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Viola-Tynes Day

Valentine’s Day? I don’t know such a thing! Everyone’s all like ‘Happy Violin-Tynes Day’, ‘Bro, you must be sad being forever alone but you deserve it because you spend your time writing articles about foreign cartoons instead of socializing’, ‘Hey M-m-m-mushy… I have something to say to you… I-I-I THINK YOU’RE A STUPID NERD AND YOU SHOULD DIE. THE END. P.S. GET A LIFE YOU LOSER.’ today and I really hate it all.

Why the well should we celebrate Violin-Tynes Day? Violins don’t even have tynes. Cellos have a tyne at the bottom to hold them in place. Violas have a tyne at the somewhere to sometimes the something. Violins don’t have any tynes at all.

Not only are violas warmer, fuller, richer, manlier, cuter, greater, and generally and specifically awesomer than violins in every aspect possible, but violins are less awesome than violas both generally and specifically in every possible respect.

Therefore, I hereby declare today ‘Viola-Tynes Day’. Not ‘Viola-Tyne’s Day’ (for today is not the Day the Viola-Tyne possesses), nor ‘Viola-Tynes’ Day’ (for today is not the Day the Viola-Tynes possess), but simply ‘Viola-Tynes Day’ – the Day of the Viola-Tynes.

And it’s not a happy day, either. >:|

Go wish @Bitzeralisis (yes, I know the link points to a Touhou RP account, deal with it) luck. He’s actually trying to do something Viola-Tynes related for Viola-Tynes Day. Not Violin-Tynes Day. Get it right, folks! Follow good examples! Don’t follow me! Except on Twitter! Actually, don’t follow me on Twitter either, all I do is shout and spoil and snake and slurp and [insert five-letter verbs beginning with an ‘s’ here].

P.S. don’t listen to flare he always lies like the flare he is. what a flare. i think he is a potato in reality and in the skies.

P.P.S. don’t look at the tags list they always lie like the tags they are. what tags. i think they are potatoes in reality and in the skies.