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Commando Flare on posting duty


Hi! My name is Flare and for today I decided to go ahead and make a post with some random crap. Also, my name is Flare!

So…it’s 9.50 PM here right now, and I am staying in front of my laptop while thinking what the hell should I write about in this post.At first I thought that maybe I should write again about the Unpopular-girl-Manga-thing-Mushy-lemon,but…I don’t know.The last chapters that came out were really bad in my opinion and…the recent doujin works based on the project that I saw made me hate it even more.Yeah…I HATE IT!!!You know, this is pretty common for projects.In most cases, once they become popular, both fans and the author/s start to **** on the project hard.HARD!

…and this is why the best “Gems” are the ones that are hidden well.

I also thought about writing some stuff about NEET-ness, but the idea sounds pretty stupid and…there’s already Mushy’s posts so why bother?

[Short opinion about Anime seasons.This season-Bad/Poor/Weak Next season-Awesome-o-fantastic!]

Writing about video games-not a good idea too, since video games are pretty bad thing.This is why I am following my dream of being a super villain who makes video games to waste the life time of others.[Not really!]{Video games are not bad and are not a waste of time.If you look at things logically, in the end all things will be a waste for a person when Mr.the reaper comes and steal his/her briefs/panties.}

“Ahhh…the sh**y posts we read”! -By Flare