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This is Anime and Grantland

Recently, Kriz on Baka Laureate wrote a lengthy piece questioning not just his blog, but aniblogging as we know it. He challenges himself to hone his craft, and our community to do the same. We at O-New do not know how to back down from such a challenge.

So it happens that another blog has issued a challenge. Over at The Beautiful World, Kitsune and Neko asked for our Genshiken Diaries. In other words, they would like to hear about the real world experiences that led to our involvement in modern visual culture. Perhaps one might interpret this challenge as a mere request, but again we do not accept such questioning and will respond in kind.

Seeing Seattle’s Seas

In a pitiful attempt to introduce new scheduled posts à la Musical Mondays, it’s time to pitifully attempt to schedule new introduction posts with a new tag: Vendredis de Vacances! Which means ‘Fridays of Vacation’ in French, which I had to make in french to keep its alliterative qualities, for no weekday begins with a ‘V’. Anyhow, these posts will have me talk about my ~marvelous adventures~ in being an overbearing first-world snob and wasting money on frivolous tours.

So. Yep. Seattle. Again.

It’s a vacation post. Expect pretty pictures. Prepare for letdown. (HINT: The link in the above paragraph actually contains PRETTY PICTURES!!) Death of my life, it’s my character to only take ugly pictures

watashi no kyarutaipu wa terrible da»

Jormungand 7

It really gets better every episode»

The Aniblog Tourney, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Admit That O-New Sucks


As we enter into the month of May, it’s now been two weeks since our round against Shameful Otaku Secret, and Round 2 has officially started! I put an exclamation mark there, but it’s not an exclamation mark of excitement; it’s an exclamation mark of HATRED. And DISGUST. And O-NEW.

So, in fact, the word is ‘unwell’, not ‘well’.



How to Fix the Creepy Cartoon Controlling Program

The Creepy Cartoon Controlling Program, also known as the Crazy Changing Comics Player, and shortened to ‘CCCP‘, is the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик is in charge of playing crazy changing comics, as well as controlling creepy cartoons. Sometimes, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик does not work, whether it is because they are on strike, they are on their lunch break, it is a national holiday, or the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик has been nuked by the Соединенные Штаты Америки.

Obviously, this is a great hindrance to those who wish to watch creepy cartoons or crazy changing comics.

Having run into this problem in the past, I am experienced with the art of making the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик work. Unfortunately, I forgot how exactly I made the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик work, and the methods by which I have made the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик work are not recorded anywhere.

So, here, I shall teach you how to make the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик work.

This problem where the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик does not work is characterized by six things when you attempt to open a Matryoshka doll:

  1. A error message which pops up that says something about a ‘D3DERR_NOTAVAILBLE’;
  2. A second error message which pops up that says something about a ‘D3DERR_NOTAVAILBLE’;
  3. Audio which works;
  4. Subtitles which work;
  5. Video which doesn’t work because it is upside down;
  6. Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик which does not work.

The solution is complicated, and requires many steps. I shall provide you the instructions in a list below.

Нажмите здесь»

Merry Christmas: Twelve Days of Comments

Y’know, I never understood why people used colons in post titles. I was originally going to make something punny around ‘comment’ and ‘christmas’ having the same first letter, but I guess my brain blanked out so I had to write a boring coloned title instead. You can call me Colonel Title if you want.

This is a Christmas post because, at the date of this post being published, it is Christmas in London, Portugal, and Morocco – the only countries which matter.





…Except, now it is.

Winter solstice is over. Autumn is over.

It is now Winter.

Merry Christmas, everybody.


Ben-To 2

So, uh, how was I going to write this post?

OH YEAH with RHYMES and THYME cause it’s COOKING TIME, it’s time to cook and it’s time to SHINE, cause today, tonight, it’s just SUBLIME~!

This really does not fit with the mood of my Majikoi 2 post. Grandmother in heaven, I am ashamed of myself.

People don’t SLAP like THAT»

You’re All Text to Me

(Considered naming this ‘You Rode Right Text to Me’ but that doesn’t sound right.)

Cause that’s what you’re all. Everybody on the Internet that I don’t know in real life. You’re all text to me.

And I don’t even have a cellphone»

「永夜返し -子の二つ-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Half to Midnight-”

Oh mang, a bunch of mangoes have manga and man I’ve got mangoes. In my lunch-brunch-breakfast.

I meant deer»

2010 Fall Anime First Impressions


So, since everyone else is doing Anime First Impressions, why don’t I join the party?


