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Btooom! Manga Quarterly Review 4

Hi guys. I’m really late on this because I had this as a draft for one and a half months.

Btooom! has a manga. I’ve followed it for one and a half years.

Btooom! also has an anime. I’ve followed it for one and a half months.

Thus, if you’re following the anime, there will probably be spoilers ahead; however, this is a shounen battle manga – you know that Sakamoto’s not going to die, and spoilers shouldn’t affect you at all. Unless you’re a 14-year-old psychotic teenager with a penchant for ravishing dead bodies. In which case you might be (excusably) shocked at my profoundly astute recognition of your identity:

(That said, a 14-year-old who isn't a teenager would be quite strange...)


RRR Manga Quarterly Review 8 [Completed]

Oh jeez. It’s been two months since my last post on this wonderful manga, and yesterday, I ran through the whole thing in thirteen chapters.

You’d expect me to continue rambling about crap nobody cares about in this post like I do with all of my manga quarterly reviews, but NOPE. Instead, I’ll ramble (spoilers-free!) about why YOU should immediately DROP EVERYTHING. CALM DOWN. HAVE SEX. READ THIS MANGA.

The shocked face of an individual who did not calm down nor have sex.
YOU WA SPANISH, because that’s what Spanish people do. They 1) drop everything 2) calm down 3) have sex 4) are shocked

Electricity shocks»

RRR Manga Quarterly Review 7

Even though today’s a Professional Development Day (read: no school), I still didn’t make a post! So have this post that isn’t really a post! I’ll make it into a real post later today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Probably next month or next year, though… I’m sure you guys are excited!

That’s not an excited face»

RRR Manga Quarterly Review 6

Right guys.

It’s time for a post about manga.

Read the previous post (which I actually just wrote, yesterday) to understand what the heck these manga posts are about. With that over with, it’s time for some verbal diarrhoea~!

Actually, ‘textual diarrhoea’»

Aegis in the Dark Manga Quarterly Review 3

Why is this post late even though I didn’t go to school today? Well, I was just running through my previous posts of Aegis in the Dark, when I realized just how hilarious I am. Hilariously bad. Also, Aniblog Tourney drama. Always a pleasure.

Also, I realized that RRR had already finished, and that Bakuman was finishing. Except RRR finished four weeks ago, and I guess the news about Bakuman finishing was also four weeks ago. This is what happens when you don’t read any manga for four weeks. Or was that four months?

Either way, here’s a Manga Quarterly Review for y’all.

Don’t know what that is? Read onwards»

RRR Manga Quarterly Review 5

Let’s keep this short. Why? Because I need to run through another 13 chapters of this manga to write RRR Manga Quarterly Review 6. Why? Because I need a post for today. Why? Because today’s not actually March 27th, today’s April 22nd, and this post has been Rewritten. Why? Because I didn’t write a post on March 27th. Why? Because I was busy reading 13 chapters of this manga to write this post. Why? So I can run through another 13 chapters of this manga to write RRR Manga Quarterly Review 6.


Because RRR’s over.

Why is this bad? It isn’t. I just need to keep this short.

That is to say, stop losing my gym shorts»

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa Manga Quarterly Review 2

I really don’t want to hop on the bandwagon. The thing is, I was the first person in all of the blogs I read to write a post about Harisugawa, or, in fact, to write three posts about Harisugawa. So I’m not the one hopping on the bandwagon. I was always on the bandwagon.

It’s hard to break out of old blogging habits.

Everything changes slowly, and with time. Before, my posts were lengthened summaries (an oxymoron) of the manga, and nobody wanted to read them. Then, eventually, they changed to be more about my thoughts about the manga, and nobody wanted to read them. After a while, they changed to be more humorous and entirely unrelated to the manga, and nobody wanted to read them. But through all of these, one thing has stayed in common: I structure my posts around my images.

Yes, my images. I place my images in my post first, and then fill the gaps up with words. Sometimes, I swap the pictures around a bit to make the post a bit more coherent, but generally, images go before words. This is why, in none of my recent (read: a year ago) posts, you never see several images in succession followed by a long wall of words. It’s always either images and words mixed well together, or an image followed by a long wall of text.

What am I saying? I’m saying that I’m writing this post in class, and as I’m writing this post in class, I don’t actually have access to my images for this post. So, I’m writing this post with words first, and then filling the gaps up with images.

Not that it’s going to make much of a difference.

Make a difference, subtract 3 from 2»