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Sickin’ Around

It’s a pun, alright! It’s the only thing I can do now that I’m sick. Or should I say, stick?

…No, wait, that doesn’t even make sense.

Anyways, remember the good ol’ days of YTV before I discovered good ol’ 4kids’s horrible dub of One Piece and back when everything sucked? Well, everything still sucks now, but at least anime wasn’t as entertaining as good ol’ bad YTV cartoons. Yes, everything sucks. But that’s to be expected when all you’ve done all day was (instead of doing any homework or even writing any posts besides this one) lie around in bed with your throat burning, your head on fire, and your eyes blinded from fatigue and exhaustion. And also from wearing glasses again after a year without. Thank God I’m not you, but I’m suffering from everything you’re suffering too: including this extreme inclination to suddenly write a bad post.

Yeah. Sorry for all these sick posts. Y’know, if CERTAIN PEOPLE responded to my request for them to BLOG FOR O-NEW, you would not have to suffer through this trite tripe! Instead, you would have to suffer through other trite tripe. Also: were you ever wondering about why you feel cold when you have a fever? Well, turns out that a fever is completely different from hyperthermia, and even more different from hypothermia. Hyperthermia is when your body temperature is greater (say, at 38 degrees) than your thermoregulatory set-point, which is completely normal at 37 degrees Celsius. Fever is when your body temperature is less (say, at 38 degrees) than your thermoregulatory set-point, which is COMPLETELY ABNORMAL at 39 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t matter what your absolute temperature is; your temperature relative to your thermoregulatory set-point causes you to feel warm or cold. So, when you have a fever, your thermoregulatory set-point rises to above normal, and you feel cold because your body temperature is lower than your new thermoregulatory set-point. When your body temperature rises to match your new thermoregulatory set-point, you feel warm again. #themoreyouknow

tl;dr: sick

I’m Sic [sic]

C’mon, I’ve got a 39.7 degree (Celsius! NOT FAHRENHEIT!) fever, you should be proud of me for coming up with even a lame pun like that.

So I’ve got the most splitting headache, have been lying in bed for the past eighteen hours, and I accidentally ingested Advil because I thought I had a fever when really I’ve got a viral infection. I wish O-New were a viral infection; then everybody would read our posts. On the other hand, everybody, everywhere will laugh at the QUALITY of our posts forever and ever and ever ._.

Anyways, note to self: when you have a viral infection, DO NOT SWALLOW ADVIL (nor anvils) because it will make you feel the most nauseous since you were forced to sit in a bus seat with your backpack suffocating yourself because of your carsickness. I never sit down on the bus. B(

In conclusion, I finally realized that what I dream about is always influenced by my outside environment. Is it freezing? Then I dream of standing in the dark outside the central public library while all the streetlights broke and some rabid werewolf chases me up into a military-grade cargo elevator that leads up into the main library when a really cute girl walks by and then I realize that I’m naked. Am I excessively sweating from excessive amounts of Tylenol? Then I dream of excessively sweating from excessive amounts of Tylenol. Except, no, I don’t dream, I stay awake sweating for an hour


P.S. Getting a doctor’s note for missing my French and Science project presentations costs $15 because it’s not covered by the Medical Services Plan. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor’s-note-writer. If I write one every 5 minutes, I’ll earn like, $180 an hour.

P.P.S. This post is too shot, so have a video of my hand.

Mouretsu Pirates 22

You’ve seen me moping about being sick the past few days. Actually, hopefully you haven’t, because this post was actually published on June 7th, 2012 and totally not June 18th because why would I publish a post that’s already been published?? It doesn’t make any logical sense! :o

Anyways, hopefully, you haven’t seen me moping about being sick the past few days. This is because I did not go to school the past few days, and if you saw me, it would be within the confines of my own home. And that’s creepy regardless if you’re a family member or not, for if you are, this blog is creepy, and if you aren’t, you are creepy. Stalkers. (psssssst click the link to understand this ~inside joke~ that’s not even a joke)

Regardless of whether you have or haven’t seen me moping about being sick or not the past few days, there is no doubt that Show is undoubtedly and indubitably radical sick

It’s Show-time»

Gangsta 12

I’m heading off to Seattle again. Expect pictures when I return. Until then, az will run the show!! Have fun. Here’s a picture of my face, sighing because I’m sick. Of you.

Have some much needed backstory, in one paragraph.

Back-click for story»

A Filler Post 24

Welp, I think I’ll be staying in bed suffering from sickness for the duration of tomorrow. So there’s no post.

BUT WAIT! We’ve got a SURPRISE waiting just for you!! And no, it’s not that O-New will have lost 50% of its new subscribers due to the declining quality of posts; it’s EVEN BETTER!!! Stay tuned…

Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 11

Argh, so I’ve got allergies, and I’m feeling pretty allergic right now. I’ll probably even skip Chinese school tomorrow. Have a picture of my face. Sweating. From being allergic to allergies. (DISCLAIMER: I’m not actually that fat.)

Do you know what else sweats? Mushrooms. Look at our updated Fanart page with updated fan art that isn’t fan art but it’s updated. There is a sweaty mushroom on the top. It is a mushroom and it sweats. Just like me. I’m allergic to mushrooms.

