before Naruto (or rather, in an alternate universe where Naruto looks different) starts with Naruto excreting waste upon some person in a hole.

The chief gets angry at Naruto cause Naruto has no friends, so he tells Naruto to go to the BIG CITY to find a friend.

The hypocrisy it burns my brain

Naruto can’t return to the mountains until he’s found a friend, so he goes and buys ramen.

A guy named Kuroda and a guy named Matsushima enter the shop. Kuroda’s drunbk and Matsushima only eats french fries so the ramen owner LOSES ALL HIS MONEY

No Naruto, he only eats french fries, not jerky

Anyways Naruto eats Kuroda’s ramen cause Kuroda passed out from drunbkneds, but he has to take him home, or else the ramen owner will EAT HIS KEYS

Kuroda’s an artist, and his assistant, Takano TAKASHI are repairing the Chairman of the Cultural Advancement Committee, the National Treasure-Class Artist Saburo’s painting “Symbol”. Not sure what the symbol is about but it’s a symbol. It’s also worth a couple million dollars.

Another important note is that “Symbol” smells REALLY REALLY BAD because of the oil-based paint used.

After Saburo’s death 5 years prior, Kuroda became the Chairman of the Cultural Advancement Committee because Kuroda’s Saburo’s BEST FRIEND.


A cop’s monitoring the front door too cause the painting’s worth that much.

Naruto uses the awesomest skill he knows – and ya know what I mean by ‘that’ awesomest skill.

It’s so awesome it completely PARALYZES all who see it. Providing they’re male.

Naruto tells his training story to Kuroda, who tells him it’s not worth it. Apparently he’s in emo-depression mode after Saburo died.

But the truth isn’t that he’s just sad Saburo died – it’s that Saburo stabbed him. They were best friends, and Saburo having Kuroda take over as the Chairman of the Long-name Committee was ultimate humiliation; so he tried to kill Kuroda, painted “Symbol”, and then committed suicide.

It’s obvious why Kuroda wouldn’t trust people after that incident. Anyways, Takashi tries to lighten the mood with some yaoi, and Naruto



Wrong manga.

Naruto goes to sleep in Takashi’s room


A robber comes in with a gun and shoots Takashi. Presumably TO DEATH

Not the best way to wake up

The police blame Naruto; which means someone is FRAMING Naruto for killing Takashi.

Naruto pleads that he will find the real murderer; but nobody believes him.

Finally, Kuroda does something COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED (if this was real life, but this is a manga) – he goes to jail in Naruto’s place to let him have a chance of finding the murderer.

Naruto gets on a motorbike (this is an alternate universe – there are skyscrapers, motorbikes, and cars; I think it’s actually in modern-Japan) and starts asking random people where the painting is.


After a week, Naruto takes a rest in a park. Two gangsters are talking about some random guy and how all he does is try to look cool, and can never fit in with the crowd.

In his mind, Naruto agrees – after all, he’s a STUPID UGLY MONSTER, so why should humans trust him?

But then some other gangster talks to them about how that random guy’s helped them a lot of times and stuff.

The hypocrisy it froze my brain

Naruto goes back to the cop’s place and tells him that his sense of smell is really good.

After getting a free meal, Naruto realizes who the murderer is – the cop, cause he smells so much of the paint.


But the cop STABS NARUTO



This story was pretty interesting. Though the concept is pretty clichéd already, there’s no stupid “BECAUSE I WANT TO PROTECT SOMEONE SO MY POWER GOES UP BY OVER NINE THOUSAND PERCENT”, Naruto just uses his spechul abilities to capture someone.

The art honestly sucked

There was no music so that sucked too

Anyways, back to the story; I liked it. I liked it much more than the actual Naruto. It was more… realistic. More intense. It managed to start a plot and wrap it up completely unlike certain shows (cough cough Bleach cough cough).

What I really liked about it is that it was /simple/. It was a simple tale about finding friendship, with a murder mystery to boost just cause that makes manga (9) times awesomer. Though the mystery wasn’t mystery we could solve ourselves (as opposed to other, better, mystery manga such as Detective Conan), because we couldn’t smell the manga, I don’t mind, because the murder isn’t the main plot in the story.

The taste was horrible

If Naruto was written to be in something like this, it wouldn’t be in the top three shounen “epic manga”s – but I’d like it much, much more. Quality beats quantity, and Naruto’s Pilot definitely demonstrated that.