Anyways, to start off the season, let’s start with some (relatively) ‘familiar’ territory – Bakuman.

That’s right, the manga about drawing manga has been made into an anime, but still about drawing manga.

I’ve probably raised this opinion on numerous (or innumerable?) forums already, but really, there was/is (maybe not will be) no need to make Bakuman into an anime. Best thing it could do is more publicity, but honestly, the manga is better than the manga in virtually every aspect.

It says something about an anime when they’re too lazy to draw anything but his head

The art for the anime looks really strange, for some reason (people don’t close one eye that often, unless if it’s bleeding like a certain person cough cough ); there’s really no movement involved, because everything’s in words; and because everything’s in words, the anime will probably become very boring.

Here’s probably, because as it stands right now, the first few episodes of Bakuman are actually… quite good! Not exactly looking forward to it, but nice ‘backup’ anime in case all others fail; with such a good supporting story already, I strongly doubt this will flunk, only become boring.

Did you see the stunningly coincidental emoticon two paragraphs up? ;)


Anyways, as with Bakuman, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (AKA KamiNomi or TWGOK) is an adaption of a manga I’ve read – I didn’t realize it was going to be made into an animu until it was too late to stop reading ;~;


…Don’t ask me, I didn’t make up the plot.

For some reason, Kaminomi’s art looks really… weird too. Keima’s lips look like he puts on lipstick every day or something, and generally speaking, it doesn’t look that… correct. No idea why though; not much of an artist (cough cough masha hijack rofl), but even I can tell these slight… distortions.

Anyways, directly contrasting with Bakuman, Kaminomi was something I really wanted to see animated. There’s tons of movement involved, and animating it would smoothen everything out by a lot.

Funny how he’s not actually black, though. Racists.

Everything about Kaminomi (maybe apart from art though) really is, excellent. The OP is stupidly cool, the seiyuu do their job incredibly well, the focus of each frame is a brilliant interpretation and adaptation from manga to anime, etc. etc. etc.

There’s just one last problem though – and that’s on the translator’s part. HorribleSubs, IIRC and AFAIK the only widely spread subbing of the series, Americanizes ‘otomegane’ as ‘dweeb’ and ‘kami-sama’ as ‘divine one’. I suppose it’s sort of a lacuna (lexical gap), but simply by explaining the otomegane pun and kami-sama being God would’ve made it much better…

But my little sister is this cut. BET YA MUST BE JEALOUS HUH

Anyways, Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (and I was thinking Legend of the Legendary Heroes was a long title) is… quite good, actually. Most things this season are quite good. OH WAIT I’M ONLY WATCHING THE GOOD ONES HAHA

Oreimo (Ore, Imouto)’s about this girl who watches porn. Her brother finds out. She then forces her brother to watch porn.


One of the main points is that Oreimo actually exhibits some sign of realism. There’s no implication of any siscon relationships here; their actions seem very realistic, compared to other actions in other anime. If you were a closet otaku, you’d (probably) tell someone everything about your addictiveness just because you haven’t told it to anyone else before. If you found out someone was a closet otaku, but you haven’t socialized with that person for years, you’d want to help him/her out, even if the… ways of helping out seem quite strange.

Oh, one more thing; I never realized this, but @Seanver’s avatar has been Kirino for like, the longest time. I guess there are too many orange-haired people in anime nowadays…

Must be a ko-in-key-dink :o

What else I haven’t noticed is that everything up till this point is alphabetical! So let’s continue that pattern, with Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (Spirit Detective Yakumo) up next.

Some guy has a red eye, but it’s not bleeding, unlike mine. ); With it, he can see SPIRITS OF THE DEAD and he uses that to SOLVE MYSTERIES.

Unlike the other, lighter ones of the season, this one is very dark. The animators were probably just too lazy to add proper lighting :V

However, with Shiki and tl;dw transferring from last season over, the contrast is pretty much balanced for fall.

Yakumo has a really cliche’d concept (who else can see spirits and ghosts? Kurosaki Ichigo), but its execution is brilliant. It’s dark, but sometimes humorous. It’s somewhat creepy, but not horror. It’s mysterious, but realistic.

…but he’s not.

For example (SPOILERS SPOILERS), at the end of both mysteries, it is revealed that the culprits were human all along, and the spirits didn’t do anything (the human pretended to be a spirit). The backstories, even of the single-episode characters are also all very developed, even though it took them less than ten minutes each.

Yakumo is first and foremost a mystery anime; there’s little to do with the supernatural (haven’t ya had enough Occult Academy already?!). If you like things like Detective Conan (BTW 14th movie just came out), you’ll probably enjoy Yakumo.