In other page-related nonsense, look at our updated ANIBLOG BETTING Round 1 page with updated ANIBLOG BETTING that isn’t Round 2 but it’s updated. There are betters at the top. They are betting and they better bet. Just unlike me. I’m allergic to betting. If you want to join, join NOW and IMMEDIATELY: also, if you’ve already joined, you can now ALTER what KIND of FAKE MONEY you are betting for. I’m not confident that the exchange rate of nondescript pieces of pony innards to Midas Money is exactly one-to-one but this entire ANIBLOG BETTING thing is all guesswork.

In other post-related nonsense, look at az’s updated Jormungand 3 post with updated Jormungand 3 that isn’t Jormugand 2 but it’s updated. There is an image on the top. It is an image and it Jormungand is pronounced ‘Your Mom Gand’. Just like me. My name is actually ‘Your Mom Gand’.

In final Steins;Gate-Boukan-no-Rebellion-Chapter-Eleven-related nonsense, Daru’s a pretty cool guy, but the anticipated drama about him being Suzuha’s father (with him accessing the time machine with his fingerprints etc.) completely falls apart when we already know. Whoops, forgot to put a [SPOILER ALERT] there. It is a spoiler and it spoils. Just like mushrooms. I’m allergic to mushrooms.

P.S. Yes, predederva did in fact bet with himself. He lost. But he also won. Simultaneously.

Gangsta 11

Watch out!! It’s a post about GANGSTA, GREEK FOOD, and GOOGLE today (and NOT a pedo bear by madoka how MANY PEOPLE search for pedo bear EVERY SINGLE DAY and get to this stupid fucking blog… I got 1.4 MILLION impressions for my blog by people searching pedo bear in the last WEEK. why, society?! why?)! :o

Yes, I realize, it’s strange – after all, with Daylight Savings Time started, I now have an extra hour every day to post, but.. nope? That’s because I decided to eat Greek food. The end. Updates later tomorrow. Or below. Click that more link».

more link»

A Filler Post 21


First “A Filler Post” in seven months, though



(I have a c-c-c-c-c-c-cold, so was pretty exhausted from coldin’ up the codes. I’ll put up a FALL SEASON ANIME REVIEW tomorrow, which happens to be oh, what, nine weeks late)

(BTW I’ll put up the Horizon post later and link it here because it’s IMPORTANT and by important I mean that importing ants is not a good idea especially if the ants can’t stand on a plant of plants)

But the WAVES (never eat them)

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 10

I recently caught a fever and/or flu compounded with a cold and/or cough and was stuck in a perpetual state of horrendous mental torture, physical discomfort, and emotional pain for approximately eighteen years and thirty-seven days, which resulted in the eventual lateness of this post. I apologize, profusely, for not finishing my homework on time.

Prof. Usely is not amused»

2011 Fall Anime

Woohoo, it’s finally finished!

Summer was nice, but there was a lot of anime. It didn’t seem like it at first, but add in the ton of two-cour anime from Spring and I had my plate full /even/ without school. Thus, I’m going to be following far less anime this season (the lack of multi-cour shows from Summer helps) – not only because school might bog me down, but because I want to participate in NaNoWriMo this year and catch up on unfinished anime (first seasons of established shows, I’m looking at you…). Yet, no matter how many anime I watch, I still do nothing at all, so maybe it might just be better to watch another ton of shows.

Next, after recently adding the ‘Potential Rating’ thing last season (which are absolute and not relative by season, so there ‘could’ be a season where everything is at a 1/5), I introduce yet another groundbreaking innovation by the team (there’s a ‘me’ in team, but I see no ‘we’) here at O-New: butt jokes and swearing custom-designed, fully original, only 30% from-anime artistically inclined modern imaginative drawings from a highly educated scholar in writing informative posts!

That is to say, bad mspaint doodles. HUEHUEUEHEUEHEUHUEHUEHEUHUUU

My preview quality is FALLing»

Mayo Chiki Half Season Review [Completed]


I’m Sick

Seriously, that is all.

EDIT: Actually, no it isn’t.

Today (not in GMT, in PST) happens to be a Palindrome Date, when written as 11/02/2011. This only happens once a year (gosh, that’s so hard to believe!), and only in some years, specifically years in the first and second century of each millennium. Of course, this could technically happen twice a year, and it will, with 11/02/2011 (November 2nd, instead of February 11th), but that’s in another time-format, so…

Also, today is the day of the British Columbia Liberal Party’s vote to select their new leader. Except WHO CARES THEY’RE GONNA DO NOTHING ANYWAYS

Finally, to-month is exactly one year after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, hosted in Vancouver, Canada (not Washington)! Woohoo.

…I’m sick.

ABD’s Sick

Sick, but I’m sure Mushy will have something.


You could read my essay if you’d like but it sucks and it would basically be filler

I Be Sick

I be sick.

No, seriously I be sick.

Links, cause I really haven’t been doing anything (but watched DRRR, possibly new anipost tomorrow):


^ facebook privacy sucks, twitter ftw :P


^ google i/o conference in San Fran today…!


^ And here’s something that happened there, google introduces a new video format, WebM…!