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The Rise of Fall

Alternative Title: The Fall of Summer
(I’ll probably use that next year)

Talk about oxymorons!

I spent half an hour searching for two good pictures related to Fall. It’s interesting, people who draw people and faces well generally don’t care about the background, and people who draw backgrounds well generally aren’t that good at drawing faces.

(Pictures are linked to Safebooru, click for source; photos are resized to 1020 or 768px, click for full size if available)

Autumn is for Englishmen»

Going, Going, Gone: Back to School

Now that I’m back from vacation (I’d add a link but I can’t as I haven’t written that post yet! Instead, I’ll add a link to a post I wrote about my /other/ vacation way back in May, when I went to China and fired all my writers for not writer-ing.), it’s time to go back to school!

(from Safebooru)

Back not as in go back a grade, or twelve»

「永夜返し -待宵-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Paschal Moon-”

Ah, the Paschal Moon. It’s still a full moon right now, isn’t it? Just like it was before.

An invisible full moon.

This is (hopefully) the last instalment of this series for some time, while I get the posts actually organized. For that matter, I’ve arranged a list of all the dates posts were missed, and that I should post on, along with links to the finished posts. This way, you can quickly read over the posts that I will be publishing, later.

Friday, November 26th: Shiki Half Season Review 2
Monday, November 29th:
Thursday, December 2nd
Friday, December 3rd: Shiki Half Season Review 3
Saturday, December 4th: SWOT 18
Monday, December 6th:
Tuesday, December 7th:
Thursday, December 9th: Donten Prism Solar Car 3
Saturday, December 11th:
Wednesday, December 15th: SWOT 19
Friday, December 17th:
Saturday, December 18th: Donten Prism Solar Car 4
Thursday, December 30th: 2010 Winter Anime
Friday, December 31st: Angel Beats! Another Epilogue [Completed]
Sunday, January 2nd:
Monday, January 3rd:

Heh, I think I’m getting better at this ‘Rewrite History’ thing then Keine :v