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An Organizational Ramble

Or whatever you want to call it.

As you can see, posts are coming out less and less frequently, though the break looms ever closer and closer (a good thing!)

I blame you, Pikachu.

Or rather, a bunch of miscellaneous things that’s been eating up my time and I want to discuss here.

First of all, new tag (yet again?! How do I organize all of this?! Answer: I’ll do that when tomorrow comes, which is never.): ‘I’m Actually Early?!’ It’s for when I’ve actually /scheduled/ a post ahead of time (which was all the time last year, but now it’s what once every month? And only when I go on vacation too ._.). Hopefully I won’t have to rewrite history that often, but adding a new tag DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING WHY AM I EVEN BOTHERING TO HAVE A TAG SYSTEM IF TAGS DON’T DO ANYTHING

Hrmm, that’s a debatable point.

Anywho, it’s not really Pikachu that’s eating my time (Bulbasaur can vine whip him to a wall for all I care), but rather, DORF FORT-REST. I’ve been playing this every living moment I could get on the computer, even not going on Chess.com, which means that something is seriously wrong with me.

I’ll keep playing it, but only 30 minutes a day instead of four hours. Really, my life is quite sad now.

Anyways, next note:


The lyrics are so beautiful I’m almost moved to make my own poem…

…hey, wait a minute.

Why not?

Publishing a poem next, but I’ll leave it standalone, so as to write my comments here.

Y’know how generally speaking, I regurgitate my negative emotions in one pile every half-year or so? Yeah, recent days have been incredibly taxing, with numerous fights, arguments, and lack of time WHY TIME NO TIME I HATE YOU TIME I WANT MORE OF YOU TIME, so without access to the computer (or access limited to non-flashing images/black gaming screens), I decided to compose one. I’ve just realized that Music would be better renamed as Art, but I’LL DEAL WITH THAT WHEN TOMORROW COMES

The funny thing is, after I finished writing it, I realized that it might just be an actual poem. An actual poem that doesn’t show what the author is, but that shows what each person who reads it is. There’s numerous interpretations that can be found, but it really only becomes a poem when there are so many different viewpoints that I don’t even

Actually, y’know what? Real poems don’t need explanation.

They just need comprehension.

…Oh, and someone to sing it? First person to find out what the music of the poem is wins -2 respect for watching such a horrible show. People who can’t find out what the music of the poem is should drop themselves into a well off the coast of Finland if they’re even following one of the shows in the Fall season. Anyone who sings it will get +10,000 respect every day for the rest of tonight.


First of all, so that this can at least be classified as a link or… as something, here’s a post about the new, oh-so-sexy stats system that wordpress has been switching around every week for like the past 500 years.

Anywho, a bunch of stuff is happening. As some of you know, hourai and I went off to camp yesterday and the day before, but Choy/abd didn’t make a post.

Choy really hasn’t made that many posts (around a dozen), and abd’s sick/has higher priorities cough cough gaming cough cough reading manga cough cough. Hourai posts in spurts.

Thusly, I am demoting everyone to the status of contributors.

This really doesn’t do anything because they’ll still post regularly.


One Year Anniversary

FINAL EDIT: No more editing, but just found out; 12.8 English Patch v.1.00 has been RELEASED by Gensokyo.org today! :D IT’S OBVIOUSLY A COINCIDENCE THOUGH. Have nice non-#CirnoDay’s, people~

From Danbooru

Bet ya thought this was gonna be a CIRN⑨ DAY TWENTY TEN YEAH YEAH YEAH post, didn’t ya?

Well, it is.

But other than Cirno’s awesomeness, there’s also one more thing that’s happening today…

It’s ta one year anniversary of this blog.

If ya wondering why I’m always using Danbooru (image link), pixiv’s login protocol fails :<

“Wait what?!” ya might say. “But, Mushy, ta obvious first post was in January, and even then that wasn’t really a post, cause ya only started ta post-a-day crap in February!”

Yeah, yeah. Ya see, there’s a meaning behind all that.


Actually, there’s not any climax, point, or meaning; they’re just random dates.

“But wait! How do we know ya just not lying ta make yaself feel superior to all ta newfag blogs?”


Well, I may have created this on ta 10th, but I have proof that I have had 10 views on ta 10th. Thusly, ya can then assume I created this on ta 9th.

I’m too lazy ta photoshop it, so just rest on my word :V

So then, because I want ta reminisce on ta old days, here’s a brief summary of what happened between September the 9th and January the 13th:


O-New started out as a gaming design project between me and five other people. Needless ta say, what with my poor leadership and all that (cough cough not pointing ta more current drama in Ichigos Web Symphony or anything :V :V :V), that failed.

I originally posted a bit for this ta become a development blog, but after ta group disbanded… well, nothing happened.

I completely forgot about ta blog.

In January I unearthed it, but realized I lacked motivation ta constantly update it, thus another fall.

Finally, in February I revived it fully, and since then we have had at least one post a day, and two posts during ta summer months.

