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Mouretsu Pirates 24

Today, I will be having a good ol’ fashioned healthy friendly Skype chat with my good pal @NanoPulp. It may or may not be about Mouretsu Pirates, and I may or may not sound absolutely retarded. P.S. All these images are either a) ironic b) related to the discussion or c) dick jokes.

[10:29:49] NanoPulp: wait
[10:29:50] Mushyrulez: retsu
[10:30:00] NanoPulp: I CAN’T ENJOY IRONY?
[10:30:03] NanoPulp: BUT I LOVE IRONY
[10:30:04] NanoPulp: WHYYY
[10:30:09] NanoPulp: I LOVE IRONY
[10:30:10] Mushyrulez: I love irony too
[10:30:15] NanoPulp: ok great
[10:30:16] Mushyrulez: that’s why mouretsu pirates is a pretty darn good show
[10:30:18] NanoPulp: we love moeretsu
[10:30:19] NanoPulp: done
[10:30:22] NanoPulp: :3
[10:30:23] Mushyrulez: :(
[10:30:28] Mushyrulez: no, today I will explain to you why
[10:30:29] Mushyrulez: MOURETSU PIRATES
[10:30:32] Mushyrulez: is IRONIC and thus GOOD

Note: this picture is EYE-ronic because a skull’s eyes are already HOLES ha ha haaaaaaaa

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