Finally, the last thing I’m currently watching is… Squidgirl! (Shinryaku! Ika Musume!)

She’s so awesome she has her own twitter de geso!

Squidgirl is about a squid girl (literal translation of her name). That’s it.

She just does stuff.

One scene somewhat irked me, though. This guy makes a squid hat, so when it flies away, Ikamusume thinks it’s dead. Then, she throws it back into the ocean, even though her original point of invading humanity was to stop pollution.

Isn’t that pretty hypocritical?

Then again, it could be that she really thought that was a squid.

THAT IS NOT A GODDAMNED SQUID. God doesn’t damn squids, Poseidon does.

Oh, funnily enough, everything I’m currently watching has no English translation on MAL, either. So many ko-in-key-dinks today!

Also, Sanae is actually Aya?!

“…of fried squid recipes?”

In conclusion, everything I’m watching this season is either from manga (kaminomi/bakuman), light-hearted cause of shiki + tl;dw (oreimo/squidgirl), not gainax (panty & stocking, not sure how it’s progressing currently), and Yakumo because of my bleeding eye.

Oh yeah, also Index, but I’m not done with season 1 yet. :V

From gelbooru.

post scriptum: Cirno x Ikamusume OTP

Angry Rant

It’s been half a decade.

Half a decade since that weird, shiny, glowing box first came into my life.

5 years since I first learned how to “surf” the “Internet”.

115 weeks since I first played a “flash” game.

1800 days since my life started to collapse.

I’ll start with one, very simple statement: I hate my life.

It’s boring. It’s filled with work. It’s monotonous.

That I can deal with. Monotony is easy. Work is easy.

The straw that happened to crush my life was built. Slowly accumulated through the ages. I’m always hiding something from someone. Even as I write this rant (in school, it’s a wonder I’m not caught), I’m also perpetually blocking the sheet of paper out of view from everyone. I can’t tell things to my “friends”, I can’t tell things to my family, I can’t tell things to the Internet. It’s like a satellite in geosynchronous orbit; only one side ever faces each observer. And then, you still never know what’s inside, even if you circle the satellite once.

First of all, school.

I don’t hate school. I like school. I like schoolwork.

I used to hate it; 16 hour days just didn’t cut it for me (I wasn’t in high school yet). Work work work. Reflections. Notes notes notes. Reflections. Create create present. Reflections.

Ah, I remember the good old days with mind-boggling clarity. I didn’t hand in half of my assignments, was always late for class, and skimmed through the grades. And I still somehow got the “Award for Academic Achievement” for three straight years at the end (my teachers really suck at actually critiquing who’s the actual smart person). My parents always forced me to work work work, and I still didn’t complete everything correctly.

Now what?

I like school now, don’t I? What’s the problem?

Well, now, my parents are discouraging me from schoolwork. It’s fun, goddamn it, don’t you know the meaning of the word?! “Look at the other children” they would say, “they’re all playing with their friends, why don’t you go hang out at some person’s house?”

And do what? Play mindless video games on a console too expensive for me to own? Admire the endless rows of trophies each person has received? Get a ball kicked/thrown straight into my face, 5 times in a row? Yeah, guess what, that isn’t really “fun”.

Also, I don’t really have any “real” friends. Sure, they’re all friendly and stuff, and I return the favour, etc. etc., but does any one of them know what is actually going on inside my head? I’m probably more friends with internet people than them. It’s sad, I know; I have no real social life. But what is the definition of real anyways?

Is the definition of a real social life friends that you can see? People that live near you?

Language was invented for a reason; to convey messages. Read a novel; the people described in the novel aren’t your next-door neighbours, are they? But still, their feelings/actions/emotions/clothes that they’re wearing are conveyed directly to you. Talking with a person living somewhere in China is the same as talking to someone living next door. It’s talking. There is no real and fake; the person on the other end just has to be a human.

Anyways, so my parents basically stopped letting me do my schoolwork, just as it was actually getting /fun/. And what do they tell me to do now?
“Sign up for Skating lessons! Look at how good Yhsum is at Swimming! Sign up for that too! And Tennis! And Chess! And sharpening pencils manually using a kitchen knife because we have money to spare!”

….Yeah, too bad. Is skating really useful in life? Do you seriously need to learn skating to be able to become successful in life? Also, why would anyone even need a tennis coach? Did the first tennis coach have a coach? No. Then how’d he get so good? There’s something called learning by yourself; go look it up.

