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Admin is taking a bath-Make a Chikku Nee-San post!

The rise of Nee-San.The rise of the rainbow shark.The nuked Japan as we know and want it.

Chikku Nee-san is a Gag/Comedy Manga, with pretty short chapters[7 pgs. each], which means that it’s worth reading it.Although only 8 chapters have been translated so far{By thepeelingpotato-group}I find Chikku Nee-San to be pretty awesome and entertaining.(Unlike Mush-*cough* *cough*)

Plot-None.Girls are girls and they make models in a club for making models.Plastic models.Plastic mind.Plastic Fat Man and Little Boy.3 Girls just fooling around, doing silly and… **^^&} things and…more.

Ti si Guba!

There’s ONA series of this.Each episode is less than three minutes, so you can just go to watch them all. [4 episodes.For some reason MAL is saying that there are more,[{They are going to make more???}] but then again… MAL!]


The comedy and gags/jokes in this Manga are weird.Some are pretty dry, while others are pretty good.Of course, some are a but forced, but then again, comedy today is all about forcing gags and jokes up your ass.

…and you see, the characters from the modeling club are all wearing plastic models on their heads.THAT is unique and it shows that they feel pretty secure about themselves.Life…app…and BWEH!It’s pure awesomeness in a bucket.

записался добровольцем?

At first I actually thought that they are wearing them because their club does not have a lot of money and thus, they are using plastic models due to the low budget. Although it was a silly idea, I was not able to stop laughing when in one chapter they received…um, less than 2000 yen?

I guess I was right… ~Hahahahahaha!

Oh, yeah… the ONAs…they are pretty great too.I forgot to mention that.The animation and voicing is pretty acceptable and…I dunno.There is really nothing much to say about this.It’s just that…it’s short and simple.

Go away!The people from O-NEW hate you!Stupid reader...


PSP: Plastic Nee-San is now coming to your town.Be sure to buy all the tickets before your neighbor’s dog!

.hack//Quantum 3 [Completed]

The conclusion of .hack//Quantum is rather…

…grand in scale.

Yes, the cannon is the size of a city, and the dragon has a FUCKING CITY ON TOP OF IT»