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…Alright, just an update on the categories: I’ve completely revamped the categories so that it’s more.. organized.

Here’s the order: Series > Drawings (those drawings I make) > Animanga > Gaming > Rants > Organization > Life > Links > Filler.System is separate.

Now each post only has one category which should make for easier browsing (not that anyone browses this site)…! You can still use tags to search for everything with one tag though.

…As you can see, this is in Organization as it’s more important than Links :P

^ Spongebob Yagami. Death Note Spongebob +_+


^ Once again, another article detailing how much Apple sucks :P


^ …And we can change adobe air games to Android in only 10 minutes… Google > Apple…


^ …Apple hires an IGN editor as its app store game editorial chief…


^ …Do women dressed immodestly cause earthquakes? Sorta stupid question, but we won’t know until we try, on Monday :P

Bulbasaur sends out Mushyrulez!

…well, check back tomorrow, I guess…!

SuicideSaturday 2

Alright, it’s Saturday again (or was, when I started writing this post). I survived, happily…. Unfortunately, there was an earthquake in Chile; thankfully, everyone I know is safe… however, the tsunami hit us here in Vancouver; it was like, HUGE! I mean, it ALMOST KILLED AN ANT, IT WAS LIKE 10 CENTIMETRES TALL (but I do give my sincere condolences to whoever was affected)!

…I’m working on the pages, so you’ll see that one will be down while the other two will remain up. Not that anybody notices…

Also, yes, I did organize my room. Here are some pictures:

Messy Desk

Yes, I work here.

And after the organization:

Cleaner Desk

My desk, now. Or rather, my desk, yesterday. :/

But wait, how does that work? Where did all the books and stuff go?

I hid them in my closet. :/ it works.

RE: Mabinogi, I’ve decided to stay on Alexina now, seeing that something like 10+ people are there (that I know)…! :D Tell me your char. names!

Also, CANADA WON GOLD VS THE US! WOOHOOO WE ARE THE STRONGEST! We have like, more than (9) gold now! :D

And I also found something interesting; the amount of people visiting this blog almost doubled yesterday (when I merely posted a filler post) compared to the day before that (where I actually posted STUFF)…. erm, what type of a trend is that…?!

Anyways, links:


^ 20 Questions. It’s hard to beat him T_T Almost everything works, since its algorithm probably runs on user inputs.

^ Interesting… game? I’m not sure if it’s a game or just a slideshow.
^ More a post to think about than to actually read.
^ Another presentation that I didn’t watch. The gameification of everything :P
^ Storylines. They’re important. -_-
^ A sleep schedule to have the same amount of “sleep” while having less sleep.
^ Just read the post title…
^ Again, read the post title… seems to entirely contradict the first article :P
^ Hmm… Japan seems to have a 10 cm tsunami too! Though there might be larger waves; I’m not very updated on this…
^ Looks like a new blog for me to subscribe to…!
^ This is just sad. 911 failed to respond in time, a guy died. >:O
^ Curling is the only intelligent sport in the Olympics. Sorry.
^ Unfortunately, my dad never does this; just yells a lot. And I just sleep a lot. :/
^ When you make the gap between an old concept and a new concept, it’s an information gap. If it’s small, you can easily cross it; if it’s large, you won’t want to cross it. Read on.
And yep, that’s all for today! I’m working on the links page now; hopefully it’ll be active by Wednesday.

Random Bison

Alright, so after hours of sleeping, I’ve figured out an acronym that goes along with R.A.N.D.O.M.: B.I.S.O.N. (Wow, something like :.:.:.: can be used for ASCII art…!).

What does this stand for now? [sarcasm] Because my acronym-making skillz are so amazing [/sarcasm], they actually stand for groups of words… -_-

Blog Organization.

Internet Stuff.

School Work.

Organization of Other Stuff.

Not-In-School Work.

So then, I’m guessing I should review myself ATM:

B: M. I: N. S: O. O: M. N: M.

Whoo, another thing that sorta looks like a word…! Basically, what that means is that I am epically failing at everything besides generally browsing the web, because I got that sorted out two days ago.

Unfortunately, I didn’t clean my room (I’ll post a picture of it uncleaned and cleaned tomorrow); however, I did go to the Richmond O-Zone. It really didn’t have many things to do; however, there were a ton of people, so I guess I just had fun because of the atmosphere…! Also, they made us dump out our drinks before we entered; that was pretty smart, as it both stopped possible bombings and made us buy drinks inside the venue, leading to more $$$…

Today was also the second most awesome hockey match of the Olympics; Canada vs. USA. It was exciting, up till when USA scored its fifth goal. Then it was sorta pointless… looking forward to their second match, if it does happen! That’s when we’ll get our revenge… >:D Also, during the TV broadcasting, I spotted several people holding up several.. interesting acronyms, such as TSN (The Superior Nation) or CTV (Canadian Team’s Victory). Funny thing is, that both of those are news channels… and the people holding up the signs were on completely opposite sides of the stadium…! The other unfortunate thing about this match (besides Canada losing) was that the internet completely stopped in Vancouver, especially at the end of each period; doing anything was completely impossible. Too many people were using the internet to tell people… stuff (me included). This made me double-tweet a lot… -_-