Thusly, more spam ta spam ya with :P

I’d summarize what happened between February and now, but I’ll do that during ta /next/ anniversary; after all, as I said, two birthdays = twice ta cake.

Finally, there’s probably one last question ya guys have.

“What happened to ta old posts?! I WANT TA SEE HOW SUCKILY YA WROTE BACK THEN :V”


Danbooru Link

I reject your history and substitute my own.

And that’s ya history lesson for today.

In other news;

Nothing is happening with ta blog design. Unfortunately. Oh well, simplicity/minimalisticity is fine… (unless ya guys don’t think so)

We will release a post a day from now on. Ya know, ta lessen ta spam and all that? Yeah. Also, since I can only go on ta computer for like half an hour each day (as opposed ta seven)…


To conclude; I made this post up in like five minutes so it’s screwy; this blog is oooooooooooooooold but not as in ooooooooooold with content but like oooooooooooold with dust; Keine likes ta kill history/reality/whatever.




More Cirno Day crap:

^ Which reminds me, Cirno x Yuki-Onna OTP

^ Actually, I don’t foresee many Cirno Day special videos (after all, there’s still two days until it’s completely passed). These are just random Cirno-related videos I see popping up in my subscriptions. And I still don’t have a pixiv account. :<

^ marisaface.jpg

Let’s Just Try to Get This Organized

I’ve deleted all stupid posts. >:(
I’m not sure whether or not the YuChoy one is true.
But argh can’t you guys have any semblance of organization :<

awesomebananadancer will not be posting until like August 6th due to an exam.

yuchoy will not be posting till an undefined period of time as right now, he is in California.

Houraiguy will also probably not be posting until mid-August due to vacation leave.

Personal Profiles

[Mushyhijack: wait what are you doing :/]

Alright, so the authors from O-new will be making personal profiles about themselves. However, we need your help to pick questions (because we’re obviously stupid and incompetent).

Basicallt, in the comment box, write a question you want each of us (or some of us) to answer.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin 1

[Notice: Added fanart page! Not that there’s going to be any for a long time to come. Thanks again, flare~ Also, for some reason strikethroughs now work – but only in HTML edit mode. Oh well, the only problem with HTML edit mode is the crap wordpress throws on images. We’d better sort that out one of these days…]

"We're sponsored by Sony. We can bribe whoever's chasing you."

OCCULT ACADEMY is about an OCCULT ACADEMY. Actually, it’s about some person running away from an EVIL BAT. The guy’s a pyrokinesiser, which means he can LEVITATE FIRE. Not that that does anything. Anyways, he doesn’t have HAX SIGN: BURN EVERYTHING so he has to TELEPOT out. UNFORTUNATELY HE HAS NO TELEPOT TO TELESMOKE so he actually needs to telePORT out.

"Sorry. You must be a Level 30 Ice/Lightning Wizard to use Teleport."


It is revealed he is the FIFTH “ABE MINORU”, a species of HIGHLY INTELLIGENT APE-ANIMALS. THERE IS ONLY ONE “ABE MINORU” left as the US cut all of their funding; NUMBER SIX, Uchida FUMIAKI.

After an OP with so much symbolism I’m not even going to search what they mean, it is revealed that THERE IS A GAP IN THE ANIME-TOUHOU CONTINUUM ALLOWING AYA TO EXIST HERE

In Gensokyo, tengu demons say they saw YOU! AND THEY WRITE THAT IN NEWSPAPERSSSSSSS

Anyways, A PERSON goes up to Mt. Minakamiyama WHERE THERE IS A SCHOOL called WALDSTEIN Academy but everyone calls it… THE OCCULT ACADEMY. YOU WEREN’T EXPECTING THAT, WERE YOU? HUH? HUH?!


"They call it... the hall of INFINITE STAIRS. Yeah, that didn't sound as good as I expected it to..."

The PERSON is greeted by A vice-PRINCIPAL known as KAWASHIMA, who reveals that THE PERSON’S NAME is Kawashiro KAPPA Kumashiro MAYA and that her DAD, Kumashiro JUN’ICHIROU… DIED. And they are currently HOSTING HIS FUNERAL.


Anyways, they continue his funeral with a TAPE they found of him CHANTING A SPELL TO SUMMON ANCIENT SPIRITS OF THE DEAD. …which was… er.. pretty sad because HE SUMMONED ANCIENT SPIRITS OF THE DEAD.

Before Death; After Death. Wait. It was supposed to be reversed?

Thus the principal becomes an evil, superhuman zombie and attacks A BUNCH OF PEOPLE. But MAYA HITS HIM WITH A CHAIR

...Must have been something you ate. Rather what the heck did you eat?!


Maya then decides to give a POLITICAL SPEECH about RELIGIOUS MINORITIES which happens to be COMPLETELY and UTTERLY FALSE (Gustav Waldstein, the “founder” of the school and “definer” of “occult” only exists in this anime and “Letters from the Lost: A Memoir of Discovery”).

"...I'm not k-karaoking.. I'm.. er... delivering a... p-p-political speech..! Yeah!"