Also, just because Yhsum is so epically good at all these, does that mean I have to be of equal or greater skill level? Life isn’t a coupon exchange; firstly, I don’t need to be better than Yhsum, and secondly, none of those are necessaries to life. On the other hand, learning is. OH MY GOD REALIZATION MUCH?

Did I mention that I’m already signed up for some horrible lessons? One is Chinese, the infamous reason for my #SuicideSaturdays. You basically pay $600 a year (“because we have money to spare!”) so that the teacher can give you 3 $10 textbooks and teach you how to read them. For 2.5 hours.

How does this go?

Teacher: Hand in your homework!

[hands in homework]

[teacher writes a B on homework without reading]

Teacher: Read your books.

[read books]

Teacher: Alright, end of class.

..Do I really need to pay for that? Oh, I might be getting a bit exaggerated here. The teachers actually do some work. They create tests. Basically, they tell you to memorize every single lesson ever taught since you were in Kindergarten, write them down, and automatically give you a score between 0 and 80 percent based on how neat your writing is.

That’s not all. The teachers are just lazy, but the classmates are even worse. Everyone, with the exception of several awesome people, are either spoiled brats, extremely perverted (though not to the point of drawing certain images on danbooru), or genius brats. Meaning, super smart 4 year olds who don’t know how to walk without tripping over themselves, but can still get straight As. Did I mention those are the only people who ever get As?

Next activity: Music.

Same as homework: Me hate, mom forces. Me like, mom destroys.

At the start, I hated playing piano. Maybe it was the teacher. Maybe it was my mom. Or maybe, it was just me. It probably was. I must have been so stupid not to balance 7 pennies on one hand while drumming out one of Czerny’s etudes (did I mention I have 200 of these?) or to not be able to fit a mango under my hand (mind you, I was 7 then). Obviously, such stupid mistakes must be punished by my extremely caring mother: Iron clotheshangers and a needle were the ingredients to her therapy. Plural on the clotheshangers, as sometimes, they broke while swung at me. Piano was stupid; I practiced 4 hours a day, of which 3 hours and 50 minutes were Hanon’s (fuck you, Hanon), and 10 minutes were pieces that I had to memorize, one piece  a week.

And then I started liking it. I /enjoyed/ playing piano. It wasn’t torture anymore; it was a hobby.

Obviously, my mom turned from stabbing me to “OH GAWD YOUR PLAYING SOUNDS LIKE A WET SNAKE HITTING A MANGO ONTO A BROKEN DRUM”. She then banned me from playing piano because it was too noisy. I passed the exam with the same pieces with 80%. She then blamed me for my low mark because of lack of practice.

Oh, and for the first time, I could actually play piano /pieces/, not etudes. Sure, you might say repetitive 5 note melodies count as masterpieces, but in my opinion, they weren’t. Czerny went from repeated scales to actual, challenging melodies. It was fun. Also, I learned how to improvise and play several anime/game songs. Obviously, these were “noisy”, and so my mom would attack me with more clotheshangers (I have no idea why we never run out of them) whenever I play one. See, here’s one reason why I hide things from a certain party (in this case, my parents).

Finally, right now, she’s considering dropping my piano lessons. Why? Because it’s a waste of money. Oh, and obviously spending $600 on a useless waste of time isn’t. And learning how to skate isn’t either, because you’ll totally need to learn how to skate really fast to escape from an army of frantic Hungarians, if you happen to be teleported to the past when they had no arrows, had a pair of skates on, and were on a solidly frozen lake. On a side note, teleported isn’t in the dictionary.

Oh, my mom can’t get all the blame. I blame the world’s society for this.

We changed piano-playing from a pastime into a competition. I can’t talk to 10 people about piano without 11 saying “LAWL I PASSED 12 EXAMS”. That means you failed one, dumbass. Anyways, you don’t compare piano as a pastime anymore, it’s  acompetition. Sure, this is nice and all, but we’re not competing even for skill anymore. We’re competing to see whose parents has more money to afford exams. We’re competing for competitions. What that doesn’t make sense? Exactly.

Adding on to this, music theory is also another part of music. It was interesting, learning new concepts… until my teacher gave me 30 exams to complete. Mind you, each one takes 3 hours. What’s more, she defied everything explained in the official textbook with cheats for exams (not actual cheats, but minimize work cheats). At the end, I passed with 87%, an A. I didn’t learn anything.

Now it’s History I have to learn. Apparently, as long as the answer appears on the textbook, it’s correct. Fun fact: Haydn composed 106 sonatas. According to my teacher, that’s incorrect. Why? Because obviously, the textbook says so. Who cares about what the fucking textbook says? Here are the facts, this is the truth; if you can’t accept it, go rot in a well off the coast of Finland.

