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Aniblog Tourney II: the Tournament of Anime Blogs

[Post-Post Edit: I suppose Operation Beat Otou-San has officially failed! We don’t even have a chance at winning anymore. Oh well, vote for us anyways, you know you want to. We’re not otou-sans. I think that’s reason enough to vote for us! (ok, so maybe it isn’t, whatever)]

Hello, friends, strangers, enemies, comrades. Primarily strangers.

Welcome to O-New. The home of Aniblog Betting (which you should definitely join if you haven’t already).

You are no doubt here for the Second Aniblog Tourney, and as to not delay your time, this post shall be as swift as the lightning following a cat. For the record, a) lightning does not follow cats b) lightning that does follow cats would necessarily be slower than the cat c) cats are slow. Sorry about that. Or, as they say on Saturn, ‘Sorry about cat!’

O-New has three main defining points that make O-New O-New.


O-ASG 1: Mouretsu Pirates 8

[IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! ZUN GOT MARRIED! HALF A YEAR AGO! (EDIT: Fine, engaged, whatever). moral of the story: beer + making games where you control little girls shooting other little girls = marriage]

What does O-ASG mean, you ask?

YOU DON’T ASK! You comment. Nobody comments. So nobody asks.

O-ASG is an Organized Article of Supplementary Guides. Another possible abbreviation is ‘OrgASG’ or ‘RANDOMNES (oRgANizeD article Of suppleMeNtary guideS)’. Any relation to the Organization of Anti-Social Geniuses is purely coincidental, unintentional, and I was lying about that. There won’t be an images in this post, but there WILL BE LINKS. And it WILL BE A SHORT POST. So read on…

No dear, os