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O-New: Weekend Review

July is just around the corner. No, I don’t mean ‘in a week’ or ‘in two days’, I mean in approximately one hour it will be July in London. And now that’s a problem for us here at O-New because things happen on July, including Canada Day, Flare’s Birthday, and a whole host of other things which rhyme with Day including Olé, Nikkei, Essay, and Weigh. Yes, those four items do add up to O-NEW which is the topic of our discussion today: another weekend review.

Review on, i.e. view again»

O-REW 13: Frivolous Verbosities

Frivolous Verbosities. What is a frivolous verbosity?

Friv·o·lous (adj.) of little or no weight, worth, or importance.
Ver·bos·i·ty (n.) the state or quality of being verbose.
Ver·bose (adj.) using or containing an excess of words, so as to be pedantic or boring.

Simply put, Frivolous Verbosities is a worthless, boring blog. Or at least you’d expect it to be.

But it actually isn’t. Now that I’ve caught your intention, I’m sure that you’ll refrain from closing this tab immediatel-hey what did I say

It’s a BLAHg»

O-REW 12: Eye Sedso

Glo should go low.


Because Eye Sedso

…is the worst ISSS on the planet.

International Stationary Stationed Station»

Another New International Information Sharing and Storage Site Tournament

It is motherfucking on. O-New’s now an ISSS and there are only two ISSSs, so we’re eligible to participate in the finals.

(Voting starts whenever we pull a poll up. Voting hasn’t started yet!! So in the meantime…)

Strange Brains Ferment Sex Like Pickles; another Fridge Magnet Fiction Friday writing prompt, courtesy of 2DT and Pierre-Yves Bouthyette.

With 100% more science»

The Aniblog Tourney, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Admit That O-New Sucks


As we enter into the month of May, it’s now been two weeks since our round against Shameful Otaku Secret, and Round 2 has officially started! I put an exclamation mark there, but it’s not an exclamation mark of excitement; it’s an exclamation mark of HATRED. And DISGUST. And O-NEW.

So, in fact, the word is ‘unwell’, not ‘well’.



O-REW 11: trzr23

This is a terrible idea.

Not for me, for I’ll get at least several hundred visitors each day from trzr23’s blog, the subject of this post.

No, for him, because nobody will read this post. Except for maybe himself. Here, this post was looking pretty lonely, so it’s time to add some actual content. And pictures!! I never add pictures in an O-REW. Consider this a special post especially for trzr23! Oh wait, that’s the subject of this post…

Except I’m writing in passive voice»

A Post Repealing WordPress’s Affiliate Links Detection System Regarding FileSonic

EDIT: Hey! Guess what? WordPress support replied, and fixed the problem!


I only posted this post because I’ve no other posts to post, so here it is: a post repealing WordPress’s affiliate links detection system regarding FileSonic.

you can’t spell ‘repeal’ without ‘epea’»

Two Years of Cheer


So it’s been two years, two years since I made the first post on this blog that I didn’t delete.

*deletes post*»

How To Break Your Keyboard!

Full title: How To Break Your Keyboard Without Lessons In Several Easy Steps In Half The Time Of The Leading Keyboard-Dismantlement Booklet!!: Premium Gold Platinum Silver Edition (50% Off! Clearance Sale): As Seen On TV*


only 5 easy payments of $99.99 to the power of 99

In this handy DIY from guest writer Houraiguy, “we” disprove the myth that keyboards are HARD to break! You, too, can smash your typing equipment with A Few Easy Steps in our book(let), “A Few Easy Steps”.

“Let’s” “Get” “Started” “!”»

O-REW 6: learn.dvorak.nl

the tenth teeth stun these nuts»

O-NEG 15: Hell

The game is not, verbatim, called “hell”.

However, the game is, verbatim, “hell”.


O-NEG 14: CellCraft

You craft phones»

O-REW 5: Kongregate

Kong, Greg ate»

O-NEG 13: Road of the Dead

Drive On»

Hourou Musuko and Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica 11

[Announcement: HOLY SHIT, LOOK AT HOW MANY VIEWS I SUDDENLY GOT. I think for some reason our YuChoy’s Pedo Bear post, which was actually just an image, which was actually /ripped/ off of someone else (I don’t condone this), got to the top of Google’s Image Search, and a swarm of ‘pedo bear’ searching people decided to click on it. A LOT. It’s like, holy shit what?]

Eh, since they were both so recently released, I figured I would write about both of them in this post.

More Homumoe~»

Shiki Half Season Review 2

“I don’t want to be in a poorly written post about a series that aired months ago!!”

Well, too bad.

I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy being dead either»

O-REW 3: Google Translate

To foster multiculturalism, all elements of this site are transferred from numerous diverse languages, such as Polish, Azerbaijani, Yiddish, and Swahili.

After a long delay, the fourth edition of O-New’s Review of Entertaining Websites is finally out – but this time, instead of entertainment, we’re looking to functionality.

Have you ever had to translate something?


Google Translate saves your preferences, so when you open it next time, it’ll have the same translate from- and to- languages.

With a hefty database of fifty-six languages, every major language is included (and a few minor ones too).

What’s more, it loads quite fast; no ads, no subscriptions, and…


What’s more, Google Translate has its built in ‘instant’ function, so now you can search INSTANTLY, because hitting the enter key takes too much work for some of us.

Is this a filler post? Maybe so.

But remember – whenever you need something to translate, you should always use, GOOGLE TRANSLATE.