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Exam over.


Let’s Just Try to Get This Organized

I’ve deleted all stupid posts. >:(
I’m not sure whether or not the YuChoy one is true.
But argh can’t you guys have any semblance of organization :<

awesomebananadancer will not be posting until like August 6th due to an exam.

yuchoy will not be posting till an undefined period of time as right now, he is in California.

Houraiguy will also probably not be posting until mid-August due to vacation leave.


awesomebananadancer will not be posting until like August 6th due to an exam.


So, I was at Mushy’s house today, we did history for a lot of the day so he didn’t have any time to make a post. However, we will give you a short fact about Beethoven.

His fame as a pianist in Vienna gained in many influential friends such as Prince Lichnovisky, Prince Lobkowitz and Count Razumovsky.

Now, I’m sure everybody who reads this post will remember 3 of his best friends. :D

Rant on my history class

I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m actually really mad. The only reason I’m crying is because everybody takes me as a little boy, nobody would expect me to be mad. Also, if I did show I was mad, my teacher would probably destroy me. I’m mad because everybody takes my work as a joke, none of it is being taken seriously. I can’t do anything my own way (not even my writing), everything has to be done my teacher’s way. My teacher’s way is fu**ing stupid. She wants me to study every single extra minute I have. Polly, I have a life y’know! And because I study so much, I’m supposed to be able to write it out on a piece of paper word for word. That’s bullsh**. It’s completely against what the program at my school teaches. And because I don’t do everything exactly her way, I get treated like the losers who don’t study at all.

I do study.

I have a typed document of every thing we’ve learnt so far, every day I read that document. I’ve even recorded myself reading it so that I can hear it where ever I go. Also, in class, I copy out the full document, word for word with a pencil to memorize it.

Is that enough?

Because if it isn’t, tell me what is.

Rant on Workbooks

Alright, so recently, I looked at textbooks for “harmony 4”. They were the freaking size of a dictionary. I hate workbooks. I hate textbooks. I pretty much hate any sort of giant book that contains repeated information. I mean, if you look at one of these harmony 4 books, they teach the concept on the first page, they give some exercises to you on the second. The other 20 pages in the section are to torture you with repeated questions that don’t mean the slightest thing to you any more.

Also, the week before your exam, all your parents do is tell you to go study. “Why are you playing computer games? Go study!” The dreaded day before your exam, everything is living hell, there’s no internet. The moment you step out of your room, “what are you doing out here, go back to your room and study!” One more thing, they’re so fricken heavy, especially when you have one for every subject.

However, there’s still one reason why I still use them.

They’re useful.

Return with a Composition~

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I’m back. I’ll make announcements and other stuff in the next post cause now all I’m thinking of is compose compose compose rewrite rewrite rewrite delete delete delete compose compose compose. But there’s still links at the very bottom of the page as I’ve been away for so long :/

So, this is my second composition, like, ever, so it sucks. It’s titled “Königliche März ~ And Then the Sun Came Out” (but Finale and windows don’t support the ö and ä characters).

.mp3 (high quality)

.mid (really poor quality but tiny size)

.pdf (if you can see the notes >_>)

It’s for a composing competition, else I’d never attempt something this stupid.

So why does it say draft? Because, it’s just that – a draft. The final version will be published, uploaded, and submitted in 6 hours :/

Königliche März should mean “Royal March” or something-or-other in German. The mood doesn’t feel like that AT ALL so whatever :< If anyone knows German, please correct me.

So yeah, here’s individual instrument analysis. If you want to help me on anything (and I’d appreciate that very, very much), please comment below or on whatever forum you came from, or by email (in contacts page). But there’s honestly no reason to use email so just comment or reply.

All info courtesy of Wikipedia.

All images courtesy of Google.

All links, except if mentioned, go to a sheet music site. There’s no reason to go there, but that’s just the evidence supporting my claim that this piece is, in fact, playable. So yeah, don’t click links if you don’t want to waste your time.

Unlike some others...

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The piccolo I’m using is tuned with lowest note D4 (one note above middle C), highest note D8 (four octaves above middle C). Measure 120/163 may seem quite fast but it is slower than arrangements of Flight of the Bumblebee, of which tempo is 184 compared to 144 for this, and still uses sixteenth-notes (around 576 notes a minute). Furthermore it is a scale so it should be able to be played pretty fast. It is a transposing instrument so a D4 is actually a D5, but the score goes down to D4.

