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You see a pretentious guy. You want to PUNCH HIM ON THE FACE.

Hey, everybody. This is your desperate despotic director, Mushyrulez, dictating.

Thank you, everyone, for your INTENSE cooperation in not killing me for spamming these recruiting posts around twitter ten times a day for ten days. I didn’t know that this many people actually read my blog. I suppose ‘my blog’ doesn’t work anymore, since now, we’ve grown to a BIG BLOG of one full-time blogger and three bloggers-who-will-probably-not-post-more-than-a-post-a-fortnight. So, I’m really thankful to all you readers of O-NEW (which is STILL NOT AN ANIME BLOG jeez gosh) for your NON-NEGATIVE reaction to these posts.

tl;dr: let’s let a pretentious guy make his first post. I want to PUNCH HIM ON THE FACE.

Click to punch»

O-New is Recruiting New Bloggers

Post-Post Edit: Entries are closed for now; I just realized that managing so many bloggers when you have such a shitty DESIGN will make all of your bloggers WHINE. Whatever, it’s not like I’m a good manager or anything =3=

The title’s self-explanatory. If you need me to explain the title, there’s something wrong with your head.

I’m sticky-ing this post as a reference post. If you’re a regular to O-New (yeah right!), and you’re just thinking to yourself (yeah right!), “Man, I’d really love to read more articles on O-New (yeah right!), but Mushy only posts one article a day (this is true)!” Worry not, because I’ve posted a plethora of unfinished posts over the past week, and here’s the post where I add links to them after they’re finished.

Stay tuned~!

February 9th: Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 2 (a post with my AUSTRALIAN translation of BURAKKU★ROKKU SHUUTAA, which may or may not be completely accurate, seeing as I’m not Australian);

February 12th: Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 6 (a post about PARADOXES and how there CAN’T BE paradoxes in Steins;Gate because NOTHING MAKES SENSE and SENSE MAKES NOTHING);

A Filler Post 22

Aw fuck.

Yep, even with this long weekend, I’ve not enough times to write a post for this day. So, as you can see, I/we/O-New’s really looking for new bloggers. Doesn’t matter who you are or how badly you write (actually, it might matter how badly you write) – we’ll accept you as a blogger no matter what (actually, if you write /that/ badly, we’ll reject you).

Even if you don’t want to be a full-time part-time blogger at O-New (the only full-time part-time blogger at O-New is houraiguy, and he last posted two months ago), you can write as a guest blogger and write guest posts whenever you want! We’ll probably publish them as long as you don’t write too badly.

tl;dr: fillers

Single Hell, Single Hell, for Two Years (and Counting)

Yep, I’ve been single.

For two years now.

Exactly two years.

Apart from those few kids who wrote some posts last last summer.

And houraiguy, of course, but as he says:

“””O-New is a very unteamlike blog.”””

But it’s been two years of posting one post, every day, without pause. This is my 670th post.

It’s been tough, and I can’t hold on much longer.

So, we’re looking for YOU.

To write for O-NEW.

I’m the mime of rhymes»

2012 Winter Anime First Impressions Part One

Oh, hey. Welcome to February. Note that the first anime of this season aired nearly a month ago (Natsume, on January 3rd). Back in my day, they called me the lATEM@STER. Because I write posts. That are late. Hahaha. That’s not even a pun what am I typing

Here, read my season previews. They’re decent. And by decent I mean they’re not horrible. That is to say, they’re merely bad and/or mediocre. Just read those god-damned posts and come back here and read this god-damned post and like, just, damn yourself, god

Before anyone accuses me of espousing anime as an entertaining, interesting, and fun medium of communication, let me disclaim myself with a disclaimer that I believe fully fits the mood of this post.

[Disclaimer: ANIME SUCKS]

I wear anime sucks in my anime shoes»

Recruiting 2

Well, I’ve recruited someone… yay!

It was really really hard to choose who to pick, because there were just SO MANY applications…

It took FOREVER even just to LOOK at every single one of them…!

…Er, actually there were only 2 applications :X

Anyways, the new poster is someone I know from real life, so I dunno what to call him on the interwebz (this is why people should just use one username for everything >:O)…

…I guess he’ll write his introductions, hopefully on time and all that.

In the meantime, I’ll be spending all my time focusing on my final project and chinese exam (#SuicideSaturday); hopefully I’ll be back next Sunday, at the latest…

I’ll have some aniposts out after Tuesday though :D (hopefully)…

In a side note, this is officially my 100th post (not counting system posts, it’d be something like 105 if you counted them though :/)…!

So I guess I’m leaving with a bang.


^ Arrange of Deaf to all but the song; it’s much slower :D

^ オリエンタルダークフライト remix…? Gets sorta repetitive after a while but still interesting…!


Well, as you know, I’ve been somewhat neglecting this blog with fillers and the like (views dropped down to 10 as of today), so…

I’m recruiting new bloggers to blog for my site…!

…I’m pretty sure noone will apply though >_>

Anyways, you need to be able to make something like a post a day (prolly less cause I’m still alive), not want to steal all of my money from my bank account of which the number may or may not be in a post draft, and I have to at least know you personally (not exactly IRL, but like, I know who you are… if you’re a Nigerian prince, GTFO)…

I’m putting this up for a while because I want to actually do stuff in Summer and not post stuff all day, so… :D if you volunteer!

Oh and no pay/compensation/wage, sorry (why would you even want pay?!)