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V-NEW 4: Director Tom Hooper Reel

I’ll leave this here, and update it later, due to SATURDAY WHYYYYYYYYYY


Goodbye MODERN WARFARE 2, hello ONEW+Video Review


So as the title screams, I’ve stopped playing MW2, due to consistent kicks in the shin by awesomebananadancer, and also simply because of the fact that its not my game.

Anyways, there is like this vid thats kinda kewl (but lecturing) about stuff. So yeah, just watch.

Surprised no?

Anyways, if you’re above 13, (you should be), you probably already get those three things.


Obviously, autonomy is better because you get beer and cake and PARTY. lol jks. The real thing about autonomy is simply because youre not getting bossed by other people on what to do. WOOHOO In a way, this is what makes video games popular. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, except stop the fact that your princess is in another castle.

Then we haz zee mastery. Mastery, obviously, is having mad skills at something. Just like TheAlmightyHutch has pro skills in MW2, Beethoven also had mad skills in music. AND ALSO HOW TOAD HAZ TEH MAD SKILLS OF TELLING PEOPLE THAT YOUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE

For Purpose, well, there is beer and cake hanging from teh tree. Anyways, purpose is pretty much the mix of autonomy and mastery. The purpose of making your company succeed, is pretty much trying to be autonomous and master the diffferent aspects, no?

Well, that was a pretty crappy review. If anyone else comes up with a different answer to the three motives, then comment and make me feel stupid. :D

V-NEW 3: 7+13=28


28 vacuums a week, that’s a lot of vacuums to sell.

Did you ever go to school stupid? Yes, and I’ve come out the same way.

*stares at chalkboard* You’re hired.


A guy redefines the definition of epic win. Well, actually, a guy is being hired to be “something, i don’t actually know”. He gets a simple math question wrong, however, the interviewer tells him to prove it on the chalk board. He pwns the interviewers face 3 times. After that, he gets hired.


Length: Nice and short, if he could do subtraction, it would be even better though. 4/5
Humour: Whole thing is hilarious, makes you just stare at the screen. 5/5
Acting Skills:  Er… Just another category thrown in. I guess the interviewer is very good at pushing the other guy? 4/5
Plot: Sorta random, IMO. It works though. 3/5

V-NEW 2: SSoHPKC’s Videos


As it happens, I really enjoy watching videos of video game walkthroughs, mostly made by the guy above.

Obviously, this is a review, so I have review his on his walkthroughs and stuff.

SSoH does a good job of finishing a game, but he (apparently) suffers from three major problems: a) dislike of finding secrets (I love secrets, but I won’t hold it against him here), and b) difficulty completing puzzles that are not straightforward, as well as c) a somewhat lack of observation skills. He does do shooters well, as well as Mario-like games. Some of his most notable videosets: CoD: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer (apparently he has a K/D of 3+), his Fallout 3 Walkthrough, and his Super Kaizo World Walkthrough.


  • +Variety: 2991 videos and soon to be more, as well as about 226 videos in his original Fallout 3 walkthrough and 100 in his Modern Warfare gameplay.
  • +Commentary: Humourous live recording, not too much swearing (but still some there), nicely humourous with an enjoyable style.
  • +Active posting: SSoHPKC posts about 4-10 videos a day. This leads me to far behind on my subscriptions :/, but I have spare time NOW THAT IT’S SUMMER MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAA
  • -Puzzles: Often, SSoHPKC will end up spending a frustrating amount of time looking for the solution to an in-game problem, whilst viewers scream the answers at their computer screens, in futile hopes.

Watch his videos. I recommend starting with Fallout 3 Walkthrough (not the redux), or if you don’t like an abundance of gore, stick to either Super Mario Galaxy or New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

An Organizational Voyage 10

…Welp. This hasn’t been posted for a long time…

Alright. Just several miscellaneous stuff:

Firstly, that acronym for videos and such is now “V-NEW”. You’d expect it to be something like “Videos Nerfed (by) Electronic Webloggers”, but it’s actually “Videos Noone Ever Watches” :/

Secondly, I’mma start up updates to the site design (YES IT IS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL TIMES NEW ROMAN), and won’t make individual system posts. Mainly just moving things ’round; I’ll add updates if there are only at the beginning of each post.