However, as much as I liked it, I can’t rate it higher than Naruto because it just doesn’t have that complexity and insight. Nevertheless, this was a nice story, though the end was rather… jarring. I honestly didn’t expect Naruto just to die like that – what a weak-ass hero. Gosh, I’m even wondering why a manga like this received such positive responses. I’d expect the fans to start hatin’ on the author right now for killing Naruto…

…But… the truth is….

Naruto was cosplaying disguised himself as the cop.

He then PWNS Matsushima, who gets arrested.

Naruto returns the painting to Kuroda, who becomes his first human friend (even though he thinks Naruto’s creepy).


Overall Rating: 5/10 (Great)



(Cue Naruto Episode/Chapter One OP)

“Y-Y-You… You’re.. YOU’RE A TRAP”

Post scriptum: Guess what? Exactly 1000 words.

Try! Try! Try! [Completed]

Just like Onemanga ;_;

Anyways, all of you MUST know about Yotsuba Koiwai and how awesome she is. Try! Try! Try! is basically the (3-chapter long) oneshot of it.

There’s not much plot, but basically Yotsuba grabs one of those train crossing poles while it goes up and becomes really tall. Ena goes like this

Then she kicks a can into the garbage or something. Fuuka goes like this

Finally she goes to Asagi who convinces her that sundaes are really really bitter, so Yotsuba goes like this

And then the second oneshot starts which has like a completely different plotline.

Basically Ena steals a hamster from the ground and Fuuka gets an alligator.

The alligator obviously does what alligators do around hamsters…

Which is absolutely nothing at all.

Finally we have a series of 6 4komas in which Yotsuba graffitizes the wall.

Eh, interesting. I’d see how this would work for a 4koma/oneshot but most people would find this rather lacking. After all, it deals with some random kid drawing on a wall; but that’s the beauty of it (not the wall, the wall is simply atrocious). Yotsuba&! (the manga after the oneshot) doesn’t seem to have any plot – but in reality, each individual chapter does have a plot. Be it Yotsuba trying to steal ramen, throwing stuffed animals out of hot air balloons, or trying to bring coffee to the house next door, each of the chapters are simple.

As for this particular oneshot, it’s done a great job to introduce readers to what they’re going to read. It’s just about some little girl; there’s no “YEAH I’M GONNA SAVE THE WORLD FROM A SWARM OF EVIL GIANT ALIENS THE SIZE OF THE MOON” thing.

Then again, not only was the wall-art horrible, but the actual art art was also somewhat weird. It definitely didn’t have the polish or accurate proportions of the manga, but then again, this was written in 1998.

All in all, this gave me a pretty good laugh, and not much more – but that’s a good part.

Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)

Also, you may not believe me but I did not edit any of the images above. And below. Yotsuba just really really sucks at mspaint.

SWOT 0 [Completed] and 1-4

[Announcement: Yes, that’s right; Onemanga officially closes down today. In honour of one of the best manga-sharing sites out there, here’s a manga post (before I can’t access it anymore) RIP Onemanga ;_;]


In a Beelzebub-esque delinquent-highschool place, where people with swords and maple-leaf shields fight all day, a NEW TRANSFER STUDENT COMES!

He is known as…

MANABIZAKI is a white-haired guy who studies a lot. Thusly, he is a GENIUS. Anyways, he decides to kill a bunch of people ’cause they’re interrupting his studying by being loud and rude.

He wants to ATTEND TOUDAI and work for NASA because this school has a HIGH RATE of people going to TOUDAI




Anyways some weak guy called IWASHIDA decides to STALK Manabizaki ’cause he wants to GET STRONGAR

And then they find some girl named Nene HASUNO who PUNCHES A BUNCH OF DELINQUENTS


Some random baddy comes and does random baddy stuff, he fights with Manabizaki and loses, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah

So that’s the end of the one-shot.

Chapter one’s exactly the same, except HE HAS RED HAIR SHANKS

Chapter two’s exactly the same, except they fight MORE PEOPLE

Chapter three’s exactly the same, but some EVIL NINJAS COME

Chapter four’s exactly the same, but Manabizaki PUNCHES MORE PEOPLE


…If there’s one thing I’ve learned while making this post, it’s that trying to make a post of 4 chapters that say the exact same thing gets boring, /fast/.

This story seems way too similar to Beelzebub – some overpowered guy punches a bunch of underpowered people in a school full of delinquents. Then again, it is Shonen Jump – what manga doesn’t have an overpowered guy punching a bunch of underpowered people?

It has potential, but I think it’ll have to revert to supernatural stuff really soon – stories like these last no longer than 20 chapters, because after that there’s noone to punch anymore.

I’m not sure what else to say, so… till next time?

One-Shot (SWOT Chapter 0) Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)