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ST&RS 31

I can’t get over how their first reaction is, “HOW DO THEY KNOW SHIRAFUNE’S NAME?!?!” and not, “WHOSE SKIN ARE YOU WEARING!?!?”

Then again, even now we can’t understand other animals’ communication (maybe rats, but they’re the exception), so maybe it is a big achievement to a civilization that can create magical wasp tornadoes and TELEPATHICALLY CONTROL MIKURA’S VOICE.

public enemy number 1

I also like how the alien has a Japanese name and how its graphemes, by similarity, are phonemic and thus Japanese. This is conclusive proof that the Japanese are ACTUALLY ALIENS. They even look the same!

tl;dr: actually all of the alien’s limbs are highly sensitive penii

P.S. plot twist: the aliens are actually malevolent galactic pornographers, the true aliens who sent the kids THE POWER OF THE GALAXY was actually former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi, who remains alive on the moon even into 2034.

ST&RS 30

What a way to start off the new year! The symbolism behind rewriting a ST&RS post for New Year’s is that at O-New, the new year’s going to bring upon us the same fate as ST&RS: a slow, painful death from neglect, disinterest, and creative stagnation!

Here’s a picture of Shirafune farting.

warning: explicit sexual imagery ahead

The symbolism is that I’m an old fart»

ST&RS 29

TWIST ENDING: I’m not saying it was aliens, but ALIENS

This cliffhanger is like a double-crossing cheat begging for one more chance after casting aside all your wishes, hopes, dreams, and desires, crying, “Just wait! You have to see this!” at the feet of its disgusted yet poisoned patrons—poisoned by the sin of curiosity, overwhelming all logic and reason by wonder at this final twist of twists, turn of turns:

just how moe will this alien be

P.S. For those who aren’t reading ST&RS: you’re missing nothing. It’s a manga about some teenagers who want to go into space. Originally, I thought there’d be tons of cool futuristic hard science space training and drama but instead, TIMESKIP TIMESKIP. Can’t blame the author for drawing a space manga for Jump of all magazines… of course it was cut. Actually wait no BLAME THE AUTHOR WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA

ST&RS 28


no no no no no no no I wrote ten mouretsu pirates posts on this

in no gravity

hair does not flow down

also the ship can’t possibly be spinning because everybody’s floating



...never mind

ST&RS 27

why japan why

itt: fanservice in my moe manga?! *grumble grumble*

re: gravity
the enemy’s gate is down
also there IS NO GRAVITY IN SPACE WHY DOES THEIR HAIR GRAVIT-right, centrifugal ‘force’

ST&RS 26


gotcha moes


P.S. what is characterization ??????

ST&RS 25


OK, so NilaiTP got a direct JP -> Eng translator, so the grammar isn’t as egregious. Would’ve been interesting to DUWANG that but they’re a decent group, so I won’t. Instead, have some diabetes

"I can see the light!"

ST&RS doesn’t bother explaining all this deus ex cause ~aliens~

~aliens~ do whatever



go away logic >:(

P.S. since amachi’s harnessing the power of PEOPLE’S HOPES AND DREAMS via email do I get the power of flare from blog comments. if I read books will I be like patchy and royal flare things/people/~aliens~

P.P.S. if your answer to any of the above questions was ‘no’ your a horibowl humen bean

ST&RS 24

Mad props to NilaiTP, an Indonesian group that double-translates JP -> INDO -> ENG, for continuing with ST&RS after Clockwork Lies dropped it nine months ago (presumably either because copyright or because they realized it’d be axed). NilaiTP’s releasing the chapters weekly now, and I reasonably expect them to scanlate until the end in chapter 39.

So, knowing that I owe to you guys my ability to process this manga, the following images aren’t meant to insult your editor’s abilities. They’re just the easiest images to use.

Did I mention that ST&RS is getting axed? Yeah, they’re ending it in chapter 39. ‘Twas only a matter of time…

Transcript: "I was really helped." "No problem." "All schools in Russia are also excited."

I really WAS helped!»

ST&RS 23

I bet you guys just CAN’T WAIT for some ST&RS 23!!! But before that, do take a look at this REWRITTEN MOURETSU PIRATES POST!! I say ‘rewritten’ even though I haven’t yet wrote it because, y’know, ‘Rewrite History‘ implies that something is rewritten. However, there is another post that I indeed /have/ rewritten: that post about my feet!! Yeah, that’s right, all you foot fetishes out there get the hell out this is my fucking feet alright, and I’m a creepy neckbeard except I don’t really have a neckbeard. By ‘don’t really’ I mean no, not at all, that would be gross and disgusting and kimoi and neckbeard

Typical neckbeard behaviour: forgetting to get a new roll of toilet paper after the previous roll runs out

I don’t even have a neck»

ST&RS 22

Well, guys. It’s back to making those posts we all love the most! Damn right, I bet you’re bursting with apprehension (note: this is a bad thing)!


