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09/09/11 – Two Years of Domain Hogging

(Alternative Titles: 09/09/11 – What a Misleading Title; 09/09/11 – The Anniversary of a Horrible Event; 09/09/11 – Cirno Just Got Bomb’d; 09/09/11 – I am Tasteless, Please Don’t Kill Me)

Sigh, I was going to rewrite the first year anniversary post (it should be down there on the trackbacks thing), but after realizing I have nothing to say, just made it a two-line derp. Derp derp. Here’s me celebrating the second year that we have hogged this domain, to the chagrin of Onew Design fans across the globe.

So here’s an image for those Onew fans (who actually don’t come to this blog, the majority of my readers come searching for pedobear) out there from Always SHINee:

What do Onew and Pedobear have in common?»

Obligatory July the Second Post

AX: FUNimation has recently acquired Steindo;Gate…


Hacking to the wait»

Back to School

…With nothing done.

Here, it’s the start of the second term. You’ll be seeing much less content posts and much more links/videos from me from now on.

I’ll finish my ‘it’s vacation time’ post later. Yep, I haven’t posted about me being on vacation, and won’t until I’m off from vacation. That’s great, isn’t it.

Join me in my torture»

An Organizational Ramble

Or whatever you want to call it.

As you can see, posts are coming out less and less frequently, though the break looms ever closer and closer (a good thing!)

I blame you, Pikachu.

Or rather, a bunch of miscellaneous things that’s been eating up my time and I want to discuss here.

First of all, new tag (yet again?! How do I organize all of this?! Answer: I’ll do that when tomorrow comes, which is never.): ‘I’m Actually Early?!’ It’s for when I’ve actually /scheduled/ a post ahead of time (which was all the time last year, but now it’s what once every month? And only when I go on vacation too ._.). Hopefully I won’t have to rewrite history that often, but adding a new tag DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING WHY AM I EVEN BOTHERING TO HAVE A TAG SYSTEM IF TAGS DON’T DO ANYTHING

Hrmm, that’s a debatable point.

Anywho, it’s not really Pikachu that’s eating my time (Bulbasaur can vine whip him to a wall for all I care), but rather, DORF FORT-REST. I’ve been playing this every living moment I could get on the computer, even not going on Chess.com, which means that something is seriously wrong with me.

I’ll keep playing it, but only 30 minutes a day instead of four hours. Really, my life is quite sad now.

Anyways, next note:


The lyrics are so beautiful I’m almost moved to make my own poem…

…hey, wait a minute.

Why not?

Publishing a poem next, but I’ll leave it standalone, so as to write my comments here.

Y’know how generally speaking, I regurgitate my negative emotions in one pile every half-year or so? Yeah, recent days have been incredibly taxing, with numerous fights, arguments, and lack of time WHY TIME NO TIME I HATE YOU TIME I WANT MORE OF YOU TIME, so without access to the computer (or access limited to non-flashing images/black gaming screens), I decided to compose one. I’ve just realized that Music would be better renamed as Art, but I’LL DEAL WITH THAT WHEN TOMORROW COMES

The funny thing is, after I finished writing it, I realized that it might just be an actual poem. An actual poem that doesn’t show what the author is, but that shows what each person who reads it is. There’s numerous interpretations that can be found, but it really only becomes a poem when there are so many different viewpoints that I don’t even

Actually, y’know what? Real poems don’t need explanation.

They just need comprehension.

…Oh, and someone to sing it? First person to find out what the music of the poem is wins -2 respect for watching such a horrible show. People who can’t find out what the music of the poem is should drop themselves into a well off the coast of Finland if they’re even following one of the shows in the Fall season. Anyone who sings it will get +10,000 respect every day for the rest of tonight.

2010 October Manga Abbreviated First Impressions Agglomerate

Huh? You want me to make a post on something like this…?


Anyways, the Manga Abbreviated First Impressions Agglomerate (MAFIA) is the mango version of animu’s first impressions. Here, I’ll clump all of October’s new (somewhat decent) series into one post.

Also, some minor other bits – as manga typically goes much slower than anime, I’ll be writing posts every 13 chapters; a Manga Quarterly Review. If I’ve blogged a series already, but stopped after a while (such as Angel Beats: Heaven’s Door, which is now at Chapter 7), I’ll wait until the 13th chapter for an overall review.