Civilization as a whole has evolved to a point where everything revolves around competition, marks, tests, exams, and the like. Actual comparison of skill and knowledge is a thing of the past.

Which brings me to yet another point, the topic of Kongregate badges.

Fuck them.

They’ve leeched at least 300 (SPARTA) hours out of my life now. I want to stop; I can’t. They already have Achievement Addicts Anonymous, but that isn’t gonna help me.

These badges are too damn addictive. What’s more, competition in Kong is all about who has more points; people stop playing a game right after they get the badge. N00bz adjust their rating based on badges: “0/5 awesome game but needs badges” consists of 98% of comments on Kong (the other 2% is spam). Yeah, games with higher rating get a higher chance to get badges; obviously, voting 0/5 (which you can’t, it goes on a 1-5 scale) will help it get badges a lot.

And speaking of comments, the world is full of spammers. Full of raters who think their opinion is valued over everyone else’s. Scroll down 30 comments in Kong, you’ll find 31 have a rating in them. Also, 31 of those commentors are under 13 years old. COPPA, folks.

Yep, COPPA. That dreaded demon of a law that apparently forbids underage children from participating in online activities. Thing is, it doesn’t help at all; people over 13 are over 13, yay, and people under 13 don’t know what that shiny checkbox means when it says “I am over 13, and I am smart as well”. Stupid people don’t understand what that checkbox means either. Then, suddenly, some 12 year old gets the urge to spam in Kong chat “I AM TWELVE YEARS OLD YOU ARE ALL N00BS HAHAHAHAHA”, and get insta-banned by the admins. All while 11 year olds are watching in fear of the day when they will suffer the pain of being banned. If those 11 and 12 year olds survive long enough to reach 13, they’ll obviously tell everyone in chat that; thus destroying the point of COPPA, to protect children’s privacy. As soon as they turn 13, everyone knows. Before that, nobody cares. If they didn’t have COPPA, most people wouldn’t even tell everyone their age, but because of it, everyone wants to after they turn legal.

Back to the previous topic, badges and addictiveness.

I just can’t drop something after I begin it; it took me two weeks to stop dreaming about Dream World and how a scoped vindicator graviton discharger of speed + 3 will eventually appear in the shop. This means that I have a massive amount of things to complete on the internet every single day.

Which makes me have almost no time for actual gaming at all. I go home. I finish my dailies (150 new posts in google reader, 15 new chess games, 20000 more tweets, 100 new forum posts, 20 more other forum posts, 500 more other forum posts, 10 more youtube videos, and 50 more games). After this, I have no more time for actually playing a game for the game, not the card, not the alpha, not to test it, not for the badge, not because it’s daily, not for the achievements, not because the developer wanted me to review it, not because a friend recommended it, not because there’s an once-in-a-lifetime event occuring, but for the game itself. Curse you MotK and your active userbase. <3 Gensokyo.org~

But I should still have so much time! Wrong. My parents have no idea what I’m doing on the internet, and thus disallow me to do whatever they think isn’t homework (which they don’t let me do anyways), or helping them type something up. I go by the old rule, ignorance is bliss, so I keep what I do a secret. This has put a ton of pressure on me over the ages; those 2 hours between end of school and mom coming home from work is always a mystery to my parents, as apparently, nothing happens then.

And now, my mom has a financial exam; my total computer time, including homework, has shrunk to 2 hours. It takes me 3 hours to finish my dailies.

My other family members are also annoying. My cousin can scream at at least 18,000 cycles a second at a frequency of once every half hour. The length of his scream is half an hour. His mom is his /slave/. I feel really sorry for my aunt.

Oh, and he cries if you throw some grass at him (at 18,000 hertz), and the wind blows the grass away. Even if you could sense something as minute as grass touching your fucking shirt, IT DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH YOUR SHIRT. Oh, then he tells his mom that I hit him with a lawnmower or something. Obviously, cause there’s no injury on him. I really just want to shove him inside that well off the coast of Finland with the rest of those people I told to go into the well.

My brother isn’t as annoying; he just punches and kicks me every single day. A lot. Thanks to him, I now have an iron head and light-speed defense skills. But before that happened, it fucking hurt. Thankfully, my brother is one of the few people I actually trust, introducing me to flash and gaming. I suppose that’s a bad thing, as because of him, my life is destroyed.

