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You Say Tuesdays: Rainbow Poetry

“Wait just a minute!” you won’t exclaim, because you don’t know who’s writing this post. “Mushyrulez is on vacation! And Mushyrulez is writing this post!”

That’s patently untrue, as Mushyrulez is not writing this post; Mushyrulez has written this post. Before he went on his cruise to control. I mean, his caps to lock. My caps to lock. I don’t know.

It’s time for another You Say Tuesday. “What are those!?” you won’t exclaim, because you’re gone. My answer: I don’t even know…

This week, it’s time for a challenge. What’s the challenge?

Write one poem. Every day. For a week.

Who’s doing the challenge?

Probably nobody besides me. I call it ‘Rainbow Poetry’ because these seven poems will each be based around an emotion and a colour, but if anybody else wants to participate, feel free to write any number of poems about any number of things. Feel free to not write any poems at all! You won’t really be participating, but… y’know, it’s the thought that counts (not really).

I’m doing this because there’s been a horrid dearth of posts for the past seventy years, and these seven poems will be just enough to fill up a week at O-New. Furthermore, colours are beautiful and I’ve never explored literary colour before (compared to visual colour and musical colour), so this will be a cool experience. Finally, on my cruise, I’ve nothing to do but to think, and… why not think poetry?

So it’s decided. Furthermore, ’cause restraints promote creativity, I’m restraining myself to 140 words a poem. It’s not too short, not too long, and I can make some unrelated reference to twitter now.

I’ll summarize this post up with my seven poems next week. Will I actually post poems while on my cruise? No. Will I come up with one poem every day? …I’ll probably write them all next Tuesday. WHATEVER, ENJOY YOUR NON-MUSHY O-NEW

O-NEB 5: The Phantom Tollbooth

I don’t read books very often. But when I do, I usually can’t put the book down, whether it’s good or bad.

So, simply because I read through Norton Juster’s the Phantom Tollbooth in one sitting isn’t a good argument for it being a great book.

Thus, this post will give good arguments to convince you that it is, indeed, a great book.

Here, I have created a picture to prove it so, because a picture is worth a thousand words:

‘The Phantom Tollbooth is a great book.’ is a great picture»

Obligatory New Years Update

Alright, I’m still on vacation (if I were back home, I’d edit off this sentence, so you know that I’m still on vacation), but that doesn’t stop me from creating obligatory picture-less dull posts celebrating an arbitrary date that signifies it’s been a year since the last time this date came by, which was, surprisingly, exactly a year ago!

Read that post instead, it’s longer more colourful!

Anyways, because this is an obligatory update, I guess I’ll have to update you guys on how the date has been ‘upped’ from 2011 to 2012! HAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS A JOKE

But seriously, updates:

1. Horizon post not going to come out until I come back from vacation, obviously, as the episode wasn’t released when I went away.

2. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION: to go to Anime Club more. Seriously, going to Anime Club is like smoking anti-weed – you know it’s good for you, but you just don’t want to go. Wait, it’s good for me…?

3. …I can’t think of anything else.

4. Apocalypse coming in twelve months and twenty-something-odd days! Hurrah!

5. Fall 2011 Mid-season review still not up because I’m still on episode 4 of every show this season…

6. Logically, you wouldn’t expect the Winter 2012 preview to be up either… which is why it’s not up. UNLIKE THE YEAR WHICH IS UP HAHAHAHAHAHA

7. Happy New Years, everybody~!

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 15 [Completed]



No. 6 8

I’m posting this so soon after the Tiger & Bunny post because it takes too much time to write an HSR, so I’ll write that after I get back. Also because REDLINE

Seeing as I have so little time left (writing this the night of the 26th) and won’t be editing anything anytime soon, I might as well make all the images for No. 6 be of scenery now ┐(´ー`)┌

pls dun say ‘u r lazy’»

Btooom! Manga Quarterly Review

(Hey, Batoto‘s layout changed! So last night, when I was writing this post, I was going to Batoto to get some screenshots but SUDDENLY, MAINTENANCE! ):

I should now be on vacation (hopefully not at the setting of Btooom!), so wow I’m rushed to write posts (and man, this post is loooooooong). Five posts to write today (from the Criticism post hopefully to Buyuden 21).