It’s time to get back into the habit of posting about posts as I post about posts in this post about posts. Does it say ‘ST&RS 22’ as the title? Well, that’s completely and utterly WRONG, even though it’s actually partially correct because I will in fact be talking about ST&RS 22. Immediately, in fact.

What, are you too lazy to click the more» tag and actually read this post? Well, guess what? You’re stupid, because only three types of people wouldn’t read the rest of this post – lazy people, stupid people, and people who don’t like reading crap. Two of those three types of people are also stupid. But if you happen to be stupid, don’t worry; I’m not biased towards disabled people, and I have provided you with several very helpful links to posts that I have recently re-written, including:

Get ready your Meta-Swords and Meta-Shields because it’s time to get into the Metapod and blast off into Meta-Space. I don’t even know, alright, I don’t even know.

Venture forth, brave Meta Knight!»

ST&RS 21

Man, so I just spent the past six hours running through all the manga that I DIDN’T READ since I haven’t read manga for like, eight weeks. Why does EVERY MANGA have to end on a cliffhanger this week?! Reborn’s cliffhanger of ‘what the hell is happening’, One Piece’s cliffhanger of ‘what the hell is happening’, Beelzebub’s non-cliffhanger of nothing happening, Kaminomi’s actual cliffhanger of ‘what the hell is Keima going to do’, Bakuman’s actual actual cliffhanger of ‘how the heck is this manga not going to end with Mashiro and Takagi tearfully resigning from their jobs due to fan rage, hate, and attempted murder attempts’, and of course, Bleach’s non-cliffhanger of, ‘Wait, THIS IS BLEACH’S FUCKING FINAL ARC FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!’ Goddammit Bleach, Bleach should’ve ended like, ten thousand chapters ago.

I didn’t even start TOUCHING children because I’m not a lolicon, and I didn’t even start TOUCHING the non-Jump manga yet because there’s SO MUCH MANGA that I haven’t read, and besides, I’d better finish reading these Jump manga before Red Hawk Scanlations pulls off all its manga becomes of DMCA compla-whoops, they’ve already done that.

Anyways-!! Expecting a ST&RS 21 post? Well, YOU’VE GOT IT! Have fun, do whatever you want with it, I have no more fucks to give out, and even if I had I’m not that nice of a guy to give out things for free.

ああああ~ I’d like so much to stay at home and sleep and put あs in my hair but I can’t because 1) I cut my hair 2) I can’t sleep 3) I wouldn’t like so much to stay at home and sleep and put あs in my hair.

Mural of the story: paint

ms of the paint»

ST&RS 20

So I’m back from vacation and heading off to school (tomorrow’s the first day of school again!), and here’s a quick post. Mind, this being published half a month after the previous ST&RS post was because of (translator? author? Jump taking a break?) delays, not because I’m an unpunctual person! You know that I’m always at the time of my top! Or something.

With the past couple chapters focusing on Mikura being emo instead of, y’know, SPACE, I was just getting ready to drop this manga when SUDDENLY, SPACE! Imagine my surprise:


ST&RS 19

EH this post is late because I spent an hour making that image – fifteen minutes cropping that ‘E’ into ‘truant’ so it became ‘treant’, fifteen minutes actually finding a ‘treant’ that turned out to be a ‘trent’, fifteen minutes finding another card with an ‘A’ in it, and fifteen more minutes cropping that ‘A’ into ‘trent’ so it became ‘treant’.

…why did I even bother

Where is my even brother»

ST&RS 18

First of all, look at this! It’s the ST&RS Wiki! You don’t know how grateful I was for this. I spend hours and hours just rereading the chapters of manga I blog so that I can craft such a short post, and with all of the information in a tidy wikia form, now I don’t have to do that anymore! Look, it has over 50 articles and 3.5 MILLION members!

Let’s see what an article on Wataru says…


Being megura is suffering»

ST&RS 17

Short post»

ST&RS 16

Oh guys, I forgot to tell you, but ST&RS is actually a shoujo manga. It makes sense, right, because stairs and… tears (pronounced ‘tee-ers’, but rhymed ‘teh-ers’)

kira kira»

ST&RS 15

Seriously, I disregard the netherworld’s earthly travellers…

Why would anybody hell her»

ST&RS 14



Buyuden 26

It’s time to quit.

Nichijou girl: “ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”»

ST&RS Manga Quarterly Review

your a wizard, maho»

2011 July Manga Abbreviated First Impressions Agglomerate

Rewriting history, to-day, every day!

Remember this? No, I guess not. MAFIA is basically the same as Anime First Impressions (including the ordering from ‘worst’ to ‘best’, everything being as-is and unedited, and of course, the oh-so-amazing rating system), except (since manga aren’t released season-by-season) grouped by month. I haven’t done this for a long time because I never was able to get a collection of manga in one month that were all good, but somehow (somehow!) I managed to do this this month, though it’s more 2011 June than 2011 July.

That said, let’s begin~!

!~! (it’s a face)»