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Piano Recitals, Talent Shows, and Recent Pack of Losts

The title would be funnier if ‘Losts’ rhymed with ‘Posts’ but they don’t because English is dumb and incredibly silly.


As many of you may not have noticed (nobody noticed last time), there have been no days for the past four posts. As O-New’s prict strosting potocal proto-calls for at least one day to be published every single post – a proto-call we have been filigently dollowing for the next two-and-a-half years – this is, of course, right queprehensible.

So, it’ll make up for us by posting four posts now. Here’s our hiatus of why there was such an excuse…

An ex-cuse (crazy unbalanced sinful enemy)»

ST&RS 19

EH this post is late because I spent an hour making that image – fifteen minutes cropping that ‘E’ into ‘truant’ so it became ‘treant’, fifteen minutes actually finding a ‘treant’ that turned out to be a ‘trent’, fifteen minutes finding another card with an ‘A’ in it, and fifteen more minutes cropping that ‘A’ into ‘trent’ so it became ‘treant’.

…why did I even bother

Where is my even brother»

O-NEC 2: Strings Performance

The second O-NEC! Comic after the jump.


The Rise of Fall

Alternative Title: The Fall of Summer
(I’ll probably use that next year)

Talk about oxymorons!

I spent half an hour searching for two good pictures related to Fall. It’s interesting, people who draw people and faces well generally don’t care about the background, and people who draw backgrounds well generally aren’t that good at drawing faces.

(Pictures are linked to Safebooru, click for source; photos are resized to 1020 or 768px, click for full size if available)

Autumn is for Englishmen»

Going, Going, Gone: Back to School

Now that I’m back from vacation (I’d add a link but I can’t as I haven’t written that post yet! Instead, I’ll add a link to a post I wrote about my /other/ vacation way back in May, when I went to China and fired all my writers for not writer-ing.), it’s time to go back to school!

(from Safebooru)

Back not as in go back a grade, or twelve»

Flying Witch [Completed]

What, you think this oneshot was published AFTER the date of this post? Well, HAHAHAHA cause you’re WRONG. I was going to post this post four years ago, but three things exacerbated my grand plan:

1. I didn’t read this oneshot until December 24th, 2011.
2. I didn’t find this manga until December 6th, 2010.
3. I didn’t have this blog until September 9th, 2009.

Thus I am exasperated and now I will sleep.