Also, my peers. I’m tired of having someone two year younger than me beat me at chess, homework, tennis, basketball, math, soccer, science, running, projects, socials… and then tell me that every sfive minutes. Oh, he can also takeback his moves in chess.

Not that I’m referring to anyone specific here. Also, facewashing + pen-stabbing my face and ribs, respectively, is a do not want. I really want to spaz out and attack some annoying people, but I won’t do that for another 5 years. I need to hold back my anger.

Finally, I hate my pencil sharpener and how a 10 cm pencil can magically become 1 cm in 3 seconds. This should release massive amounts of energy because of E=mc2, but it doesn’t, which makes me even angrier.

And now, my internet connection is fucking up. I hate how all the computers I have ever used in my life are shared. I hate how my parents stop me from looking at anything that isn’t pure white with black text. And to add on to that, I thus hate those forums (you know which I’m talking about) without a change skin option that uses pure black with white text. What does that even do? It’s unattractive. The text is unreadable. The contrast sucks. You can’t read it at school, at home, or at work without people asking you “Wth are you looking at?” It doesn’t even save energy, for I think the cathode rays emit equal amounts of light regardless of the actual colour. Also, it doesn’t seem professional at all. It just seems like one of those amateur freewebs sites that detail how good Yhsum is at math, and how we all suck at it.

Oh, freewebs. Remind me to make you go bankrupt when I have the power. Not only do you provide a horrible WSIWYG editor, but the skins suck, your websites are all amateur, n00bish creations with a repetitive background obviously copypasted with the wrong software.

The same things applies to youtube and twitter. I’ve seen hundreds of youtube channels/twitter backgrounds that consist of the same image being repeated several hundred times on one page. Not only is it unattractive and annoying, but it also must have used up a lot of your time to find the image. Spend some time. Get a good image. Upload it, make it full size. Or just stick with the default if you’re lazy.

Ah, twitter. The newest form of sucking away my life, slowly. Vampires don’t twitter. They bite.

Around 80% of my tweets consist of announcing I have posted a new post or “g’night” and “g’day”s. Before, I thought twitter was useless. Then, I found it fun and interesting. I’m beginning to think it’s useless again; doesn’t this remind you of ternary form? Even if it was rounded binary, it still ends on the A section.

My life started with me knowing nothing. Right now, I know too much. Will it end with me knowing nothing as well?

No, it will not. I’m not one of Beethoven’s sonatas, and I don’t plan to become one in the near future.

I hate my life. But I won’t change it.


Because this is my life. And I love it.


..So, I was on twitter (today), and I realized that most people are asleep by the time I make a post.

…Anyways, apparently, people start sleeping at approximately 6:00 (PST, -8 GMT), and the flow continues till 11:00 (PST), when most everyone is asleep.

…And thus, my next post will occur sometime between 6:00 and 11:00, just to see what happens.



^ what’s t3h best St. Patrick’s Day beer…? I wish I had beer >_<


^ And in other St. Patrick’s Day news, a leprechaun was shot dead by police. Woohoo.

…Er, I’m really stressed right nao, so expect low quality posts like these for a long time to come :P

End of Winter

Alright, so… it’s the end of winter; aka, SPRING BREAK…! :D

It’s time to conduct another R.A.N.D.O.M. on myself (see these posts); before and after the break. Right now I”m pretty disorganized…

B: O, I: O, S: M, O: O, N: M

….Basically, the same, if not worse, than the previous post… I’m hoping to boost all of these to at least N, possibly A by the end of the break…

…Will rant about something tomorrow…

…And FGS (Flash Gaming Summit) and GDC (Game Developers Conference) will be on, this Monday, I think…! :D

Another downside to Chromed Bird: No spellcheck and cannot find tt’s…. Have to go to the main page for tt’s, and I sound really uneducated (which is… true) without spellcheck ;-;

..Anyways, links…!

^ Steam for mac… unfortunately, I’m not really a part of steam (me being a purely flash gamer), and I haz windows… but if you want to, clicky clicky…!
^ That’s right; FANCY PANTS WORLD 3!
^ Awesome flash! …I’m not sure what it’s really about though, maybe just for laughs -_-
^ Yep, trolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol…!
^ Really long rant… I didn’t finish reading it yet -_-
^ Charts and their ridiculousness. It’s getting so stupid it’s funny enough to post -_-
^ Useful, get an archive of all of your tweets, so it’s easier to.. view them? I didn’t install this yet though…
^ Flash is awesome, this explains why. Apparently, it’s part 1, so I’ll post the other parts when they appear…?
^ Developing games on social platforms… a GDC event :D
^ A post about data quality and why it’s important…
^ Interesting post; the world’s getting sexist these days (well, anonymity on the internet helps that…)
^ Yep, twitter recently surpassed 10 billion tweets..! Unfortunately, the 10 billionth is protected :/
^ Really, really disturbing. It’s just strange. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to. This face symbolizes my feelings completely right now :/
…Thanks for staying up so late, peoplez…! >_<

Procrastination is Productive

Alright, so, why didn’t I have time for links “yesterday”…?

