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A System Post

…Well, there haven’t been many of these for some time :/

Anyways, I added some stuff to the left hand screen (did you ever notice that? There’s a sidebar ohmigosh), but they’re all useless. RSS seems to be broken… I won’t bother fixing it, but there’s a subscribe at the very bottom of the sidebar. Email subscriptions would be good, however, you’ll get spammed :/

Er, I also deleted the links; I’m working on an actual links page, however, it will only include links that I have O-REW’d or else there’d be too many to look at at once. I’ll organize those later too.

..Yeah, I guess that’s it… er, my next task with the blog is to actually get all of those links ready for a review, so that I can add them to the page. Then I might learn some HTML to make this look less bad >_>

System RSSsStuffz

Thanks to certain helpful links for.. helping me with this matter…

So, first of all, links.

I’ve realized that there’s actually a blogroll, and thus I don’t have to create a links page. Unfortunately, this blogroll is gonna be pretty big… so, as a solution, I put in my favourite (by that, I mean most interesting blog that updates semi-often) in the blogroll, and the rest in the links page… hopefully this will work until I can figure out a solution (the one I have in mind is having randomly selected links appear every reload, so that you don’t have to click the links page to browse links and you don’t always see the same ones)…

Secondly, the skin.

…I’ve changed the skin, and I’ll see if this works… I might change it again, but that’s something for later (and not just because I’m procrastinating)…

Thirdly, automated posts…

…Does anyone know how to configure an automated post…? I’m not gonna be really active on the week right after the break, but I’ve got enough time now to make enough posts to fill all those days…

Never mind, found out while adjusting the date for this post…! :O

Finally, the RSS.

Creating it itself was pretty simple (the step-by-step guide helped -_-)… however, there was a hitch halfway through, where wordpress updated one of their posts; thankfully, this actually made it easier…!

…So, if you’re reading this, subscribe now…! :D

(So that you can get updates without me spamming links)


Well, the day before yesterday seemed to have a lot of views that came because I pinged back Brad Borne’s blog… if any of you readers are from there, please check this blog daily too (at exactly or before 0:00 GMT, at least one new post will be up)…! Right now I’m giving you no reasons to, because there are no reasons to, but I’ll post something useful in here later…!

Right now, I’m figuring out how to configure a feed and all that; will system post later (again)…

…Anyways, links…!


^ Some guy tries to make an argument.. it sorta fails… (religion based)


^ @rune_devros and a bunch of other people have created a new version of Lost Sky Project… it’s a TH SRPG; I haven’t played it yet, but from the looks of it, it sorta looks like Fire Emblem… I’ll play this later (once again)…


^ Yep, the debate about FF, Chrome, and Opera rages on! Here’s an article comparing all of them…! Apparently Chrome’s the best, but Opera’s better for flash gaming… I’ll switch… later…


^ Update your twitter with funny statuses…! No comment (might comment later… j/k).

That’s all for now… I’ll update more.. later…



This faic is happy! So don't be mad about my rant!

So, this is a rant.

On MSPaint.

Don’t get me wrong, I love MSPaint. It allows me to draw stuff really quickly (and with really low quality).

What I don’t like is the amount of bugs in it.

MSPaint is so amazingly simple that a bug in it would be unheard of. I mean, seriously, even I could code MSPaint; it’s just selecting a bunch of colours, selecting the width of the brush, selecting what type of brush, and voila, MSPaint. What’s more, it’s made by Microsoft, a big company that could afford to hire bug testers and fixers (now that I think about it, I realize that Microsoft is the opposite of quality).

The most amazing thing is, most of these bugs weren’t in the XP version of MSPaint (I’m using Vista right now, the worst system ever invented).

First of all, why doesn’t Paint have a function that allows you to make your brush larger?

Some people WANT to draw larger than 20 pixels a stroke. Some people actually want to colour things in with SHADING, instead of just using the paint bucket tool (named paint bucket for how crude it is) to just colour one section.

Yes, I realize that the XP version did allow you to change that (though it was well hidden by the sneaky programmers), but Vista seems to have this function disabled. What use is it to take out a function out of a program anyways..? I guess Bill Gates is too smart for me then -_-

Secondly, why does paint automatically save in a .JPG? And why the heck does the .JPG add random pixels into an area I never coloured? I understand that a .JPG uses less space than a .BMP, but I think most people would like their picture PRESERVED instead of manipulated by the laws of who-knows-what. Also, this makes their paint bucket do absolutely nothing; I colour in a seemingly blank white section, and guess what? IT’S NOT COLOURED! So what do I do? I have to use the brush to go over it! EXCEPT THE BRUSH ISN’T LARGE ENOUGH! -Microsoft uses waste time! Mushz’s time is wasted! He rants about Microsoft and how stupid it is!-

Finally, I wish to congratulate Microsoft on a successful attempt to waste my time. You win. ;-;


Just to make it fair...

Also, does anyone know how to get a RSS feed up…? I needz help D:

…Anyways, links for today…!

^ A guy attempts to use a Vacuum cleaner to become spiderman and scale a building…!
^ Part two of the Spiderman Vacuum Gloves..!
^ A day in the life of NYC; really busy… at first, I thought this was stop-motion in, literally, a miniature sandpit… but then I realized it was an actual timelapse video… :O
^ According to data, defendants are more likely to be sentenced to death if they kill a “high-ranked” victim… Could just be a coincidence, but with today’s society, I doubt it…
^ I’m not sure if this is a bot or not… it’s a clever bot, if it is -_-