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O-REW 6: learn.dvorak.nl

the tenth teeth stun these nuts»

O-REW 5: Kongregate

Kong, Greg ate»

O-REW 4: Romaji.org

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Unfortunately, Google Translate only works with moonrunes, that we can’t understand, can’t write, can’t copy, can’t see, can’t hear, can’t eat, and can’t smell if it were in a bathroom three feet away from us.

Thus, I offer the new, and improved, solution to all your Japanese needs that doesn’t require things that you can’t smell if it were in a bathroom three feet away from you!

This post isn’t about bathrooms, I swear»

O-REW 7: Not Always Right

Have you ever had that moment when you laugh uncontrollably? Whether it’s at some idiotic table hockey-foosball game, some stupid Mad Libs paragraph you made as a six-year-old kid, or some retarded blog that attempts to make lame puns every day (not a self-referential statement, as this blog never makes anyone laugh) – do you ever get that feeling where it feels like you’re getting tickled and you’re laughing so hard that it even hurts? The laugh you laugh about once a year from something so ridiculously stupid and/or funny that you just can’t stop?

Yeah, Not Always Right isn’t going to make you laugh like that.

laugh out loud, obviously lamely or languidly»

O-REW 3: Google Translate

To foster multiculturalism, all elements of this site are transferred from numerous diverse languages, such as Polish, Azerbaijani, Yiddish, and Swahili.

After a long delay, the fourth edition of O-New’s Review of Entertaining Websites is finally out – but this time, instead of entertainment, we’re looking to functionality.

Have you ever had to translate something?


Google Translate saves your preferences, so when you open it next time, it’ll have the same translate from- and to- languages.

With a hefty database of fifty-six languages, every major language is included (and a few minor ones too).

What’s more, it loads quite fast; no ads, no subscriptions, and…


What’s more, Google Translate has its built in ‘instant’ function, so now you can search INSTANTLY, because hitting the enter key takes too much work for some of us.

Is this a filler post? Maybe so.

But remember – whenever you need something to translate, you should always use, GOOGLE TRANSLATE.


O-REW 2: Michael James Williams

…Alright, so this is another review…

..You all remember my… advert? On FrozenHaddock’s website. His main point was his AS2 avoider game tutorial, right…?

..Well, the main point of Michael James William’s website is around his AS3 Avoider Game tutorial, which was ported from FH’s tutorial.

It’s apparently “used as an educational tool in schools worldwide”, though I still doubt this.

It’s 12 parts long and extremely well-written, so that PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND IT! OH MY GOD!

Even after having a highly successful tutorial on his main site, he created a second site, http://avoidergame.com/, which better serves to add more tutorials…!

He’s also working for ActiveTuts+ as… something.

So, I encourage you to check out his site ’cause I told you to… but this is only a flash tutorial, so…

…links (and videos!). Also, what’s a “MMD”..? I’ve heard it around youtube too often >_>

^ …Seems alot of people like fighting now… this is Yuyuko

^ And this is Alice…

^ Bad Apple with.. countries?


^ …people made perverted children’s toys… though they may have not realized it. Possibly NSFW…


^ …Adam Savage makes a speech about something…


^ People will be examining the plans of England’s Liberal Democrats… I really have no idea what’s going on +_+

…Yeah, that’s all, visit his site…!

O-REW 1: FrozenHaddock

…erm… O-REW…? What does that stand for…?

It stands for O-New(‘s? O-New isn’t me, I’m mushy) Review of Entertaining Websites…! Basically, this will be about reviews of those sites that I visit often…

…I’d like to start it off with a (now) inactive website: http://frozenhaddock.co.uk/…!

…So, FrozenHaddock/GeneShark/Tazzydevil XIII/Tom Gibbard is liek this Englishguy, and he runs a site called frozenhaddock (with a couple of other people). The main reason I view his site is because of his Flash Tutorial for an Avoider Game.

His AS2 Avoider Game Tutorial, although simple, is one of the best beginner flash tutorials on the ‘net. It shows you how to code, instead of those old-fashioned copypasta “tutorials”. Not only is it extremely informative, but it was also the basis for Michael James William’s AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, which is now receiving large public recognition.

For those wannabe flash programming people, here’s an excellent place to start, although it is written in the older AS2. Also, it’s incredibly simple, so don’t come looking at this for finding out how to improve your frame rate in, oh, I don’t know, some sort of a Touhou danmaku game >_<

As said before, the tutorial is the highlight of this website; besides it, there’s really not much else. FrozenHaddock also has a forum, although, like the site, it is inactive.

So, visit the site, see what its like; and then, let’s just all let it Rest in Peace.

…The next O-REW will be about FrozenHaddock’s other site, MOREtotheGAME. Don’t visit it yet; I haven’t talked about it >_<

…Anyways, links:


^ …iPad games are more expensive. Big surprise there.


^ …An extremely in-depth analysis of all of twitter’s trending topics, brilliantly summarized in a simple graph using hundreds of thousands of different piles of data to accurately average out the results.


^ …A 74-year old man has some sort of thing in his blood that stops babies from having some sort of disease. This single man has stopped 2.2 million babies from dying…


^ Tokyo’s 2010 Anime Fair is starting…!


^ …The CEO’s of Apple and Google are… having coffee…?!


^ …Japan’s censoring stuff, giving its government a lot of power about what people are doing… communism! :P

…That’s all; will post other stuff tomorrow…!