In other news, I am searching for a new twitter client…! I tried Brizzly, but that didn’t work; not only did it not provide an accurate graphical display of when there were new tweets, but it didn’t have multiple reply functions (forcing me to copypaste if I needed to reply to multiple people) and worked exactly the same as web; except less efficient. I’m trying Chromed Bird, since I recently moved to Chrome as my default browser; it’s working out pretty well as of right now. However, the perfect twitter client (if it was possible) for me would be a web-based client, the same as Twitter’s actual site, except with automatic updates (instead of pressing the “5 new tweets” button), and not skipping over tweets (which means, basically it doesn’t show you some tweets for some reason). Both these problems seem to be resolved with Chromed Bird, however, a final problem that isn’t resolved (that works in web) is hovering over “in reply to _____” messages and being able to see what the person replied to; Chromed Bird requires you to click on it to find out. However, one of the major benefits of Chromed Bird is that it’s a web-based add-on; in other words, it’s not a separate application that I have to open up every time;  nor a separate webpage that I have to open every time. It also allows me to tweet and immediately stop tweeting in case my superiors come by; that’s one trait that I doubt many other good clients have.

Finally, the links for today…

^ Another speech that I didn’t listen to yet; too long for me, at this point, so I’ll listen to it on Tuesday. But, as the link says, it’s a “mind-blowing speech”. That probably means it’s good. :P
^ Another wordpress post; there’s some interesting spikes in the RSS cloud… I’m guessing it’s just poisson distribution acting in again, but it could be because of a hoard of people suddenly surfing blogs or something…
^ If only I had that much time on my hands… giant superstructure (like the “Ark” in 2012) made out of… lego. O_o
^ Just found this site out through that link… I’m not going to post any more of these, but… well, they’re strange facts… that give me USELESS KNOWLEDGE…! :D
^ Send yourself an email… to the future…! Yay for time capsules! Except, now they’re in internet form… I sent myself an email, destined to be opened five years later… if I still keep my email address -_-
^ Hmm… seems like a super-google-I’m-feeling-lucky mixed with yahoo answers and ask.com… and it has to be in a question form! :D?
Alright, thanks for reading. Erm, I’ll add “about” pages and the such on Tuesday…! :D


…Yayz, today is #FantasyFriday (and to a smaller scale, #FollowFriday)… however, that also means tomorrow is #SuicideSaturday. No, that is not an actual tag. Or, a tag that is used by someone other than me.

I’ve found out that my project is now due next next Thursday; two days before Spring Break. Yay for procrastination and extending due dates.

Regarding the survey-thing yesterday; as the people who visited were mostly elementary students, I got a lot more experimentees from younger ages (to be exact, 7 people between the ages of 9 and 11). Some parents came too, so I also got more older experimentees; 9 between the ages of 35 and 55. Hopefully, this will help me localize my results before I present to two other classes; then again, I don’t have any immediate strong motivation to continue with my schoolwork… -_- For the survey, please sign up by emailing me at mushy.1337@yahoo.ca, mushyrulez@gmail.com, leaving me a note on my twitter (it’s pretty obvious what it is), or posting a comment below with your email, gender and age range.

Anyways, in other news, I’ve decided (through a lot of boredom) a system on how organized I am! …Since I love acronyms and the such, I’ve decided to name this system “R.A.N.D.O.M.” The letters, individually, stand for a group of words:

  • M stands for Massive Failure, because I couldn’t think of anything with Fail that began with M. (Mail Fission’d is too confusing)
  • O stands for On the Edge. Yes, I realize this is 3 words.
  • D stands for Dealing with it. This is, by far, my lamest acronym ever. I don’t need to know how bad it is, I can already tell.
  • N stands for Normal, because it’s normal and such.
  • A stands for Automated; basically, I usually have many things automated, where I can just click a single button (e.g. the restore session) to open up all of my “daily” items. This was where I was at before I started subscribing to 40 blogs -_-
  • R stands for Really Good. This is also Really Lame. T_T

…I’m be thinking of another acronym to determine which areas I apply R.A.N.D.O.M. in: right now, I’m at M, for pretty obvious reasons.

Tomorrow’s prolly gonna be another tiny post; so I’ll post down my Plan of Action for next week right now:

  • Create an About, Contact, and Links page.
  • Get up to A for… my internet stuff. Basically, I can’t really manage everything after just getting google reader and chrome. Also, looking for better twitter client than web.
  • Finish my project. Yes, this is impossible. Hooray for me.