However, if the manga’s already past the 30th chapter, I’ll just wait until it ends, instead of blogging stupidly long reviews (cough cough Bleach). It’ll just be a manga completed post.

Why would I do Manga Quarterly Reviews for some, while not for others? An example of this would be SWOT, versus the obviously much better Tower of God.

One thing to note is content – whereas SWOT typically has 19 pages every week, Tower of God has what, 3 – 5 pages a week? Also, the scheduling may suddenly change; SWOT’s serialized on a large magazine, whereas Tower of God is merely a webcomic. Finally, laziness; I’m not going to blog everything! Well, not everything every time a new chapter comes out.

Anywho, the five in my line-up today are Fractale, Donten Prism Solar Car, To-Love-Ru Darkness, Steins;Gate, and Steins;Gate Boukan no Rebellion. I can’t even imagine saying that out loud…


Just washin’ my face here, nothin’ suspicious at all…

In the 22nd century, technology has made it possible to create a VIRTUAL WORLD. Almost everybody now uses ‘doppels’ as their real-life ‘avatar’, but that has nothing to do with the story at hand.

Anywho, Krein’s just an ordinary guy, listening to moosic on his not-yet-outdated iPod Nano while exclaiming that 64 GB data cards are excellent, 100 centuries in the future. Suddenly, a GIANT EVIL ALIEN SPACE MOTHERSHIP appears chasing some girl on a HOVERCRAFT ROCKET-POWERED SCOOTER. Then for some reason, the HOVERCRAFT SCOOTER EXPLODES so Krein has to take the girl, Phryne, home because hospitals don’t exist, y’know.


Apparently some EVIL SMILING PEOPLE WITH FANGS AND WITHOUT EYES were chasing her, so she had to see someone smile or something. Then she goes all crazy and suddenly some nurse appears downstairs and Krein’s parents mysteriously disappear.


I’ve no idea what’s gonna happen now, but it seems that it’s quite a good manga (getting an anime adaption Winter 2010, IIRC). I get a lot of .hack/Yureka vibes from it; everyone’s using digital avatars of themselves now, some lone guy has to save the world or something, etc.

However, the pacing here really threw me off. It’s not a oneshot; why’s everything presented so… quickly? Maybe you needed the main characters to appear, sure, but why end it on a cliffhanger so early? I’d much rather have the cliffhanger occur after Phryne falls from her HOVER-ROCKETTED KRAFT-POWERED DINNER, but that’s just me and my isolationist tendencies.

I do hope though that they achieve a mix between fantasy and sci-fi; hopefully, they won’t go into some long and obviously false explanation about how so-and-so is possible (cough cough Bankara – LIGHTNING HIT HIM SO NOW HE CAN CONTROL ELECTRICITY cough cough), yet still retaining some amounts of realism (cough cough I HOLD THE POWER TO DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD WITH THE PRESS OF A BUTTON… and it isn’t nuclear cough cough).

Though a twilight manga would be original… WAIT WHAT

Donten Prism Solar Car

Next is Donten Prism Solar Car – a new Jump-serialized manga. Might as well switch this with SWOT after another quarter or so, because it definitely looks far more interesting.

Solcar (cause that sounds so much cooler, and I don’t need to type as much) deals with Kaneda Shouta (by no means from Taiyou no Shisha Tetsujin 28 Gou), whose first/last name I don’t know because of lack of a scanlator naming convention. His dad died in a car accident when he was ten, so he had to work in some iron corporation owned by his uncle, aiming to save up enough money to eventually go to college.

I’m lovin’ it.

SUDDENLY four EVIL MEAN people BARGE INTO his warehouse with a GIANT TWUCK. They have names but it DOESN’T MATTER cause this ain’t the SECOND CHAPTER and anyways they just CHATTERED while Shouta GOT A LADDER and they got SADDER while he got MADDER and then he hit them on the head with the LADDER like a RABBIT

They’re from the Touyou College of Engineering and are using the warehouse to build a SOLAR CAR. They want to win the SUZUKA DREAM CUP, a large SOLAR CAR race.

Proudly sponsored by Yotsuba.

Twenty pages later, Shouta’s had enough of these SPOILED RICH KID BRATS taking up his warehouse to build a CAR, which KILLED HIS DAD. He explodes on them and then it ends, leaving us to guess as to where this will now go.

