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Seeing Seattle’s Seas

In a pitiful attempt to introduce new scheduled posts à la Musical Mondays, it’s time to pitifully attempt to schedule new introduction posts with a new tag: Vendredis de Vacances! Which means ‘Fridays of Vacation’ in French, which I had to make in french to keep its alliterative qualities, for no weekday begins with a ‘V’. Anyhow, these posts will have me talk about my ~marvelous adventures~ in being an overbearing first-world snob and wasting money on frivolous tours.

So. Yep. Seattle. Again.

It’s a vacation post. Expect pretty pictures. Prepare for letdown. (HINT: The link in the above paragraph actually contains PRETTY PICTURES!!) Death of my life, it’s my character to only take ugly pictures

watashi no kyarutaipu wa terrible da»

O-REW 8: Baka-Raptor

[Note: Why is this O-REW 8 when the previous O-REW seemed to be O-REW 6? Well, I manipulated the boundaries of time and space to rewrite a post from a year ago, and that’s O-REW 7, which nobody (well, maybe four people) has read yet. So go read it!]

Yes, all the recent posts are random and stupid posts. But I can’t post anything else! The only other things I can post are anime posts, manga posts, anime half season reviews, and manga quarterly reviews. However:

– I can’t post anime posts because I can’t watch any anime in the Winter season without finishing my Winter Season Preview, and Hyouge Mono’s next episode is not out;
– I can’t post manga posts because ST&RS and Ore no Kouhai are not out;
– I can’t post anime half season reviews because I can’t watch any anime in the Fall season without finishing my Fall Third Review;
– I can post manga quarterly reviews, but they take too long to get ready.

Thus, all these posts are just stalling until I finally finish my Winter Preview or Fall Reviews. Which won’t happen anytime soon.

Anyways, as you may have noticed, all of my recent posts have many things that don’t actually deal with the subject of the post – whether it’s about Portal 2, Katawa Shoujo, Chinese school, or feminist conspiracies. Thus, I have resolved to resolve this error in this post, which is coincidentally neither about resolving errors nor about resolving to resolve errors. Instead, it is about Baka-Raptor, known to most of the English-speaking world as ‘Baka-Raptor’.

And in France, ‘le raptore-baka’»

Gin no Saji Manga Quarterly Review 2

Well, the past three posts were all rewrite historys. Coincidence? I THINK NOT

How couldn’t I»