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Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 7

So, I was just in class, chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool, and all doing some homework in the computer lab, (which is actually not in class, so I wasn’t really in class; I was in the computer lab), when a singular guy, who was up to no good, that PORTENTOUS (I meant to say ‘portly’ but that would be insulting, seeing as he’s not actually broad in girth) individual entered the lab with a certain PORTENTOUS (I meant to say ‘portable’ but that would not make sense, seeing as he’s not actually a makeshift schoolhouse) demeanour that simply PORTENTIFIED (I meant to say ‘portrayed’ but that would make sense, seeing as ‘portentified’s not actually a word) his PERSONALITY (I meant to say ‘portentousness’ but that would be redundant, seeing as I repeated ‘portentous’ so many times).

Anyways, he walked in, signed in to his account on his FANCY LIE-NO-EKS box and opened up Google Chrome.

Lo and behold! What was that pinned tab in the top-left corner of his screen?



…and it was on MangaFox. Damn right, the MangaFox that just took off all of its Shounen Jump series (a good thing, seeing as, y’know, that’s ILLEGAL STUFF, though if Batoto takes them down then… well, it’d be even better because fuck, I HATE Bleach). The MangaFox with that fat rich douchebag that profiteers from illegally uploading illegally scanlated illegal manga, who doesn’t give any money to the original creators of the manga, the original licensers of the manga, the American licensers of the manga, the American translators of the manga, the illegal translators of the manga, the official translators of the manga, the fan translators of the manga, and really anybody else at all.

My respect level for this portentous individual has dwindled to merely nine-tenths of its former level.

P.S. Well, I do hope he doesn’t read this post… more coming up after the <more> tag.

More going down»

Angel Beats!: Heaven’s Door 1 – 4

[Announcement: That’s right; Onemanga has officially closed down (or will really, really shortly). I’ll use Mangafox now, not sure what everyone else will use. But why won’t Mangafox close? Because it doesn’t show licensed manga – thus, there’s really no risk of it closing. Sure, I can’t read most Weekly Shonen Jump things anymore, but… what’s done is done. RIP Onemanga, we’ll miss you forever]

Sorry, I just love picking at translation errors

So, the manga version of Angel Beats! takes place before the anime when the members were all little babies!

Not really because you don’t age in wherever-they-are-land.

Anyways Hinata starts off getting kicked off the school by Yuri, who then reveals he is DEAD. It is then revealed that…

...Yuri's Hinata's MOM

…apparently they’re the only 2 actual people and they haven’t started fighting against Kanade (It took all of my will not to type Tenshi) yet.

So Yuri decides to KILL EVERYONE

Anyways, Hinata then goes to sleep in the dorms with a NPC whose name is Oyama but is obviously not a human, but gets so bored because NPCs don’t do anything special at all that he becomes like this:

Then Chaa comes and threatens the principal with a gun (which he presumably made out of dirt), but Kanade PWNS HIM.

So Hinata and Yuri decide to PWN the principal to see if Kanade is GOD.

However, right before Kanade stabs Yuri with her blade-arm-thingy version one because it’s not some giant flower thingy, Hinata bravely jumps in to save her by using his body as a shield.

…Then again, he’s not gonna die so it’s not really dramatic at all.

Yuri decides to name Kanade Tenshi and her blade-arm-thingy the Handsonic because that’s what it is. Later, Hinata finds out that Oyama’s actually just a really, really boring normal human guy.

…I’m not sure how often this updates, I think it’s once every month. Anyways, this obviously has a lot of foreshadowing (if you read this first, and then watch the anime), with Chaa getting a gun suddenly out of nowhere (after all, there are no guns in a (high)school (of the dead) unless you’re Hirano), Ten- er, Kanade stabbing a bunch of people, and Oyama’s introduction in the second chapter (before he was revealed to be a human).

It seems that this may be a character-a-chapter thing; with the first chapter introducing Hinata, Yuri, and Kanade (because they’re the ones that remained till the very end, with the exception of Ayato who appears in episode 4 of the anime, and Yuzuru who appears in episode 1 of the anime), the second chapter introducing Oyama, the third introducing Chaa, and the fourth… no one.

As with like everything I review, I can’t say many things about this because I need to read more first. However, with the… interesting cast of characters, I’m really looking forward to how they each respond to being dead.

The art’s done brilliantly as well, as opposed to other manga I’ve recently read (COUGH YUREKA COUGH) that I happen to cough-type on my keyboard. BUT WHO CARES ABOUT ART HA HA HA HA HA

After all, he's GOD