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Observing a Nostalgic Elegy for Winter

Walking to school at dawn of Winter day,
The bright pale sun gives frozen hands no aid,
Hands in my pockets, keeping cold at bay,
The green grass lays covered by the white snow’s shade.

Rubbing my eye, the sky lets out a sigh,
For one can’t see if one’s completely blind.
That’s who I was, a dense and shallow guy.
Not learning true knowledge; just the tasks assigned.

Walking back home while underneath Spring rains,
A burst, a pang; in pain’s my heart and brain.
When suddenly words appear in a quatrain,
Not one, not two, but five! With its refrain:

What use is this, the constant homework’s grind?
The endless waiting ’till the end, July?
Using this time, to keep students confined?
The leaves fall down swiftly from an Autumn sky.

Yet, nothing can be done, to great dismay,
It fell upon me; a fiery grenade:
Go with the flow, and you won’t move astray,
A final conclusion, and my mind was made.

And now, only this poem still remains…

Life, for the Sake of Lateness


Time restrictions imposed on computer by myself so that I won’t continue procrastinating on the project. Due at 7:00 Wednesday, and I’m finished 25% (which is 25% more than what I had done this morning). Why did I even make my new (vectorized, ooh) avatar anyways?

Oh boy… (no more posts from now until this project’s finished, so that’s two days of posts rewritten, plus the other post on Sunday or something, mmk?)

Stress and Such

I have a project due on Tuesday that I haven’t started.

It was assigned before Winter Break.

=3= wish me luck?

Questions and Answers»

「永夜返し -上つ弓張-」

(from Earth and Space Science)

“End of Imperishable Night -1st Quarter’s Moon-”

I don’t even understand how it’s possible to dodge spellcards like these. Just dumb luck? Or the big bubble’s hitbox being outrageously small? Whatever, I won’t even get around to this card for quite some time :P

And wait a minute. Why does even the phase of the moon change? Is the protagonists’ night that long? Or Kaguya’s just all ‘Fuck physics, I put big fake moon in sky and colour it red for communism’?

More questions, less answers»

Back to School

…With nothing done.

Here, it’s the start of the second term. You’ll be seeing much less content posts and much more links/videos from me from now on.

I’ll finish my ‘it’s vacation time’ post later. Yep, I haven’t posted about me being on vacation, and won’t until I’m off from vacation. That’s great, isn’t it.

Join me in my torture»

Oh ffffffffffffff-

…Let’s just say three days without doing homework (it’s the long weekend) has really had some.. negative impacts on me.

Time to cut my internet connection. :/



^ Oh yay pacman


^ Oh yay more pacman but this time it’s an insult


^ Oh yay money


^ Oh yay ice aircraft carriers wait what


..So, I was on twitter (today), and I realized that most people are asleep by the time I make a post.

…Anyways, apparently, people start sleeping at approximately 6:00 (PST, -8 GMT), and the flow continues till 11:00 (PST), when most everyone is asleep.

…And thus, my next post will occur sometime between 6:00 and 11:00, just to see what happens.



^ what’s t3h best St. Patrick’s Day beer…? I wish I had beer >_<


^ And in other St. Patrick’s Day news, a leprechaun was shot dead by police. Woohoo.

…Er, I’m really stressed right nao, so expect low quality posts like these for a long time to come :P