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Leonardo da Vinci: The Genius and Science World’s Redesign (x-post Frivolous Verbosities)

This is from Frivolous Verbosities. If you like it, go there for more of my weird stuff!

Today I went to the Da Vinci: The Genius exhibition at the Telus World of Science, brought there by Grande Exhibitions, an exhibition company that travels worldwide.

There I was not only amazed at Leonardo’s genius and the incredible creation of his designs and blueprints. I was also amazed by the tremendous amount of work done to Science World.


Seeing Seattle’s Seas

In a pitiful attempt to introduce new scheduled posts à la Musical Mondays, it’s time to pitifully attempt to schedule new introduction posts with a new tag: Vendredis de Vacances! Which means ‘Fridays of Vacation’ in French, which I had to make in french to keep its alliterative qualities, for no weekday begins with a ‘V’. Anyhow, these posts will have me talk about my ~marvelous adventures~ in being an overbearing first-world snob and wasting money on frivolous tours.

So. Yep. Seattle. Again.

It’s a vacation post. Expect pretty pictures. Prepare for letdown. (HINT: The link in the above paragraph actually contains PRETTY PICTURES!!) Death of my life, it’s my character to only take ugly pictures

watashi no kyarutaipu wa terrible da»

May the Fourth Be With You

Yes, I know. The pun doesn’t even make sense, because y’know, it’s actually May 6th right now and I’m lying to you guys about this post date. But guess what, O-New TRANSCENDS time and space, and I can post bad puns ANYWHERE, ANYTIME I want to. DEAL WITH IT

In this post which is not about anime nor manga and is instead about the life of the most boring person to ever walk the earth, I will talk about:

  1. May the Fourth
  2. How I’ve Only Watched the First Episode of Star Wars
  3. Dropbox Contests
  4. Cinco de Mayo
  5. Birthday Presents
  6. How I’m Not a Nerd Because I Don’t Play Video Games
  7. How I Learned to Love the Aniblog Tourney
  8. Flower Pictures
  9. Your Face
  10. Outdoor Track Meets
  11. Your Mother’s Face

Rest assured, I will touch upon every single one of those topics, and in that order!!

Yes, I will also touch your mother’s face»

Snow-New Picture Dump

As some of you may know, it recently snowed in Vancouver.

GET IT?! O-New, Snow-New? O-New stands for ‘ostriches never eat wheat’, while Snow-New stands for ‘snow never occurs when north Europe waits’. That doesn’t have much to do with this picture dump, but oh well.

sorry, north oceania was not endangering wildcats»

Back from Vacation

Yep, 17 days of vacation over from a visit to Historich. I’ll be breaking the post into two main parts, one of (gasp) the first half of my vacation and the second of (gasp) the second half of my vacation, since one post would be too image-heavy and I WANT TO UPLOAD ALL OF THESE IMAGES (really, both posts are more picture dumps than actual posts)! Unfortunately, I forgot which half came first, as I’m writing this post AT SEPTEMBER 5TH, A DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS. I don’t even REMEMBER what I did because I LOST THE DOUBLE-SIDED SHEET OF PAPER I TOOK ALL MY NOTES ON :|

Wait, back up a bit.



Swimming Picture Dump 5

IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! no wait its just a person jumping

Fat kid in lane 2 WHICH IS REALLY Cirno in realistic human form with gender change


I used to have those pink goggles. Then they broke.

HA my armspan is longer than my height, take that physics!


Moar fly. no clue why they called it that though

why doesnt the metal on the blocks rust?

That’s the div 4 kigoo provincial team.

:) Awesome vandalism

Swimming Picture Dump 4

Peek-a-boo! No, jk. He’s anti-social.

Us Kigoos are pro’s at skipping. Also, notice how we’re all wearing crocs.

Epic dive

Blastoise! I choose you!

Tired person after race.

We’re all running off to do cheers.


Dum dum dum dum.

There tends to be a lot of waiting in between races, some parents make their kids to Kumon

Concentration is key in a race