The answer is simple; my parents finally noticed that 5 hours on the computer a day and sleeping at 1:00 isn’t exactly healthy for me.

…So, they asked me what I did on the computer.

Me, being, me, had no answer.

…In reality, I was merely procrastinating (I’m looking at you, twitterers and kongregators >:O).

…Thus, they decided that this procrastinating was, obviously, bad for me. I got a pretty harsh lecture and was sent off to bed, post unfinished.

…Obviously, to me this was a major blow to my “happiness” and such. Not that I had any to begin with (I’m trying my best to be completely neutral/normal in all aspects)…

While I was sleeping, I had to become philosophical, because I wasn’t philosophical long enough for the past year.

…It all came to me completely and suddenly; this is a turn for the better.


Firstly, I will now finally have the stress and harshness of my parents to support me in getting my homework completed. I’ve never had the pressure of that before (for very long, anyways), and so always got my assignments in late and in horrible quality.

Secondly, I will have to be more efficient in what I do during those vital 2 hours that I have per day while my parents are gone. This is basically squishing my 5-hours worth of time into 2; hard, but it’ll improve my productivity (for yes, I’m thinking of productive procrastination).

Thirdly, my eyesight might come back to me. Completely tentative, however.

And finally, this, where it should actually hinder my goal/dream of becoming a flash game designer (and drinking lots of beer and the like), it’s actually supporting it by strengthening my belief that PROCRASTINATION IS PRODUCTIVE. And thus, I shall focus my non-homeworking energy all on… doing whatever I was doing before.

..Another circle post, I guess. But the main thing now is that I will be online less, and thus will have less links, post less often (maybe), and appear for shorter periods of time on Twitter. D:

Anyways, links for today…!


^ Yep, we’ve all heard of Ribbon Hero. There was another article somewhere saying how it decreases workspace efficiency; I’ll look into that later….


^ Yay, job opening…! Though I doubt any real flash devs. are reading this blog… If you do apply, make sure you can actually code… -_-


^ Hmm, new blog… I feel sorry for these pets. I feel even more sorry for the humans who own these pets; I’m assuming they all have some sort of a mental disorder -_-

Maybe more things tomorrow; maybe not. Thanks for reading…!

Wasting Time

…So, what was that filler post all about?
Basically, yesterday, my family and I decided to go and see the Olympic… stuff happening. This by itself is obviously /awesome/; however, the problem was, that we would have to stay at the library (which was where I was) for another 5 hours to conserve a bus ticket. At the time, this idea seemed pretty good; after all, I could work for a longer period of time at the library, right?
…This was proven completely wrong.
The thing is, I’ve never really stayed working at someplace for… 9 hours at a time (with a one hour break for lunch). So I didn’t really know that I had a limit; all other times when I’ve been working, I could focus until I completed my objective.
…Staying up till 1:00 for 13 consecutive days did not help this (keep in mind, my normal sleeping time is 10:00).
So, at the end, I half-read a book, half-slept for 5 hours while doing nothing at all (I also didn’t bring lined paper to write on). This was entirely to blame on myself for being unprepared. However, after that, we went to see the Olympic stuff. It was fun, obviously, but I felt that we had wasted a bit too long just seeing the laz0rz (yes, we were looking at laz0rz). By the time we got home, it was already 10:00. I had not eaten dinner. I had another 2 pages of questions to complete. And I had to search up the definitions of 50 words.
Anyways, that’s out of the way. For the twitter client thing, I’ve noticed that Chromed Bird has an API thing; apparently, this is the amount of times it refreshes per second. If it goes over 150, it apparently crashes and restarts; this has happened to me, just several hours before. Right now, I’ve adjusted mine to 66. Hopefully, this will result in no more crashes while updating at a reasonable pace.
And yeah, it’s pretty late now. Anyways, here are the links for today and yesterday;
^ Hot dogs cause choking. Yeah, this was discussed somewhat yesterday on twitter, it was also on the news… so I’m sorta late on this. Whatever. They’re probably gonna ban water soon enough for presenting a “drowning hazard” to “young children who cannot swim”. Oh yeah, young children actually /can/ swim, it’s their inner instinct.
^ Soda boxes made into the shape of the Olympic Rings. Pretty epic, if you ask me.
^ People who apply for programming can’t program. Wow, big surprise there -_- There are a series of links on the page too; I won’t bother linking all of them, but definitely do read them.
^ Michael’s in the process of creating a new tutorial! He’s even on adobe’s website now… check it out when you have the time…!