It’s pretty obvious though, isn’t it? They somehow convince them to help them, they lose the first Suzuka Dream Cup and are convinced to try harder, Shouta goes into college or something and everything’s resolved until a major accident happens just before the cup, but he recovers in time to win and it ends (or continues, with evil hell aliens invading the earth and only their solar car can stop them).

Though, this isn’t like most sports manga; not like most sci-fi manga; not at all like most Jump manga. This… well, let’s just say that this has great potential. I’m definitely looking forward to it; as long as those pesky aliens don’t appear again :V

To LOVE-Ru Darkness

Hrmm… I don’t know… lemme see… FIVE DAYS MAYBE :W

Maybe fueled by the latest Motto animu adaption, To-Love-Ru begins anew!


She also mentions that her ultimate goal is to build a harem, but that picture isn’t that… y’know, worksafe :V

Except this time Momo FINALLY breaks that damned fourth wall.

Oh, and zombies attack too. Totally not related to that Kurosaki Mea person. Nope de doop, not at all.

I’m from another dimension, where an evil spirit has ruled the world! His name is Aizen and I need your help to defea*shot*

Seriously, am I even going to blog this? Probably not. It’s the exact same as the last one except it’s even worse, because now they want to make something called a ‘plot’ or something. A plot? I’m sure the author’s never heard of the term! Unless he studied English in high school, which he probably did.

These things are so unlikely that’s it’s stupidly funny now – I can’t even begin to describe the stupidity of this manga, which is why I probably will begin to describe that sometime in the faraway future (e.g. 2101 AD). I’ll probably finish sometime between the estimated time of the Big Crunch, according to a closed-universe hypothesis, or heat death, from an open-universe perspective. Either way, prepare for it, because it’s going to crash your computer just from loading it.


(I couldn’t add more emphasis without the improper usage of vulgar words)


Steins;Gate was originally a visual novel (extremely similar to ChäoS;HEAd), but became a manga… a year ago. THIS ISN’T FIRST IMPRESSIONS WHY IS THIS HEAR HUH WHAT WHERE HOW WHO YEAH WHY WHAT

Unfortunately, I have not played the game, so all I can tell you now is that this plot is /extremely confusing/.

Extremely. Confusing.

(almost as confusing as whether that was just regular italicized writing or a caption of a blank image that failed to load due to some time machine crashing into my computer)


In Akihabara, Okabe Rintarou is attending a press conference of the successful invention of a time machine. He bumps into Makise Kurisu (who happens to also have DETACHED SLEEVES) after shouting that the invention was directly copied off John Titor, a supposed ‘time traveller’ who appeared on internet chatrooms (read: 2ch) in the year 2000.

He dials his phone, and suddenly, everyone in Akihabara disappears. A satellite crashes straight into the building he was just in.

Shiina Mayuri, a childhood friend, doesn’t disappear, and tells Rintarou that there were never anybody there in the first place.

He meets Itaru Hashida, a fat otaku guy, when suddenly Kurisu appears again. Apparently, the conference was cancelled due to the satellite crash that Rintarou attended.

They didn’t ignore you; see, one even offered constructive advice for you!

He goes home, and… Titor appears on 2ch again, but ten years later. Apparently, nobody remembers him, and everything people wrote about him also disappeared; Rintarou is the only person who actually knows about Titor.

…Then, they discover that their microwave has turned into a time machine…

This… this is excellent. By far, judging from just the first 4 chapters, the best of this month, or maybe even year. Science, drama, confusion, mystery – Steins;Gate is so awesome that I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND IT.

Seriously, if you’re too busy/lazy/hate to-love-ru too much to read anything else, read Steins;Gate. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

…Hopefully ._.

I think you’ve…

gone bananas.

Steins;Gate Boukan no Rebellion

The second side of Steins;Gate is from Amane Suzuha’s point of view – she’s a time traveller from 2036 to 2010 to change the world.

After CERN invented a time machine, world peace was created, at the cost of human liberty (1984 anyone? War is peace). So, Suzuha wants to stop this, but THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE HA HA HA.


Suzuha had to shoot people, but failed at the last second because her heart’s not made out of steel. Because of that, all her friends died. TWICE.

Then, it’s revealed – Suzuha’s dad, who travelled into the past before, is John Titor. He created an almost fully functional time machine, with one main fault – it couldn’t go forward in time…

Sandwich Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire?

Yes, yes, and yes. I’ve read only two chapters of this so far but definitely loving it. It’s like Durarara, with more on the stakes, less improbable Dullahans, and more confusing storylines.