Finally, the links for today and such…

^ Long article about the future of the internet. Long story short, it’s basically a discussion about whether the growth of technology, specifically the internet, will decrease our intelligence. Read through the /whole/ article; it’s actually quite interesting.
^ hahaha, pretty old article. However, I was just informed about this from my teacher; the term “politically correct” will be deemed politically incorrect soon enough…! D:
^ Not only does it shorten the URL, it also makes it suspicious! …basically, a useless tool that’s great for telling people not to click your link. I don’t get what the point of that is, but it does provide a few laughs…!
^ …I didn’t actually watch the whole thing; heck, I didn’t even watch the first minute…! But if you have the time, this seems quite interesting. Tell me what it’s about too -_-

No Actual Content Yet

:@ …I’m stuck between a rock, a hard place, some spikes, and poison-covered candy.

…So, it happens that I now have another, completely unrelated project also due this week, in addition to my survey-project. That’d be the rock.

…The hard place is that I still have my normal load of homework, which is a lot of homework. I can’t really balance both of those.

…Then, I have a couple of spikes; my extra-curricular work is also starting to weigh in on me; a 10-page Chinese essay does put some stress on you… -_-

…And then the poison-covered candy: obviously, that’d be t3h interwebz. The funny thing is, I’m actually starting to get stressed on surfing the internet too; I recently subscribed to 40 blogs (that I actually read), made this blog (that isn’t actually a blog), got an account on twitter (but don’t really tweet), as well as organized many stupid things, including the downloading of Chrome and deletion of Firefox history (manually, cause this is a shared computer), the re-start of my scrapped flash game, and completely reorganizing my 9.38 GB folder of files…

…Basically, I have only 3 options left for me to pass the time, organized by my preference;

1. …Continue doing what I’m doing right now. That is to say, continue procrastinating… If I stop all organization of random stuff, I should be able to barely get an acceptable project for school.

2. Focus all on homework. …This means that I probably won’t do any internet stuff for the week; however, it guarantees an awesome project.

3. Focus all on organization. This will be best in the long run (meaning, this will be best after a couple of days), cause it means I won’t have to trip over my stuff every single day… however, in the short term, it’s just a waste of time (yes, this includes cleaning my room ’cause I can either have everything organized or nothing organized)…

Funny thing is, no matter the option, it still means no content for this “blog” at all.

Anyways, share your thoughts and stuff; I know you won’t, because this blog sucks, but… meh, it was worth a try.

Oh yes, and for some actual interesting stuff after reading that (if you bothered to):


^ supposed to be some sort of shmup game; I haven’t tried it, as I’m fogged with other stuff; and, it won’t load. But apparently, it’s supposed to be pretty good.. :/

Holy crap, edit: The flash does work now! Trying it out now, even though it’s 11:22 and I’m already halfway asleep :/


^ interesting article… it sorta shocks me how… illogical… people can be. No offense, but I sorta doubt that most “Christians” actually follow the bible… as a whole (yes, I’m being stereotypical here…) they’re the largest hypocrites on the planet. But please don’t take any offense…


^ funny thing is, after going through several.. not-as-high-quality Kongregate games, I’ve realized that almost all the lower-rated (e.g. <2.50) are all copies. I’ve seen literally, hundreds of snake clones now; it’s amazing people can still upload them without having an overlap of names… however, I have seen enough “Awesome snake 1.0” and “cool snake 2.5″s to make me doubt it… eventually, it’ll go to something like “awesome cool nice super Mushyrulez’s fun snake 1.5738R5” because there’s already 5 “awesome cool nice super Mushyrulez’s fun snake 1.57382″‘s….!

Yep, that’s all for today… wow, I actually posted something people might like to read -_-

Pre-Actual Content Content

…Hahaha, so this post has actual content….

…So, basically, in case any of you were wondering what on earth this blog is for, I have no reasons….

…However, the reason I’m spamming/advertising and posting stuff on here is for solely one purpose:

A school survey.

…I have a school survey to conduct; it’s a term-long project, with a self-chosen topic. The topic that I have chosen to study is… well, how annoying different sounds are to… people. -_-

Which means I need data. I was expecting a bit more than one person to comment, and thus give me an appropriate number of people to expect to complete the basic survey.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, which means.. I WILL HAVE TO SPAM PEOPLE!

…I won’t release the survey until later tomorrow or the day after; but before that, you can entertain yourself with a few pictures that I took today:

Stupid Puzzle Generator -_-

Oh yeah, this was also my 1337th tweet… and this happened too:

…And so, erm, I might add actual content tomorrow or something; but I can’t really think of anything to put onto here T_T help pl0x?

Real First Post

Alright… so this is the real first post…!

If you are reading this, post a comment below, so that I know how many people there are who are reading this… (well, that was a bit too obvious…)

This is being posted far earlier than I scheduled it to be; the reason is because of a survey (that I have unfortunately been spamming many places with) that I have to conduct for a school project…

I am now in the process of spamming this link instead, as it is easier to type, and can also fit into a tweet.

If you are seeing this right now, I probably spammed your forum/thread/inbox, and then you chose to come here.

This is purely a test post; this is to see how many people will come…

Please, tell other people that you know to come here too; I will update somewhat daily…

The next post (tomorrow or something) will contain the details of the actual survey.

Until then, entertain yourself with these links:





Thanks for visiting, check back tomorrow pl0x…!