…and off to sleep. :D

Random Bison

Alright, so after hours of sleeping, I’ve figured out an acronym that goes along with R.A.N.D.O.M.: B.I.S.O.N. (Wow, something like :.:.:.: can be used for ASCII art…!).

What does this stand for now? [sarcasm] Because my acronym-making skillz are so amazing [/sarcasm], they actually stand for groups of words… -_-

Blog Organization.

Internet Stuff.

School Work.

Organization of Other Stuff.

Not-In-School Work.

So then, I’m guessing I should review myself ATM:

B: M. I: N. S: O. O: M. N: M.

Whoo, another thing that sorta looks like a word…! Basically, what that means is that I am epically failing at everything besides generally browsing the web, because I got that sorted out two days ago.

Unfortunately, I didn’t clean my room (I’ll post a picture of it uncleaned and cleaned tomorrow); however, I did go to the Richmond O-Zone. It really didn’t have many things to do; however, there were a ton of people, so I guess I just had fun because of the atmosphere…! Also, they made us dump out our drinks before we entered; that was pretty smart, as it both stopped possible bombings and made us buy drinks inside the venue, leading to more $$$…

Today was also the second most awesome hockey match of the Olympics; Canada vs. USA. It was exciting, up till when USA scored its fifth goal. Then it was sorta pointless… looking forward to their second match, if it does happen! That’s when we’ll get our revenge… >:D Also, during the TV broadcasting, I spotted several people holding up several.. interesting acronyms, such as TSN (The Superior Nation) or CTV (Canadian Team’s Victory). Funny thing is, that both of those are news channels… and the people holding up the signs were on completely opposite sides of the stadium…! The other unfortunate thing about this match (besides Canada losing) was that the internet completely stopped in Vancouver, especially at the end of each period; doing anything was completely impossible. Too many people were using the internet to tell people… stuff (me included). This made me double-tweet a lot… -_-

In other news, I am searching for a new twitter client…! I tried Brizzly, but that didn’t work; not only did it not provide an accurate graphical display of when there were new tweets, but it didn’t have multiple reply functions (forcing me to copypaste if I needed to reply to multiple people) and worked exactly the same as web; except less efficient. I’m trying Chromed Bird, since I recently moved to Chrome as my default browser; it’s working out pretty well as of right now. However, the perfect twitter client (if it was possible) for me would be a web-based client, the same as Twitter’s actual site, except with automatic updates (instead of pressing the “5 new tweets” button), and not skipping over tweets (which means, basically it doesn’t show you some tweets for some reason). Both these problems seem to be resolved with Chromed Bird, however, a final problem that isn’t resolved (that works in web) is hovering over “in reply to _____” messages and being able to see what the person replied to; Chromed Bird requires you to click on it to find out. However, one of the major benefits of Chromed Bird is that it’s a web-based add-on; in other words, it’s not a separate application that I have to open up every time;  nor a separate webpage that I have to open every time. It also allows me to tweet and immediately stop tweeting in case my superiors come by; that’s one trait that I doubt many other good clients have.

Finally, the links for today…

^ Another speech that I didn’t listen to yet; too long for me, at this point, so I’ll listen to it on Tuesday. But, as the link says, it’s a “mind-blowing speech”. That probably means it’s good. :P
^ Another wordpress post; there’s some interesting spikes in the RSS cloud… I’m guessing it’s just poisson distribution acting in again, but it could be because of a hoard of people suddenly surfing blogs or something…
^ If only I had that much time on my hands… giant superstructure (like the “Ark” in 2012) made out of… lego. O_o
^ Just found this site out through that link… I’m not going to post any more of these, but… well, they’re strange facts… that give me USELESS KNOWLEDGE…! :D
^ Send yourself an email… to the future…! Yay for time capsules! Except, now they’re in internet form… I sent myself an email, destined to be opened five years later… if I still keep my email address -_-
^ Hmm… seems like a super-google-I’m-feeling-lucky mixed with yahoo answers and ask.com… and it has to be in a question form! :D?
Alright, thanks for reading. Erm, I’ll add “about” pages and the such on Tuesday…! :D