Oh, did I mention there were some other characters as well? Naruse KOZUE is just some other “LOL I CAN’T FIND MY GLASSES” girl who is the friend of Kuroki AMI, who is the childhood friend of MAYA. AMI decides to go find “HELP”, and brings along OCCULT DOWSER JK (who looks nothing like what you’d expect a (T)K to look like), and Smile, an ENGINEER-MECHANIC person.


It is revealed that in their childhood, Maya and Kozue were recruited by NASA to Reach for the Moon, but they weren’t Immortal Smoke so they sorta died in space. Yeah, that has nothing to do with the plot. Whatever.


Kozue gets INFECTED AND THIS TURNS INTO A HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD CLONE attacks the other people. Fortunately, Kozumbie still has the same weaknesses Kozue had; SHE LOST HER GLASSES

Zombies have style too.

That doesn’t stop her from ATTACKING PEOPLE, but SMILE makes her realize that SHE’S NOT ACTUALLY A ZOMBIE and is a LAMIE. Not that that has anything to do with anything. :/

"B-b-but... MOMMY! ;w;"

Finally, MAYA enters a room with her father, where they talk about stupid stuff. But, MAYA reveals the sad, sad truth: her father is dead and nothing can change that.

The lamie dies and the show is over.

Gummy worms!

The vice-principal and some tough looking guy talk about how Maya’s the principal’s daughter in preparation for what is obviously going to be the main plot-thread of the series. The second plot-thread comes when it is revealed that Maya committed suicide and drowned, upside-down, in a giant hurricane-tornado-whirlpool thing.

Spongebob couldn't even help you

But finally, the third plot-thread is revealed; after all, the main themes are Daddy Issues and Rotating Penis.

…Eh. First episode had too much information at once, too many things to think about. First, you have the time-travelling thread, which you would’ve thought would be the main thread – until it is revealed that it most likely isn’t because it’s only mentioned at the very beginning and very end. Then the occult battle scenes make you think “how is this possible?!”, and then “how much does Maya know about the occult?”.

Those are the obvious ones, but I was thinking for a while what the people in Occult Academy study. The occult? If they do, it must be pretty boring as none of them knew anything about lamies (lamiae?) when it broke out. What’s the point of that? Does Maya’s father know that the occult exists? What exactly are the “Abe Minoru”s?

Maybe first episodes are supposed to catch your attention with as many questions as possible; nevertheless, I prefer it when it starts with a single, obvious idea and then expanding on that.

Maybe that’s what happened this episode. Time travelling is the main thread, and the principal’s death etc. merely acted to introduce the characters and their abilities and provide some background on the entire anime. After the infodump (which really isn’t an infodump due to battle scenes and the like), it then goes back to the main thread: rotating penis. Er, time travelling.

Despite the confusion this episode, I’m still really looking forward to this. I’m pretty sure the next episode’s out already (making this post a week late), but before I watch that I really need an answer to the most important question of all:

Why is JK so fat?

Fractalized landscapes / Landscape terrain editors? / Or just photoshop

Link (completely unrelated)
^ List of all Twilight crossovers.



An Organizational Voyage 12

[System Update: Revamped the About and Contact page; now fits under a nice, broad “Information” umbrella. Also, animanga list.]

The Computer

Due to a series of unexpected circumstances, some of my personal belongings have now been restricted from my access. They may now be only used at certain periods at the day, in order to maximize efficiency, a concise arrangement has to be prepared. Below is that very arrangement for your own viewing pleasure.

For people that don’t understand, I’ve simplified it to five words. Spend less time on computer.

Facebook: This internet site may only be used as a tool, if other sites/applications prove more effective or less distracting, they will be put at a higher priority. Gaming on this site is something you would only dream about, a shut-down of my account will have to be done if my self-control cannot limit this.

Kongregate: Solely games that will improve skills valuable in life will be played, an example of this is Gemcraft. Walkthroughs cannot be possibly used properly since there are RNG’s embedded into the very core of the game. You don’t hit 25 damage every time, you don’t get the specific colour gem. In addition to this, an O-NEG must be created to improve literacy.

Youtube: Only videos I’ve subscribe to may be watched, other videos will be considered distractions and will therfore be blocked. Also, the number of people I subscribe to will be reduced to no more than twenty-five. These channels may not put out daily videos, doing so will have them be removed from my subscribe list. In addition to this, these videos must have value. One I would like to point out is “jwcfree” the music is calming, while I work, it probably improves efficiency.

E-mail: The replying of emails will be continued in the fashion it as for the past two years. When creating emails, edit to make sure I do not need to create another one because I forgot something. Also, these emails should be academic or at least not junk.

Manga: This is an activity that will definitely eat up a lot of your time, just get the books instead. Then you’re not on the computer and still on the computer.

MSN: Again, it is a tool, not a toy. The statuses will not be abused, they should reflect how you are actually feeling. The “appear offline” status will be rendered useless, logging off of MSN is pretty much the same thing.

Did I by any chance miss a site/application?