Anyways, here it is; the MAFIA for October, 2010. These are all still being published; whereas there were some that were just scanlated, they were finished already; and there may be some that are still being published, but aren’t scanlated. If you’re looking for something to do, these four manga might just be right for you.

Of course, that’s discounting To-Love-Ru because it is THAT MOTHERFUCKING HORRIBLE

And if you don’t have time for all; just read Steins;Gate. It’s the only manga that’s actually made me want to get the game it was based on; because it just seems that awesome (seems, but hopefully it will be).

…Actually, now if you’ll excuse me…


First of all, so that this can at least be classified as a link or… as something, here’s a post about the new, oh-so-sexy stats system that wordpress has been switching around every week for like the past 500 years.

Anywho, a bunch of stuff is happening. As some of you know, hourai and I went off to camp yesterday and the day before, but Choy/abd didn’t make a post.

Choy really hasn’t made that many posts (around a dozen), and abd’s sick/has higher priorities cough cough gaming cough cough reading manga cough cough. Hourai posts in spurts.

Thusly, I am demoting everyone to the status of contributors.

This really doesn’t do anything because they’ll still post regularly.


One Year Anniversary

FINAL EDIT: No more editing, but just found out; 12.8 English Patch v.1.00 has been RELEASED by Gensokyo.org today! :D IT’S OBVIOUSLY A COINCIDENCE THOUGH. Have nice non-#CirnoDay’s, people~

From Danbooru

Bet ya thought this was gonna be a CIRN⑨ DAY TWENTY TEN YEAH YEAH YEAH post, didn’t ya?

Well, it is.

But other than Cirno’s awesomeness, there’s also one more thing that’s happening today…

It’s ta one year anniversary of this blog.

If ya wondering why I’m always using Danbooru (image link), pixiv’s login protocol fails :<

“Wait what?!” ya might say. “But, Mushy, ta obvious first post was in January, and even then that wasn’t really a post, cause ya only started ta post-a-day crap in February!”

Yeah, yeah. Ya see, there’s a meaning behind all that.


Actually, there’s not any climax, point, or meaning; they’re just random dates.

“But wait! How do we know ya just not lying ta make yaself feel superior to all ta newfag blogs?”


Well, I may have created this on ta 10th, but I have proof that I have had 10 views on ta 10th. Thusly, ya can then assume I created this on ta 9th.

I’m too lazy ta photoshop it, so just rest on my word :V

So then, because I want ta reminisce on ta old days, here’s a brief summary of what happened between September the 9th and January the 13th:


O-New started out as a gaming design project between me and five other people. Needless ta say, what with my poor leadership and all that (cough cough not pointing ta more current drama in Ichigos Web Symphony or anything :V :V :V), that failed.

I originally posted a bit for this ta become a development blog, but after ta group disbanded… well, nothing happened.

I completely forgot about ta blog.

In January I unearthed it, but realized I lacked motivation ta constantly update it, thus another fall.

Finally, in February I revived it fully, and since then we have had at least one post a day, and two posts during ta summer months.

Thusly, more spam ta spam ya with :P

I’d summarize what happened between February and now, but I’ll do that during ta /next/ anniversary; after all, as I said, two birthdays = twice ta cake.

Finally, there’s probably one last question ya guys have.

“What happened to ta old posts?! I WANT TA SEE HOW SUCKILY YA WROTE BACK THEN :V”


Danbooru Link

I reject your history and substitute my own.

And that’s ya history lesson for today.

In other news;

Nothing is happening with ta blog design. Unfortunately. Oh well, simplicity/minimalisticity is fine… (unless ya guys don’t think so)

We will release a post a day from now on. Ya know, ta lessen ta spam and all that? Yeah. Also, since I can only go on ta computer for like half an hour each day (as opposed ta seven)…


To conclude; I made this post up in like five minutes so it’s screwy; this blog is oooooooooooooooold but not as in ooooooooooold with content but like oooooooooooold with dust; Keine likes ta kill history/reality/whatever.




More Cirno Day crap:

^ Which reminds me, Cirno x Yuki-Onna OTP

^ Actually, I don’t foresee many Cirno Day special videos (after all, there’s still two days until it’s completely passed). These are just random Cirno-related videos I see popping up in my subscriptions. And I still don’t have a pixiv account. :<

^ marisaface.jpg