Western concert flutes are tuned to C, lowest C4 (middle) up to approximately G7ish (but it never goes that high >_>). It doesn’t transpose (i think only contrabass and piccolo transpose, aside from Clarinet in Eb/Bb, Horn in F, Trumpet in C, etc.) Anyways, flutes are just a larger piccolo so it should be playable.

Oboe should go Bb4 to G6; this is probably the only instrument that went the entire range (C4 to G6, Bb4 noone uses :P). Most of the time it just directly copies Violin I, and it only has a sixteenth note passage once, so there shouldn’t be any problem. That has notes at approximately 416 per minute, close enough to 576 – besides, there are thirty-second notes there as well (832 per minute) and it continues for so long, yet here there’s only a short half-a-bar passage. It should be alright. God knows why I put a chord here >_>

The cor anglais/English horn is a fifth lower than the oboe, so there should be no problems either. Basically a cop of Violin II and with good reasoning too (same sound with oboe). It goes from Bb4 to G6 as well, but it’s written E4 to C6. It used to stretch to E6 so I took off the 8va, and now it goes only to G6 :D

Next are the clarinets. Eb transposes up a minor third, Bb transposes down a major second, and bass clarinet transposes an octave lower than the Bb clarinet. The range should be from E3 (obvious pun?) to G6 for bass and up to C7 for Eb and Bb. The passages should be somewhat easy to play to; unlike piccolo/flute, there are virtually no virtuoso phrases. There are 32nd notes there, and we have only 8th notes here; it’s definitely playable.

Bassoons – these are freaking soft, I can’t hear anything from them at all. It goes from Bb1 to about G4/5, but my bassoons all stay in the bass clef so it can’t go up that high. Contrabassoon transposes an octave lower, so there isn’t any major difference. There’s only one sixteenth passage, and it’s all neighbouring tones so it should be playable. Eighth notes should be easy enough. Note tempo markings (158 MM).

Horns in F should go (written) from C3 to C6. The above score has a Horn in F as well. They’re pretty soft too >_>

Trumpets in C; the first one copies the Viola while the second one is just a trumpet. :/ F#3 to C6 (C7?), so I can’t possibly bypass that range. I can’t find any music that shows how fast they can play but I’m sure they can manage.

Trombones go up to C5 (which I won’t ever reach as I’ve only composed in bass clef for these) and down to C2 (C1?). They don’t have many sixteenth notes either and this one has 302 notes/minute.

Tubas go from Eb1 to A4. I can’t possibly reach any of those. Mine doesn’t really have anything faster than eighth notes, and these go at 352 notes a minute (sixteenth notes), which is slower than 288 (eighth notes).

For Violins, they should be tuned G3-D4-A4-E5, up to A7. Violas are C3-G3-D4-A4, up to D7. Cellos tuned C2-G2-D3-A3 up to A6. Finally, the Contrabasses are written (transposing instrument) E2-A2-D3-G3, up to G4. Because there are multiple strings, particularly talented violinists should be able to play chords. Speed shouldn’t matter as there are only a few sixteenth-note passages and string players play quite fast indeed. For measures 102, 118, etc. in the contrabass, you can play the D with the A string and the F with the D string.

I originally had a pretty intensive Timpani part, but I realized; it’s really hard to play different notes on a timpani. So I completely deleted that :'( Oh well, it wasn’t very major anyways.

Next is percussion. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how this works. I used to have a ton of effects, but I realized that was impractical too; so now I’m only using Splash Cymbal, Snare Drum, Crash Cymbal, Bass Drum, and the Vibra Slap. I still have no idea how this works. Any help?

Harps can go from like, C1 to G7. They can play many chords, and should be able to play quite fast. However, I can’t really hear how fast they can go so I’ll just have to live with one unplayable part…

Finally, pianos. They go the entire range so I have no idea how I can bypass that. They’re also fast enough to not warrant an image to show. Why? BECAUSE THEY’RE THE BEST INSTRUMENT

Anyways, I’ll be adding dynamic marks (which some of you may have noticed a suspicious absence of) for a while, and then I’ll publish it.

“Look forward” to a finished version in 360 minutes~(actually, 720)!


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