Blame bad branders, but boy, Btooom! begins by ‘b’, just like Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Bakuman, Beelzebub, Bleach, Blood Lad, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, and Buyuden.


Blood Lad 6

Staz and Wolf start fightin’…

dems fightin’ words»

Hyouge Mono 2


Obligatory Pre-Birthday Yet Post-Birthday Birthday Post

Oh, guess what?

It’s my Birthday, it seems.

But with more cake than her»

Hyouge Mono 1

The best anime of the season begins with the most catchy OP of the season, as expected.

And the best art»

Archivical Binging

The proper word is Archival, but that does not matter.

Go! Read my previous posts starting from April the First (What do you call tools that you only use in April? ALLERGIES! Wait that’s horrible), because I’ve updated a bunch!

Actually, I’ve updated them all!

Since they were updated in a pretty floppy order, subscribe to our feed (on the left) – where you’ll be able to see everything that I post, in the order that I post them in!

Note: I’m still on vacation and if this hasn’t been edited out, I have presumably had no access to computers during my stay. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE MAKING NINE POSTS ON ONE DAY? Now, to just hope that abd/Hourai haven’t hijacked the hell out of this blahg yet…

2011 Spring Anime First Impressions

So, what did I think of the season?


And Hiatus, Again~

And now I’m gone for three weeks.

Don’t read on»

Steins;Gate – Boukan no Rebellion 2

Totally didn’t edit that.

And thus starts the first of my on vacation posts. New tag for posting while I’m away – Remote Posting. Except I’m on my last remo*shot*

Dammit, I’ve gotta write all of them within this 15-minute period :| In fact, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish, so I’ll have to rewrite history when I come back.


Sorry, you’re dead already

Anyways, a brief summary of the first chapter – in the year 2036, everyone’s a zombie. Amane Suzuha obtains a time machine from her father, Barrel Titor, and sets out to change the past.

Nothing really happens in the second, except backstory for Suzuha’s mom and dad and how they went MOE MOE KYUN~

The scientists try to appear smart by compounding on some twisted version of the World-Line Theory (Did I mention that it doesn’t exist?), in which humans somehow matter, and non-materialistic events such as Suzuha’s father dying is a major thing in the world. SERN’s (yeah, it’s not CERN) rule over the world is also apparently a major event that cannot be avoided, because human social relationships TOTALLY matter to the universe.

Anyways, they say that if a large enough event were to happen, the future of the world would shift completely from SERN’s hegemony and into a new scramble of events. The closest possibility is having the Future Gadget Research Institute (lead by Rintarou, and the main character/group of Steins;Gate) obtain the IBN5100 to hack into SERN’s servers, deleting all their time travel data and thus saving the world from world peace.

Suzuha decides to travel back in time to 1975, get the IBN5100, wait 35 years, and hand it over to Rintarou in 2010.

However, her mother gets stabbed to death by one of SERN’s operatives.

OK, what? How do they know about which world-line they’re currently converging on? Why doesn’t the SERN operative just travel in time back to 2010 and kill Suzuha? Why doesn’t one SERN guy just kill everyone else and take control of the world? And how does Suzuha know about the Future Gadget Research Institute, if not even SERN knows about it (and with good reason – you don’t just go monitoring every single college student in the world cause you think they hacked into your servers)?

This 99% reality, 1% fantasy really isn’t working. It’s more like 70% fantasy, 2% science, 8% reality, and 20% pure bullshit.

Yandere end is best end – you always get out a head. [stolen from des’lar]


Merry Christmas~


It’s the 26th o’er at London there, but it’s still gonna be the 25th in Canadia when this post is published.

I’m hopefully sleeping in bed or something equally entertaining currently; for those of us in less welcoming situations, I do hope you’ll lighten up, for it’s that time of year again.

To those who are living in more comfortable scenarios right now, you have no idea how much I >:|

Once again, have very nice Christmases everyone~!

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