Thirdly, school still isn’t over for me, so I’ve still got stuff to do. Derp de derp.

Finally, I’ll be compiling the Summer ’10 anilist… soon.

Videos, then:

^ YUKARI IS STILL ALIVE AT THE END nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11077469

^ I’d stop vid-ing music but this is just too beautiful~

Introduction to a new member of the O-New TEAM!

Mushyhijack: [I’m gone tomorrow for something, so I just had to post this cause it was already up. Sorry yuchoy if you were hoping on editing it a bit :heh:]

So hello everyone,

I’m yuchoy, also known as Extoria. I’m joining O-New as a contributor, but maybe eventually I’ll turn into an author.

Anyways for people who don’t know what a yu choy is, it is:

er…so yeah that’s the basic idea on what I look like.

Anyways, as a first post, I’m going to do a video review (that I, as in Mushy, because I have mysteriously hijacked this post as I am the all-ruling all-seeing administrator of this feeble blog [/pride] have not come up with an acronym yet because the original writer of this post which wasn’t Mushy but some guy introduced above failed to come up with an acronym that I could create an acronym out of and so I (as Mushy) am obliged to hijack this post) I recently went through Youtube, and found the Top Rated videos section. At the top of the list, I found “Top Ten Biggest and Best Jumps Ever” In a nutshell, it’s a montage of people who (in my opinion) hate their life, thus attempt to kill themselves, but fail at it, and then becomes an internet sensation, thus making their life better and livable. I mean, jumping out of a plane wearing nothing but shorts? (no parachute) You probably don’t know what I’m talking about,  but that’s because you haven’t watched the video! Oh and if you haven’t watched it, don’t read on cuz its a SPOILER ALERT! Go to the link below to watch it.



So I’ll be reviewing the ten jumps

10.There was nothing extremely suicidal about this jump, but the jump overall was beautifully done, and he was quite professional, so…er…good job.

9.My first reaction to when I saw this was…LOLWUT? So let’s summarize. You have…a guy wearing nothing but red shorts, jumping out of a plane, drinking a can of Red Bull, and has no PARACHUTE? O_o Yeah he must hate his life a lot.

8. Wow. Now that…is just plain suicide. Like seriously, imagine that guy missing the top of that arch, and smacking his head onto the top, then falling to his death. You wouldn’t even have to “FINISH HIM!” It’d just be insta-FATALITY

7.That must be a pretty scary experience, not being able to see where you’re falling down to. You’re just falling…and then omigod a huge monster pops up and eats you. Yeah thats creepy.

6.This jump in my opinion deserves to be in the number 1 spot. IS THIS GUY A FRIGGING NINJA? Forgot Keanu Reeves. This guy believes man, he believes. HE IS THE ONE. Man, I thought jumping like that only happened in the Matrix. >_>

5.I don’t really get why this one is so amazing, so if anyone knows, comment plox.

4.Double backflip. Now that is skill, and nerve.

3.FYI, this jump still holds the world record for biggest dive in the world. That takes a lot of courage to do that. I would probably shit my pants just looking down. lol but I like his hair.

2.My first reaction was that it was a flying banana, or I possibly awesomebananadancer decided to try to fly. Anyways, those guys look like banana torpedos, homing in on their targets. Maybe they could go for flying yu choys next?

1.This guy…really doesn’t like his life. Did you see his face after he got rescued? He was like “8D” “lol theres this guy slapping my faic” He is mental. You have to be crazy to jump from space. How the crud do you even think of those type of things? “oh lol I’m just going to jump high above the stratosphere and possibly I’ll land on Earth and not die” -_-.

I noticed something interesting. For jumps 10, 9, 8, and 7, they all had the Red Bull logo on it. In other words, unless you want to end up like those suicide people jumping out of planes wearing nothing but shorts, don’t drink Red Bull.

Well, er…so that’s the first post by me. :D. Hope it’s okay. K bai internet